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Mission 64

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Mission 64: Dancing Pains

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Mission 64: Dancing Pains

"Strife, I have another mission to get to, I'm supposed to help Taichou train for this evening," Reno complained.

"I know, I've been training for that too," Cloud replied. Fenrir was not responding, he and Reno were trapped in a sandy pit while Reno offered to help Cloud with his delivery and did nothing more than act as excess baggage.

"Cloud!" Reno continued to complain.

"Listen Reno, I can't..." Cloud paused, that look of trust in Reno's eyes, which he was certainly imagining, surprised Cloud. "Do you trust me to get us out of this?" Reno nodded, wisely trying to avoid more trouble, and Cloud glomped him by surprise, "thanks! I won't let you don't."

Though creeped out, Reno muttered, "sure," and let Cloud be, it must be the mako rushing to his brain. Reno didn't worry, Cloud should be back to normal soon, and well enough to participate in what awaited in the evening. However the next day, Cloud would have something reminiscent of a terrible hangover, despite the lack of alcohol, and would probably suffer from a splitting headache for days to come, but it wouldn't be Reno's problem by then.

Needless to say, Vincent was shocked to see Cloud delivering his marble by carrying it on his back, while Reno was rewarded for his faith in Cloud by being allowed to ride Fenrir by himself, after Cloud carried the three, one by one, out of the sandy pit with the true mutant strength of a Soldier. It was a good thing Cloud had plans for later, otherwise he would have the free time needed to make Reno pay for taking advantage of his mako high.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Tell me again how this will make the world a better place?" Rufus requested.

With a deep sigh and practiced patience, Tseng repeated his monologue, "Shinra has promised to give people what they want and help them to reach a better future in happiness and prosperity. This means that if they want this, admittedly ridiculous form of fan service, they must get it. Besides, I honestly don't think it's so bad, just absurd." Tseng spoke these words with a perfectly composed expression, while Rufus nodded like a bobble head.

"Yes, yes, I see. Just a moment then, there is some very important business I need to attend to." With that announcement, and the silent promise of some extra difficulties for the Turks, Rufus walked into the conference room at the Shinra Headquarters. The room held the members of the press who would follow the selected contestants to the Gold Saucer where a Dance Dance Revolution contest would take place, to be broadcasted world wide. Rufus was terrible at the game and always tripped over his own feet.

The young president reasoned that if he was going to trip, he might as well do it without music and with as few witnesses as possible, other than those needed to assert that he did in fact trip. Thus Rufus faked his fall, though he tried to do it so realistically he lost his balance and truly fell into a sitting position on the floor, thanking every entity for the thickness of the carpet, nevertheless it still hurt.

"Oh, my ankle!" Rufus screamed in feigned agony. "It's broken!"

That is the story of how Tseng, Leader of the Turks, well known workaholic, and loyal babysitter of Rufus' every whim, ended up carrying the supposedly injured president to the infirmary, to be given lollipops by a pretty nurse, while the doctor wrote his dramatic verdict about poor Rufus' terrible, though in reality non-existent, injury.

Because of this, Reno and Rude were chosen as Rufus' replacements at the DDR contest against Cloud Strife, who was said to have been trained by the DDR legend herself, Tifa Lockhart. Needless to say, Reno was certainly energetic bout it, as he was about everything.

When the time of the contest came, a solemn, yet perfectly groomed, as usual, Rufus watched from a wheelchair, taking the extend of his fake injury to the extremes, claiming that he could not walk due to the pain of his broken ankle. But he was given vast credit for at least showing up anyway. It wouldn't be the first time he faked a major injury, but people couldn't help it but to feel sorry for the pretty boy whenever he wanted them to.

Cloud danced to the beat of the music, capturing the attention of some of the female audience, while many others were focused on Reno. All male eyes were on Tifa, who cheered for Cloud by dancing on the sidelines. She thought she could help Cloud by showing him how it's done, but she succeeded in dooming her DDR padawan by distracting him and making him miss the arrows on the screen, while he stared at her, and glared at all the men looking at her.

However, the DDR duel took an unexpected turn when Reno, who was moving out of rhythm but moving a lot and very fast, tripped over his own feet and actually did twist his ankle, thus being forced to forfeit the match, with Cloud wining by default.

Next up came Rude, to take Reno's place in the next round. Rude was the man with the seemingly stiff posture, expressionless face, and rarely heard voice, so Cloud thought he had this won. Yet somehow, though Rude's face was devoid of the evidence of effort, the bald Turks never missed a single arrow, which frustrated Cloud, who was trying so hard.

With Tifa forgotten due to the strong battle vibes of rivalry coming from Cloud and Rude, the entire crowd focused on them, save for a few girls who were still more concerned with Rufus or Reno; but both Cloud and Rude had their fair share of admirers.

Cloud pushed on, willing his feet to move faster and more precisely, but his effort could not match Rude's skill. Effortlessly, Rude continued to carry out the song to perfection, while Cloud became clumsy by frustration, even with his nearly limitless Soldier energy.

Then it happened, both men missed their steps, trying to move faster than they could control. They tripped over their own feet and let out unanimous yelps of pain as they both gained matching twisted ankles. It was especially shocking for Rude, since his voice was rarely heard.

Rude regained his composure and limped away quietly, while Cloud made childish pouty-faces and was consoled by Tifa. Consequently, the DDR competition ended without a winner.

The moral of the story is that for every injury Rufus gets away with faking, the Turks, and sometimes Cloud, have to take it. But then, that's not as much of a moral, as it is a well known fact.

End of Mission 64

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII or Dance Dance Revolution. I recently started another FFVII comedy titled "Reintegration" it won't be as long as this one, but I'm having fun with it. Taichou means president and a padawan is an apprentice (to be a Jedi, from Star Wars). Mission 64 is a sequel to Mission 63 and the DDR part of the mission was inspired by a review from Prisonerksc2-303.
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