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Note for everyone who reads anything i write :)

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i want to explain everything to everyone and possibly start a new story that may need auditions but i need everyones help.

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Okay everyone, first of all.. i know i have been gone for like months and i have no excuse but that i just really needed the time for reasons of my own so i am extremely sorry and i honsetly dont expect any of you to rely on me for updates anymore so i wont ask you to.

next, despite all this. i want to start a new story. although i wanr you all that it will be the frist one i do without frerard. (very hard for me!) and also if i do it i will need people for it so auditions may be involved too.

but if i start a new story, 'I Never Told You What I Do For A Living' will be on a definate break so i dont have too much to do at once cause that never turns out good for me.

its your choice :) i can continue my current story that whilst i'm here i wanna thank everyone for reviewing on cause its had so many reviews i cant believe it cause i didnt expect it to be so loved. the reviews made me want to cry cause you all are so good to me.
but anyway, getting back onto the subject, i will either continue that story, or will start a new one which i think in short will involve a girl that has A LOT of issues and is quite messed up and will also be a way of dealing with some of my issues by sticking them into the story too.

let me know and i will be so grateful. whichever one you choose i totally will dedicate to and will have reagular updates AT LEAST once a week. thankyou!

and sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry!

btw, if anyone wants to talk to me anymore add my msn cause i'm back on it now too.

xoxo Stazzia
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