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Words 71 to 73

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Rage, Strange and Trophy

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A Few Words

Word 71: Rage

"RAGE!" Fujin did not get mad, she got even, and when she let out her fierce battle cry, everyone knew it was useless to run. They could try, but the winds of her anger would reach them anyway. They could alternatively stay and beg for mercy, it was a little better than running, but the effect was by no means guaranteed. The most fitting course of action was perhaps to be well armed and equipped, and to leave no unfinished business before facing Fujin, just in case; or even better, to avoid the conflict. These were facts that through the suffering of many fools became well known.

Given all of this, one could not blame Seifer for being startled upon hearing the war cry. Whatever was happening, it was big trouble. He tossed his bowl of cereal aside, not caring that its contents were spilled all over his room's floor, and grabbed his gun-blade on the way out. He was dressed in nothing but pajama pants and a pair of silly fuzzy bunny slippers that were very comfortable, but he would never admit to wearing. "Where's the emergency?" Seifer yelled as he entered the living room.

"RAGE!" The image of Fujin on the screen yelled again as the scene was replayed, vastly amusing Raijin for a reason unknown. Fujin herself had been calmly flipping pancakes in the kitchen, and curiously approached the living room where Raijin had been entertaining himself watching old videos.

The real Fujin observed Seifer, while the truth of the situation sunk in for him and he felt absolutely ridiculous. She looked at him up and down, her gaze stopping at his feet, a small smile curving on her lips.

Without a word, Seifer quietly retreated to his room, where he would remain for the next three days, coming out only at night to sneak some food out of the kitchen while the others were sleeping.

Word 72: Strange

"It's so strange," Raijin commented as he stared at the contents of the box Fujin had brought in. It was an old shoe box that had seen better days, containing a little yellow and green bird. "It's a mutant," Raijin dumbly extended his index finger towards the bird, who snapped at it, though thankfully he retreated on time to avoid injury. "It tried to bite me!"

Fujin gave Raijin a stern look, which silenced him and made him forget about the possibility of trying to poke the bird again.

Then Seifer's curiosity was called by Raijin's continuous attention to the shoe box on the kitchen counter, while Fujin smashed some fruits and mixed them with milk, to create a very strange and unappetizing concoction. "It's strange," Seifer commented. The bird, though mostly yellow, had bits of green, and it was not paint or dye, its feathers seemed to grow that way naturally, stained in an odd shade of florescent green.

"Pet," Fujin placed a tiny bowl on the box and the little bird happily ate the strange mixture of milk and mashed fruits. Fujin had visited the far away city of Midgar, where she found the abandoned chocobo, slightly mutated into showing florescent green spots all over its feathers after being exposed to the radioactive effects of the Mako that powered the city; or maybe some mean kid tried to feet it Mako. The chick was quite small, too small for a baby chocobo, and might not grow large enough to ride, but Fujin felt sorry for the little bird, abandoned in a shoe box on the street, and she simply had to take it home and nurse it back to health.

Though the chick was undoubtedly strange, Seifer and Raijin, upon witnessing Fujin's softened look while caring for it, couldn't help it but to feel a certain attachment for the little bird as well; it was all strangely sweet.

Word 73: Trophy

There were several trophies collecting dust in their living room, many of which belonged to Raijin's victories in food contests, especially hot dog eating contests, where he usually faced Zell in the final round ending in a narrow victory.

Seifer cared not for his past trophies from Garden and had not competed to win any new ones. Though the old ones were mailed to him along with the rest of his luggage when their rooms in Garden were cleaned out, (it had been Rinoa's idea no doubt), he merely stored them away and promptly forgot them.

One of the trophies in the box Seifer received was different, unfamiliar. He did not examine it and assumed it belonged to someone else when he opened the box that came in the mail. He placed it out to be claimed by Fujin or Raijin if it was theirs, though he doubted it or he would have known, or be thrown away if they didn't care for it. Not in the mood to spend too much time on the task, Seifer didn't care to read the inscription at the bottom of the silly heart shaped golden painted trophy.

The heart shaped trophy could be seen among the others, and it was Fujin, as she scolded Raijin with her glare to dust the trophies, who decided to take a look at the inscription and find out why Raijin had given that odd trophy such a distinctive place among the others, "friendship." The word was followed by the names of Seifer, Raijin and Fujin.

Raijin shrugged and Fujin did not inquire about it. Seifer walked by and turned on the TV, then glanced at the other two to see what held their attention. He approached and read the inscription on the trophy. "What is that?"

Raijin shook his head and shrugged again, "I don't know, but it's ours."

"Rinoa," one word from Fujin explained everything. Of course it had to be Rinoa's idea, she was the one mailing their old things, so she must have had a part in it. Though Fujin suspected there was more to this than only Rinoa's doing.

Eventually, the posse found out that this was in fact more than just Rinoa's idea. It was a contest held in Garden to determine the best group of friends depending on their displays of friendship past and present. Given the festival-like nature of the celebration, Fujin drew another conclusion when the explanation reached them at last, "Selphie." Another word from Fujin brought things into perspective. When Selphie and Rinoa got together to plan something, the results were quite unusual, and the winners of their little contest had not even agreed to participate, they were not even in Garden anymore. But those two wouldn't care about such minor details; they would have their fun regardless.

Seifer decided not to comment on the subject and Raijin was strangely fond of the therapy, so given the lack of protest from the other two, Raijin kept it in it's place among the others, collecting dust in the living room.

While taking one last glance at the trophy, after having learned the full story of its origin, Fujin commented "cake," because it was indeed a situation of having the cake and eating it too for Rinoa and Selphie to have their contest and judge the winners despite the protests that Squall and possibly a few others might have brought up. Those two didn't understand, or didn't care, that the posse lacked the desire to reestablish communication with their group.

Fujin was quick and analytical, summarizing everything in a few deep words full of meaning. On that particular day her two companions were a bit slow in their interpretation and did not properly understand Fujin's summary of the famous phrase, instead taking it literally. They presented her with a slice of cake, with no intentions of questioning her apparent request. Fujin smiled and almost laughed but accepted the cake none the less; she did indeed have great friends.

To Be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VI. Words 71 and 72 were requested by sissyHIYAH.
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