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Always Remember, Never Forget

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Ashley had to leave her only friends, will she ever see them again?

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I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I decided to think about Fall Out Boy. I do that a lot and its how I get ideas for stories and this idea found its way into my head so I figured I'd give this a shot. Just keep in mind that I have a somewhat overactive imagination and none of this is true at all, just fun. Tell me if I shall continue it or if it should never see the light of day again. And I'll still be doing Moving Pictures (Switching Scenes), this is just a side project of some sort.

I was hanging with my 4 best friends at our house. Well, it’s not really our house, more like our home. We live there with other kids who don’t have parents. Most kids here don’t know what happened to their parents, like me. I don’t remember them at all, I’ve been here for 4 years since I was 2. Yeah, that’s right I'm only 6.

My name is Ashley Anderson, I live in an orphanage, and really I don’t mind much. Maybe it’s because everyone here is like family, so we don’t need parents. I'm closest with 4 of the other kids here. The 5 of us are best friends; me, Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy. Pete is the oldest he’s 12;,then comes Andy he’s 11 and then Patrick and Joe are 7.

The five of us were hanging out by the big tree with the tire swing and Mrs. Williams was there with a camera.

“Okay kids get together.”

We all got in front of the tree, me on Pete’s shoulders with Joe and Andy to the left and Patrick to the right. I decided to steal Patrick’s hat while I could see out of the corner of my eye that Pete was doing bunny ears on Joe and knowing Joe he was probably doing bunny ears on Andy. None of them noticed that the other was putting up their two fingers behind the others head, which just made it so much funnier when the picture came out.

We all were giggling at the picture Mrs. Williams gave us. She took two, one for us to keep and the other to go up on the bulletin board with the rest of the pictures of some of the kids. We went to our room to decide where to put it.

“Let me see it.” Pete said holding his hand out for the picture. I handed him the picture and he took a push pin and put it right between the two windows on the center wall opposite the door. We looked at it for a while longer, giggling at how silly we looked.

“I'm hungry.” Joe said.

“Me too let’s get some lunch.” Andy said, and we headed towards the kitchen where we saw Rachel, who was one of the ladies that worked here.

“Rachel can you make us some sandwiches?” I asked her.

“Of course sweethearts, what kinds of sandwiches do you want?”

“PB&B’s!” All of us shouted. PB&B stood for Peanut Butter and Banana, rather than Peanut Butter and Jelly. We were the only one’s who ate them, it was our thing.

“Okay,” She laughed, “Five PB&B’s coming right up!” She said getting the bread from the bread box. We all went to the table and took our seats. We always sat on the left end of the long table. Pete sat at the end; I sat on the right side of him and next to Patrick. Joe and Andy sat on the opposite side of Pete. Rachel came out soon with a tray of sandwiches and glasses filled with milk. “Here you go kids.” She said setting the plates and glasses in front of us.

“Thank you.” Each of us said and she left. We ate our sandwiches in silence, and then I spotted some peanut butter on my plate and my brain hatched an evil idea. I took my finger and picked up the peanut butter and quickly turned to Patrick sticking it on his cheek.

“Hey.” Patrick whined turning to me; I just smiled innocently even though we all knew I wasn’t. He fought back by taking some peanut butter from his plate and wiping it down the center of my face, covering my nose and forehead. By this time Pete, Joe and Andy were all laughing hysterically and since Pete was closest I thought I'd give him something to laugh at. I took another finger of peanut butter and wiped it on his nose. Now everyone except him was laughing. He pouted for a while, until he realized that it wasn’t working and then took his own finger covered in peanut butter and smeared it on Joe’s face. Joe didn’t seem to mind much and managed to lick some of it away with his long tongue. Andy looked around at everyone and laughed since he was the only one who’s face didn’t have any peanut butter on it. We all stared at him and smiles soon started to grow on our faces, he then realized that he was next.

“Oh no.” He said pushing the chair away from the table and hopping down. The four of us took our fingers, covered in peanut butter of course, and started to chase him. He ran out the front door and we ran right after him. The five of us ran around outside for awhile. Soon we were tired out and collapsed, sitting down around the trunk of the tree. I realized my hands were covered in peanut butter so I took some and wiped it on Andy’s face since he happened to be closest. I giggled and then went back to trying to catch my breath. Then Mrs. Williams came outside.

“Oh there you guys are.” She smiled, “What happened?”

“We had sandwiches.” Joe said.

“Yeah I can see, c’mon lets get you guys cleaned up. Oh and Ashley, there’s some people here who want to meet you.”

“What?” I hardly whispered. I knew exactly what that meant. It meant that I would have to leave. That would be lucky for any other kid here except for me. I didn’t want to leave, that was the last thing I wanted. The guys didn’t say anything because they knew as well. Mrs. Williams sighed.

“Don’t worry; everything’s going to be fine you’re going to love them. They’re really nice people.” I just nodded my head and we followed her inside to get washed up. I was silent the rest of the night. I met the couple who were going to adopt me and they were nice, but I didn’t want to leave. I laid on my bed in silence and then felt someone sit down at the end.

“You know it’s not that bad.” Patrick. I rolled over.

“I might not see you guys again.” I whispered.

“Don’t say that, we’re all best friends forever and it’ll stay that way.”

“I hope so.” I felt the bed move again as he left and went to his bed. This was the last night I was going to be here with them; I shouldn’t be moping around, but at the same time I was too sad to do anything else. I was leaving in the early afternoon tomorrow. I sighed and closed my eyes, drifting to sleep.

I was awakened by someone moving the bed. I opened my eyes and looked over to Pete who was bouncing up and down on the corner of my bed.

“Morning.” He said.

“Hey.” I replied smiling and then remembered that today was my last day here and a frown formed on my face.

After getting dressed I went out to the main room where the guys were watching TV. They all gave me half smiles and I returned one as well, but none of us were able to give full smiles. I sat down with them and we watched TV, no one saying anything.

“Ashley, it’s time to go.” Mrs. Williams said coming into the room.

“Okay.” I said, maybe Patrick was right, maybe the five of us would still be friends. We all went to the front door where the people who were adopted me were waiting, they had ear to ear smiles so I tried to make somewhat of an effort to do the same. We said goodbyes’ and exchanged hugs. Right when I was about to leave, Pete said something.

“Wait!” He said and then ran into another room, he then came back and gave me something. I looked at it, it was the picture from yesterday. “Take it, so that you don’t forget us.” We both smiled and gave each other one last hug. Then I left with my new family.
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