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Sweet Dreams (One-Shot)

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this is something I wrote for school. And I based it off Trinity Blood. It not great but it good enough for me.

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Sweet Dreams

The rays of the sun beamed onto my eyelids as I woke up to the morning hours. “Oh time to go to school hold up this is not my room” I said as I glanced around my room well a room which was not my room. “What where am I” I muttered then I heard the sound of breathing coming from beside me. “Huh.” I said while turning to face the source of the breathing. “so I’m married but yesterday I swear to god that I was 15 and going to school and what is the year” I said as I peer down at what looked to be my adult self and what looked to be my pregnant belly. “Wow I’m expecting huh hey excuse me what year is this.” I said while shaking the long sliver haired male whose eyes were now open. “Huh it’s 2028 Maria are you okay.” He said while pulling me down to his laying down level. “Yeah where am I exactly.” I said while staring into his blue eyes. “uh your in the Vatican remember and you’re here because it’s the best place for you in this fragile state of pre motherhood besides Londinium and the Empire are not great places for a baby.” He said while kissing my forehead.
“So what has become of the United States did the war on terrorism end.” “Yeah the US won but then a war beyond our imagination happened between the vampires and the humans.” And not many humans survived well there is still a good population in the US but they have shortage of money and food so Albion which used to be England by the way gives them help. Well then again the reason they have a shortage of food is because the US started a Mars colony which is where I was created from nano machines you know me Abel became a crusnik. Well yeah they created us to go down on earth and defend the US from vampires but that didn’t work.” Abel said while sitting up. “so did they cure sickness?” I asked Abel who stared down at me. “Why yes they have found cures for cancer, aids and a whole lot more illness.” Abel yawned. “So Maria you ready to get up and go get breakfast?” hey said while kissing my forehead. “Uh sure, so this is what 2028 is like wow how interesting!” I muttered under my breath.
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