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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

The Thief of Hogwarts

By Bluminous

Chapter 2: The Wrong man to Rob

“What’s inside the package?”

“Nothing... just errrr something Professor Dumbledore asked me to pick up.” Hagrid said evasively. “Well I suppose we better continue yer shopping now... It’s getting late and I have to deliver this package to Dumbledore soon.”

"Is it valuable?" Harry asked curiously.

"It's just ehrmmm a paperweight 'Arry. Professor Dumbledore is fond of it wand want it back as quickly as possible." The Half Giant said.

“Why don’t you go ahead and deliver whatever it is you have? “ Harry suggested. He wanted to explore this new world on his own, without someone watching his every move.

“Professor Dumbledore asked me to accompany you ‘Arry... To make sure yer safe.” The Half giant said as he scratched his beard. He didn’t know that Harry would take a long time in his vault.

“Why... am I in danger?” Harry asked curiously.

“Errr No! No! Of course yer not in danger!” Hagrid said hastily, and Harry narrowed his eyes in suspicion. He knew when he was being lied to, from his experience from a few double crossers who refused to honor a previously agreed upon contract.

“I just want yer to have a wonderful time ‘ere...” Hagrid patted his shoulders, and Harry’s knees buckled under the force.

“The sun’s still up... and with this many people here, I doubt anything bad is going to happen to me.” Harry said. “I’m sure Dumbledore would be very anxious to get whatever he sent you to retrieve back in his care.”

Hagrid’s face was torn between the two now conflicting instructions given to him by the Headmaster. He was supposed to deliver the package as soon as possible, while at the same time preventing young Harry from meeting the unsavory characters in Diagon Alley.

He stared at Lily and James’ offspring looking around with interest. The lad was a good boy, very polite but also inquisitive... he was sure he saw a glint of mischief behind those green eyes, but that was perfectly normal for a boy his age. He doubted if the Malfoys or the other dark families could sway the young Potter to Slytherin in one day, not after the stories he told the boy that ruined the House’s reputation.

“Errr... alright I guess... But remember if you have a problem, talk to old Tom back der’” Hagrid said hiking his thumb to the direction of the Leaky Cauldron.

“I’ll be sure to do that.” Harry said, happy that his plan worked. Now he could explore Diagon Alley on his own, with no adult to supervise him. He had a bag full of galleons and he was eager to spend it.

Harry waved goodbye to the Half Giant and once Hagrid vanished back into the Leaky Cauldron, the young boy stared at Diagon Alley, and his fingers tingled in anticipation. For once he was rich enough to buy whatever he fancied.


Harry grinned as he stared at the display beside the door to the apothecary... it was the best thing he had ever seen. He was fascinated at the eye of the newts that filled a jar and was considering buying the whole jar of eyeballs that kept on winking at him. He was sure that Dudley would get a kick out of this.

Harry scowled as he was rudely pushed aside by a tall man with girly blonde hair, as he almost crashed into the display. The man did not even give him a second look, but continued twirling his ornate walking stick as he walked up to the counter.

He finally found a target.

“The deluxe potions kit please... my son Draco is starting Hogwarts this year.” The man said as flicked his perfect blonde hair back

“Of course... Lord Malfoy.” The owner of the store said. As he hurried up and down the shelves collecting ingredients, he tried to appease the impatient looking customer.

“And how is young Master Draco? I am sure Severus would be delighted to finally have him as a student.” The owner said.

“He is with his mother... fitting for his first Hogwarts robes. Of course we have our own seamstress to further make sure that rag Madame Malkin sells is wearable.” Lord Malfoy said as he looked with fake interest at the few rare ingredients on display. “Severus is excited of course, he has spent many summers teaching his Godson potions, among other things.”

The Malfoy Lord stopped talking as a young boy with a basket full of ingredients moved past him and he was forced to stop leaning on the counter because of the tight space. The Owner wanted to tell his dangerous customer that he was the one blocking the counter as he should have just given his order and waited at the designated area. But the Owner did not dare tell him that, he didn’t want his business to suddenly experience an unfortunate accident.

“Mudblood... they don’t have manners at all.” Lord Malfoy sneered as the boy walked past out of earshot. “I tried to amend the charter of the School as a governor, but the others governors refused to pass my proposed amendments. Muggle loving fools... “

“Well yes... uhmm that will be twenty galleons Lord Malfoy.” The Owner said eager to make the man leave as soon as possible since a line had formed behind the Malfoy Lord.

And unlike the naïve young boy who was now standing at a free counter having his choices processed by his Wife, the other customers did not dare antagonize the dangerous pureblood by asking him to move aside.

“Only twenty Galleons? It should be forty...” Lucius Malfoy said as he tried to pat down his robes looking for his money bag. He was sure it was on his pocket.

The Malfoy lord looked up and found the Owner waiting for his payment while the customers lined behind him grumbled a bit. “It seems that I have misplaced my money...” Lucius said softly, so that the people behind would not hear of his predicament.

“I’m sure you’ll find it Lord Malfoy... I’ll just set aside this for you until you return with the twenty galleons.” The Owner replied, not bothering to lower the volume of his voice.

“Could I not just take it with me? Surely you know that I can pay...” Lucius Malfoy said as his face reddened from embarrassment amidst the stares of the witches and a few wizards behind him.

“I’m sorry sir... but that’s the policy of this establishment.” The Owner said trying to be polite while at the same time fighting the smirk growing on his face.

“Very well... I will send my elf to collect it.” Lucius Malfoy sneered at the crowd and composed himself for an exit that was expected of a Lord of a noble and ancient house. He twirled his hand and realized that his walking stick was also missing, and to the eyes of some, moving one’s hand in a strange fashion near the crotch was considered rude.

“Mom... what is he doing?” A young girl asked her face inches from the Lucius Malfoy’s hand.

“Nothing Ginny dear.... absolutely nothing.” A red head woman covered her daughter’s eyes while a pair of boys beside her snickered. “You should be ashamed Lucius Malfoy! And in front of the children! My daughter no less!” The angry mother said, confronting the perverted Lord of the ancient and once noble house of Malfoy.

Lucius wisely chose to shut his mouth and moved towards the exit quickly, his girly hair bouncing behind him.


Harry scratched his itchy back with his brand new stick as he looked around the shops for things that would interest him. He had acquired what was specified on his school list and then some and was now just passing the time, determined to spend most of his time in Diagon Alley before going back to Privet Drive.

A glint of something shiny caught his eye and saw an exquisite pocket watch on an old man with a cane. Harry grinned and decided for the old approach.

“Is something wrong mister?” Harry asked politely as the old man walked back and forth in front of a local wizard market.

“Nothing dear boy” The old man said kindly. “I’m just waiting for the Missus to finish her shopping. And you? The Alley’s closing in an hour, you should start heading home!”

“I will... Thanks mister.” Harry said as he subtly pushed out his toe. The cane fell and Harry leaned down and picked it up. “You dropped your cane sir.”

“Oh? How clumsy of me!” The old man laughed.

“Here.” Harry said as he stood beside the old man and positioned the old man’s arm on the cane again. “Good bye then sir!”

The old man waved and watched the strange boy walk away. A few moments later the boy vanished among the crowd heading back to their homes.

“I hope you didn’t wait long...” An old woman said as she exited the Wizarding grocery. “The charms on the carts kept on malfunctioning... I had to recast temporary ones three times!”

“Not at all... a young boy kept me company while I waited for you.” The old man said as he fondly kissed his wife’s cheek. “Let’s head back.”


Private room, Leaky Cauldron

Harry smiled as he admired the strange watch he had recently ‘acquired.’ It didn’t tell the time, but it sure looked pretty. He had spotted a Wizarding pawn shop and wondered how much he could sell it. He would have to return to Diagon Alley tomorrow and determine the value of the watch. Besides he needed to start heading back home and start cooking for his relatives.

“You like my watch do you?”

Harry’s eyes widened when he heard the old man’s voice and he saw the old man seated across from him with a smile he couldn’t place. He immediately jumped out of the seat and sprinted towards the door when he found an old woman blocking his path. He was trapped.

“I got to give you some points for that acting of yours... I really thought you were just a nice polite boy willing to help an old man.” The old man said. “Now my watch please... it’s a gift from my mother and it has deep sentimental value.”

Harry sheepishly gave the watch back. Yes he was a thief... but that didn’t mean he did not have any heart. And he knew from experience from pawning stolen jewelries that old things that have great sentimental value tend to have low value. They were usually a ploy by the owner to make the item they have higher than it should have.

“Now young man... You do know that stealing is wrong?” The old woman said as she walked closer to the boy while her husband waved his wand, making sure his watch was not damaged.

Harry fearing that he was about to be captured and given to the wizard police, had no choice and decided to use his hidden method of travelling. He faded, to the complete surprise of the old couple with him.

Harry appeared inside his cupboard, angry that he had forgotten to take his shopping bag with him when he escaped. He heard his relatives cursing as they complained that he was not there cooking dinner for them. He couldn’t come out of his cupboard now as he didn’t want another scolding and beating.

Knowing that he was stuck for the night till his relatives fall asleep, he lied down on his cot to take a nap. He realized that he was tired, all that shopping and pick pocketing took a lot of work, and minutes later, Harry Potter was deep asleep.

“That lazy boy... no gratitude at all!” Petunia complained.

“Forget him Petunia... he’ll learn his lesson when he gets home... I’ll make sure of it.” Vernon said as he flipped through the food delivery book searching for something he fancied. “Now Dudley, what do you want? Pizza or Chicken?”

“BOTH!” Dudley said eagerly.



“That was quick.” Vernon said as he stood up from the couch. “It’s not even ten minutes yet.”

“Better give him a tip dear.” Petunia said. “I don’t the delivery person complaining that we don’t tip.”

“Yes Dear.” Vernon grumbled as he pulled out his Wallet and headed for the door.

“What do I owe you?” Vernon said sifting through his Wallet, showing the delivery boy that he was rich.

“Nothing... we have come here to talk to a young boy that lives here.”

Vernon looked up and saw an old couple smiling at him.

“What did my nephew do now? He’s not back yet... but when he does I’ll give him a proper beating.” Vernon said.

The old woman’s eyes narrowed when she heard this and she looked at her husband.

“They don’t know he’s already here dear.” The woman said.

“I’m sure he’s here... I placed a tracing charm on him while he was busy admiring my watch.” The old man said as he looked around the house.

“You’re freaks aren’t you?” Vernon said fearfully. “Get out of my house! We don’t want your kind here! I’ll call the police! I’ll tell the...” Vernon suddenly froze, only his eyeballs were moving around.

“Such a rude man.” The old woman said as she returned her wand back to her pocket. “Where is he dear?”

The old man walked straight to the cupboard and kneeled in front of it.

“You don’t mean...” The old woman whispered as her eyes grew wide.

The old man didn’t answer and slowly opened the door, revealing the young thief sleeping in his cot, some of his possessions surrounding him.

“Oh my... poor boy.” The old woman whispered. She spotted a familiar piece of parchment and gently took it and started reading it.

“Take a look at this dear.” The old woman said, passing the Hogwarts acceptance letter to her husband. She noticed the look on her husband’s face and sighed. “Dear... no cursing of muggles... It’s against the law now, remember?”

“But they deserve it... and I won’t get caught... I promise.” The old man whined.

“And who will get blamed then hmm? Harry’s the only magical person in this house.” The old woman replied.

“His name’s Harry?”

The old woman sighed and placed on her husband’s hand the acceptance letter. “Read it Nicky.”

After a few moments, the old man’s eyes lit up and a smile crossed his face. “Well well, hello Harry Potter.”


“Don’t you ‘dear’ me!” Emma Granger said hotly. “The only reason I never divorced you is because of our Daughter! And now here you are again feeling up you new secretary! Don’t think I have forgotten what happened years ago!”

Danny Granger cursed the day he was caught. It was all because of that thieving boy... he had a perfect life, a wonderful wife, daughter and a mistress and in one single day it all came crashing down on him.

When he realized he was not able to pay the cab, he made the driver turn around and head back home. His idiotic mistress, tired of waiting for him, called his home number and in some sick twist of fate, his wife answered it.

Since his mistress didn’t know he was married, he was burned from both sides of the line and was forced to hide back to his parent’s house for a week. Only then did he crawl back to his wife begging for forgiveness.

“We may live in the same house, but you have forfeited all rights in regards to Hermione when you cheated on me. You don’t have a say in what school she chooses to attend.” Emma said scathingly. “Now go back there and tell her she’s allowed to attend Hogwarts.”

Danny sighed and nodded wearily. He trudged back up to the living room to speak with her excited Daughter who kept on bouncing with excitement since she read her letter.

“Mommy said I can go! Can I daddy? This explains so much!” The little girl said, her face beaming with excitement. “The strange accidents and the coincidences... Oh I’m so excited!”

Danny forced a smile. “Of course you can honey... that is if you really want to.”

Hermione gave a squeal of excitement and hugged her father while Danny stared at the scary face of his wife watching them from the kitchen.


Harry rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms and legs. Wait... stretch? He couldn’t do that in his cupboard! His eyes snapped open and he looked around a modestly decorated room, though in his eyes it was luxurious. He noticed the shopping bags he left in the Leaky Cauldron where lying beside his bed, along with his new wand that was on the bedside table with his glasses.

He wondered how he got here... the last he remembered was feeling tired after his exciting day at Diagon Alley... and getting caught.

He walked out of the room, curious about who brought him here when he smelled something nice, no delicious. Harry walked carefully down the stairs, making sure he placed his feet near the walls to avoid making noise in the wood. When he reached the landing, he noticed the old woman from yesterday cooking a full English breakfast and his mouth watered.

He couldn’t stay here, and he should head back to his aunt’s house before they even get even more mad at him for not cooking breakfast. He spotted an apple in the bowl and he carefully reached for it when the old woman suddenly spoke out loud.

“Have a seat Harry dear... I’m almost finished with this lot.”

Harry froze and stared at the woman and found her staring at him with a warm smile.

“How... how did you see me?” Harry asked cautiously as his eyes darted for possible exits. There were three, the window on the kitchen, a door and back up the stairs.

“Charms dear. I immediately knew the moment you opened your eyes.” The old woman said. “Have a seat... Nicky will be here shortly.”

Harry warily sat down the wooden chair and looked suspiciously at the woman. “How do you know my name? And what do you want from me?”

“And what makes you think that Harry?” The old woman asked.

“You don’t kidnap me and feed me without wanting something in return.” Harry said. “Who are you?”

“I’m Perenelle Flamel, but call me Penny.” The old woman said.

“Like in James Bond?” Harry asked curiously. It was his favorite series as he usually dreamed he was the elite spy when on his nightly missions.

“James Who?” Penny asked in confusion.

“James Bond dear... yous should read Fleming's books one day.” The old man from yesterday walked inside the kitchen and gave his wife a kiss in the cheek. “No luck... that goat lover refuses to answer my letters... when I get see that goat fucker again I'll...”

“Nicky! We have company!” Penny said.

“Oh right... Had a good sleep Harry?” The old man asked.

Harry nodded warily as he stared at the old man. “You’re not mad at me?”

“Well irritated perhaps. But it’s all right now... no harm done eh?” The old man said as he sat across his young guest.

Harry nodded, relieved. “Who are you? And why did you bring me here?”

“Nicholas Flamel, Master Alchemist.” The old man said proudly, expecting the boy’s face to light up in excitement.

Harry just blinked and stared at him. “What does that mean?”

Penny laughed and Nicholas asked their young guest. “What do you know of Magic Harry?”

“Nothing.... I just learned I was a wizard yesterday.” Harry admitted.

“Then what did you do at the Leaky Cauldron? You can’t apparated or disapparate in there... unless you would destroy the wards first... and you didn’t.” Nicholas said as Penny brought in the plates of bacon and scrambled eggs to the table. “And that is no apparition...”

“I discovered that when I was young... and I kept on practicing it.” Harry said as he stared hungrily at the food and he unconsciously licked his lips. “I called it fading.”

“That’s a nice name” Nicholas said.

Penny saw the young boy’s face and smiled. “Go on dear... I’m sure you’re hungry by now.”

Harry nodded and began eating. It was delicious... newly cooked bacon was something he never tasted before. It was juicy in some parts and crunchy on the others. The three ate their breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere, with Harry telling them of his first trip to Diagon alley, minus his other adventures.

“Harry we brought you here... because of three reasons.” Nicholas began as soon as he noticed that his young guest was finished eating. “First... we found you sleeping in a cot in a cupboard... No child should be treated like that.”

“I got used to it.” Harry said simply. While it was a bit cramped, it was the only home he ever knew and considered his cupboard as something special.

Penny and her husband exchanged sorrowful looks when they heard this.

“Second... your great grandfather was an old friend of mine...” Nicholas said. “And he would never forgive me if I just left his grandson there in that house.”

“You knew my grandfather? Could you tell me more about my family?” Harry asked as he leaned forward, his face eager to hear more.

“Yes... he was good lad, very impulsive but had the heart of gold.” Nicholas said, glad that Harry was eager to hear more of his story. His wife however spotted something was amiss.

“Harry, our cutlery is made silver... and has been with my me for a long time... please don’t steal some.” Penny said sternly.

Harry wondered how he was caught and reluctantly pulled the knife he hid in his sleeve and placed it back on the table. Nicholas stared at him for a moment and burst out laughing.

“You got me again Harry!” The old man said. “My you really are a good actor... I really fell for that one.”

“Harry you do know that stealing is bad right?” Penny asked gently. “And you told me that Harry took you to your vault. The Potters were a very wealthy family... you do not have to steal anymore.”

“I got used to it.” The young boy said. “I’ve been doing it all my life... if something catches my fancy I have to get it.”

“Then why don’t you just buy it?” Penny asked as she reminded herself to put anti theft charms on every room in her house.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Harry asked, perplexed at being asked such a question. “There’s no thrill... and it’s boring... so legal.”

Penny and Nicholas stared at their new guest for a few moments before they burst out laughing. They never heard of such an explanation before. The boy who lived was truly a thief, and he steals because he enjoys the danger and excitement that comes along with it.

Nicholas suddenly had an idea and he smiled evilly, and Penny noticed this.

“What are you thinking this time...” Penny asked warily.

Nicholas did not answer his wife but leaned forward and looked at the young boy intently. “I have a proposition for you.”

“Go on” Harry said, curious about what the old man would offer.

“I’ll give you something very valuable in the magical world... you see you can’t just continue with what you’re doing... stealing in the muggle world and in the wizarding world is different. There are anti theft charms, wards and runes to prevent stealing in some stores... some owners hire magical creatures as security...” Nicholas said. “You see what I’m offering you is knowledge... I’ll teach you what you need to know until September the first.”

“And what’s the catch” Harry asked.

“You see something was taken away from me without permission. Albus Dumbledore asked if he could examine the philosopher’s stone I made... then he never returned it.” Nicholas began.

Harry listened to the old man’s story, fascinated with a stone that could grant immortal life and turn any metal into gold.


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