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Chapter Four: Night One

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Gerard gets called fat

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A/N: Hellooo. Sorry this took so long. We're sure no one remembers this story, as the last update was more than a year ago! ya go...

"So I guess I'll be living here for two damn weeks" Gerard said softly in a disturbed face.

"Damn right!" screamed Patrick.

"WHAT?!" screamed Pete even louder.

"...Oh my god. I'm going to kill myself!" Screamed Gerard loudest yet while putting his hands on his head and jumping up and down.

There was an awkward silence. Gerard sat down on the couch.

"What the hell are you doing?" Said Pete angrily to Gerard, as he walked over ready to kick his ass.
"I'm sitting! What? Do you want me to stand for two weeks?" replied Gerard.

"That's Hemingway's spot!! You can't sit there!" Said Pete tearful and angrily.

"You brought Hemingway?!" Demanded Patrick.

"What the fuck is a Hemeewallis?" Asked Gerard making himself comfy.

"Its Hemingway, dammit! It's my dog..." Said Pete pulling Hemingway from a suitcase.

"How the hell did that fatass fit in there?" Said Gerard staring at Hemingway as if he was hungry...

"Shut up! He's not fat!" Said Pete stroking his fatty dog.

Patrick suddenly was sitting beside Gerard. "He is big boned...Like me..." said Patrick looking down.
Gerard just stared. Everyone stared.

"Who wants Chef Boyardee?!" screamed Patrick from the kitchen.

Gerard looked beside him where he swore Patrick was 1 second ago. "What?" he responded.

Pete licked his big mouth. "I could use some, and so could Hemingway!...And umm, Patrick, How and when did you get into the kitchen.?'

Patrick apeard with a pot full of Ravioli. "What?" He said putting a glob on the floor for Hemingway.

"What the hell...?" Said Gerard watching Hemingway smear and eat the red ravioli off the new white carpets. Pete got down on the floor and stole a bite of Hemingways ravioli.

"Haha, Hemingway, I stole your food." Pete said chewing the partly pre-chewed ravioli he stole from Hemingway.

"Um...Yeah, I lost my appettite..." Said Gerard staring at Pete sickly.

"Come on!" screamed Patrick. "You need some, where'd you fatness go?"

"Excuse me?" said Gerard. "My fatness?" Gerard seemed partly hurt and partly confused.

"He meens you were once a fatass!" Said Pete smiling, and stroking Hemingway.

"I was not!!!" said Gerard.

"Its okay, let it out. So why arent you a fatty anymore?" said Patrick looking as if he understood everything.

"I wasn't fat! I was slightly over weight...And I just started exercising and stopped drinking." said Gerard.

"Sure whatever, fat boy." said Pete laughing.

"Now, Pete its not funny! Fat people arent funny, but Gerard, you were sorta big...".

Gerard ran to the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and stared in the mirror.

"They're just saying those things to piss you off! I didn't think Patrick was like that though..." He said to himself. "Two weeks, only two weeks..."
Gerard found the strenght to come out of the bathroom. He walked by Pete and Pattrick to go and get his things.

"Whatcha doin' Gerard?" Said Patrick cheerfully.

"Shut up, fatass!!!" Said Gerard grabbing his things and walking down the hall." Where the hell am I sleeping tonight?"

"Go sleep outside!" shouted Pete.

"No, you and your dog can go sleep outside!! I hate you!" Said Gerard finding a room to sleep in and slamming the door.

"He hates me?" said Pete looking sad, and eating ravioli.

"Well let me go talk to him..." Patrick jumped up and appeard at Gerards door. "Hey Gerard!!!" He screamed. "Whats up!?"

"Patrick!" He screamed back. "I'm trying to go to bed!!"

"Goodnight. I love you." Said Patrick.

" What?!?" Shouted Gerard.

"What?" said Patrick.

"You said, Goodnight I love you!!!" Said Gerard ready to gag!

"What? No I didn't. What I said was goodnight see you later!" Patrick then walked away without Gerard's response. He walked out the door, and went home.

"Damn.." said Pete. "What a night." He looked down at Hemingway and then looked at the Gerards door. He turned on some tv and ate some cake. It was now 1am. He looked over at Hemingway. "Hey, do you think Gerard is asleep?" He got up and went into the kitchen. He grabbed some whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. He sneaked down the hall to where Gerard was sleeping. He opend the door little by little. He stepped in to find Gerard laying on the floor asleep in a t-shirt and athletic pants with a hoodie to cover him up. Pete ran and jumped on Gerard covering him in chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and laughing hardly.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Screamed Gerard like a girl.

Pete settled down. There was an akward silence while Pete sat on top of Gerard with syurp and whipped cream. Finnally he screamed "I'm gonna eat you!!!" And started beating the crap out of the chocolate whipcream covered Gerard.

"What the hell is wrong with you!!" said Gerard scrambling up and running to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed something quickly. He grabbed mayonaise and a pack of bologna. He ran and started throwing bologna at Pete. "Take this!!" screamed Gerard.

"AHH! What the hell is wrong with you, this is my good shirt?!" Screamed Pete cowardly.
Gerard answerd not and started slinging Mayo at him. After it was all gone he threw the glass Jar at his head. Pete either went to sleep, or passed out afterwards.Gerard just stood there, drenched in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. 'I guess its better than Mayo' thought Gerard walking down the hall into the bathroom where he locked the door, and fell asleep in the bathtub. He woke up, and got clean. When he walked out of the bathroom Pete was on the couch watching tv, no longer coverd in Mayo. Gerard sat down on the chair across the room, and the two stared at eachother.

A door opened down the hall, and Joe stepped out. "What the hell were you two doing last night?" He said sleepily walking into the livingroom.

"Joe?!" When did you get here!!!" said Pete as Gerard thought the same thing.
"This is my house!" Pushing Gerard out of the chair onto the floor and sitting down.
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