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The Awakening of the Shadow Within

by CrimsonRogue

In the middle of an attack by Voldemort, Harry discovers the true power he can use to kill him. However, things aren't as they seem . . . AU: Dark Harry, Harry/Fleur/Narcissa/Others

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy - Characters: Fleur, Harry, Narcissa, Tonks, Other - Warnings: [!] [?] [V] - Published: 2006-04-06 - Updated: 2006-04-06 - 1870 words

Author's Note: This is an AU fic, starting after the events in Order of the Phoenix. Everything up until this point is according to canon. Warning: This is a Dark Harry Fic, M/F+, rape, slavery, torture, character death, and explicit sexual situations among other events.
Harry Potter tossed and turned in his sleep, his mind sending him back to the Department of Mysteries for the hundredth time for the summer. He relived the moment of Sirius' death in his dreams every night. He felt so guilty. It was all his fault that Sirius was dead. If he hadn't acted so rashly, if he'd just thought to use that damned mirror, or if he'd thought to wait, to confirm that Sirius was indeed not at 12 Grimmauld Place. He was just lucky that none of his friends had died either, just his godfather.

He settled down in his sleep as he remembered the events after Sirius' death. That had never happened before. He recalled ripping himself away from Lupin (though now, after the fact, he wondered how exactly he could do that, since Lupin's physical strength was second only to Hagrid's among the members of the Order) and chasing after Bellatrix Lestrange intent on revenge. He recalled catching up to her and actually attempting to use the Cruciatus Curse on her, though when he cast it, it didn't have her on the floor, writhing in agony. She had said it was because he was filled with righteous anger, not a desire to cause pain. Oh, how he wished he knew that at the time. He had wanted to hurt her, to make her suffer for the death of her cousin, he just hadn't known how.

Now, however, he knew. It wasn't as though her particular piece of advice had gotten through any more than most of his other teachers, it was something else that had happened, though he wasn't sure what. He woke with a start to a sudden pain in his forehead. He knew what that meant. Voldemort was nearby, and he was pissed. He shakily got out of bed and put on his glasses. He checked the clock on the nightstand. He knew that Dumbledore likely had guards all around his family's residence, but he still felt the need to be ready. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw numerous flashes of red, green, blue, and purple light outside. He looked out his window and saw Death Eaters and members of the Order of the Phoenix dueling on Privet Drive. The pain in his scar increased exponentially as he heard the door open. His mind whirled and he grabbed his wand. He heard screams coming from inside the house, and assumed that Voldemort was inside, making short work of the muggles living within. Harry lay back down on his bed after casting a sealing charm on his door. He covered himself with the ratty blanket and feigned sleep, hoping to throw the dark lord off. He waited, hardly breathing, but forcing himself to lie still. Suddenly his door burst open, and Harry flung himself off his bed, rolled to the side, pointed his wand in the direction of the door and shouted, "Stupefy!" The resulting jet of red light hit a death eater in the chest and flung him backwards. He heard a high, cold laugh as the death eater flew out of the room. A swish of a cloak later, Harry found himself face-to-face with Voldemort. The pain from the scar magnified yet again as Voldemort entered the room.

"So, young Harry, meeting death on your feet again, are you? Such a common trait for those of House Potter. Then again, I wouldn't expect any less from Dumbledore's Golden Boy." Voldemort laughed again and raised his wand. Harry responded in kind, but before Harry could cast a spell, Voldemort flicked his wrist and sent Harry's wand flying out of his hands. Seeing Harry's frightened, yet astonished look, Voldemort chuckled and spoke again. "I feel I must thank you, Harry. After our little duel in the graveyard on the night of my rebirth, I . . . recalled the usefulness of some of the more basic spells." Voldemort raised his wand again pointed it at Harry, "Avada Kedavra!" he gave the command in his cold voice. Harry's Quidditch reflexes kicked in and he dove to the side, out of the way of the curse. When he turned to look back at his wall, expecting some sort of magical curse-scar to mar the white paint, he noticed his owl, dead in her cage. He suddenly realized that he had been standing in front of her before the curse had been cast, and when he dove out of the way, she had been hit.

His pain at her loss, combined with the anger he felt towards Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Bellatrix, and now Voldemort, snapped something inside him. Voldemort, about to cast the curse again, lowered his wand in shock as he watched the shadows in the room begin to move and shift. He looked towards the young wizard who he was there to kill and noticed that his eyes had changed. Instead of the vibrant green, they were now completely black, including the whites and irises. A wind kicked up within the room. Nothing violent, but enough to make Harry's hair fly away from his forehead, where Voldemort received his second shock in the last five seconds. The scar was emitting more blackness. Harry turned his head to look in Voldemort's direction and whispered, "Nocturnum eterne." The room suddenly went pitch black, neither the light from the street nor the light from the hallway penetrating the blackness. Voldemort heard another hiss in the darkness, "Hominus tenebra." He hadn't even heard of such magic, but he knew it was powerful. Holding his wand pointed at the ceiling, Voldemort whispered, "Lumos." The light flickered on the end of his wand and died. All of a sudden, the dark lord felt a little nervous. He heard Harry's voice in the darkness, but he couldn't tell from what direction, "What's the matter, Tom? Forgotten what it's like to be at the mercy of something you know nothing about?" Harry laughed coldly. "Dumbledore is such a fool. Love. How could I ever have believed that you could ever be defeated with love?" Harry stopped talking as he approached Voldemort from behind. Unlike the dark lord, Harry could see perfectly well in the darkness. Harry held up his hand, and his fingers elongated into sharp points and became as hard as steel. Thrusting his hand forward, he burst through Voldemort's back and thrust his hand into the dark lord's chest cavity.

Voldemort gasped in agony, unable to move his arm because of the pain. He couldn't respond to the power now in the possession of the young man he had come here to kill. He heard Harry whisper into his ear, "For all the pain you've caused me, for all the pain your followers have caused me, know that there is nothing that you can do to stop me now. Tom, how do you feel now that your life is about to end? Don't bother to answer, I'll know soon enough. Quietus totalus/." Voldemort felt his life start to fade, but it was nothing like the sudden loss as with the killing curse. This was something different. This was as though his life were being drawn /through something.

A few minutes later, Harry released his hold on Voldemort's ribcage and waved his hand, dispelling the darkness. He looked down contemptuously at Voldemort's corpse. "Dark lord indeed," he hissed. Harry bent down, picked up Voldemort's wand, and placed it on his bed. He then waved his hand over the wand, removing the spell residue of the curses that had killed Hedwig, Dudley, Vernon, and Petunia. Clenching such residues tightly in his fist, he left his room to find the death eater he had stunned. He found him at the base of the stairs. Apparently, after being stunned, the death eater had fallen down the stairs. Harry pulled back the hood and removed the mask, smiling coldly as he revealed his former potions professor, Severus Snape. Harry knelt and checked the man's pulse. Finding none, he picked up the man's wand and placed the residues in the wand, in the order that he had removed them from Voldemort's. He walked back up the stairs to his room and waved his hand over Voldemort's body, vanishing the corpse and the bloodstain. Then, he grabbed his wand and ran outside to see what was left of the battle.

When he got out there, he noticed four members of the Order holding three death eaters at wand-point. He surveyed the street, noticing nine death eaters dead on the ground alongside six members of the Order. He walked up to the seven people standing on the lawn of his Aunt and Uncle's house and noticed who was left standing: Albus Dumbledore (of course), Tonks, Moody (perhaps not so wrong when it came to his warnings about constant vigilance), and Bill Weasley. The death eaters had their masks removed and their hoods pulled back. Harry was surprised by who he saw, to say the least: Draco Malfoy (looking as haughty and arrogant as ever). Harry didn't recognize the other two, both of them older men. Moody was the first to notice Harry's appearance. He turned to look at him with both eyes, uncharacteristic emotion in the ex-Auror's face, "Sorry, lad. Remus is over there." He gestured with his chin at the dead members of the Order. Harry forced himself to look extremely upset and even caused a few tears to run down his face. However, inside he was jumping for joy. Remus Lupin was the last direct tie he had to his parents. He could now sever all connections with the memory of his parents and forge his own path.

Harry turned to Dumbledore. "Sir? There's another death eater who got inside the house. He killed my aunt and uncle and tried to kill me. He-he's dead now."

"What happened, Harry?" Dumbledore's voice was kind.

"He tried to hit me with a killing curse, but I ducked under it and shot a stunner at him. He fell down the stairs and broke his neck in the fall. His curse killed Hedwig," Harry burst into tears, knowing that everyone expected him to behave as though he were severely depressed.

"Did you see who it was, boy?" Moody's question broke through the sobs and silence.

"After I checked and found he was dead, I removed the mask. It's Professor Snape."

Dumbledore looked taken aback by this pronouncement, but he shook it off. He waved his wand, and all three death eaters fell into a deep sleep. "We'll turn them over to the ministry later. For now, we need to get Harry to a safe place. With his aunt dead, the wards on this place no longer exist. Harry, I was granted a look at your godfather's will and it seems he left you with the Black family fortune and all the estates belonging to the House of Black. Shall we go to 12 Grimmauld Place?" Harry nodded in mute agreement.
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