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Aint love grand

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Again, kinda irrelevant title. But thats just me xD Last chapter people, I luff you all ^_^

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A/N: Agh cries. So people... here it is, the end of an era. XD I've become oddly attached to this story and I'm a bit sad that it’s time for it to end, but - I'm really proud of it and I can't thank you guys enough for all of your awesome rates and reviews :] Seriously, without your guys encouragement I probably wouldn’t have finished this story cos' I'm just that lazy ^_^
I hope you guys like this last chapter, it’s basically just to tie everything up and smack a big bow on top :D Not a lot happens, but I think it’s cute :P Thank you all again times a million and one, I love you all :]
Rayray xoxoxoxox

Christmas was always a special occasion in the Way household, and this year was no exception. In fact, it was even more special this year because I was sharing it with Frankie. All the people who had been to Franks party piled into my moms living room on Christmas day and exchanged gifts before sitting down to a huge meal cooked by my mom and Frankie. Lyn dropped by after the meal, after seeing her own family and hugged me and Frankie tight. It had been some months since we had last seen her though we had kept in touch much more frequently with emails and phone calls, only not meeting because her art work was really taking off and she was so busy.
I had been made head of the art department at the school and Frank had been given a raise at work for rescuing his boss from embarrassment when his guitar amp broke down at a gig he was playing. I still laugh at the memory of Frank racing out of the house after the phone call, screw driver in hand to go and save the middle aged rocker. Unaware that he was only wearing his boxers.
I still think that’s why he really got the raise.
Mikey had finally proposed to Alicia and their wedding was fast approaching, as was their first child. And Bob was now aware of Frank and I's relationship, and to my surprise accepted it without question. When mom had told him, apparently his exact words were 'Aw, how cute. Oh, are these cookies fresh? They're delicious'.
So, naturally, I found something else to make myself nervous over.
The huge relief we had felt when there was nothing more to worry over had been indescribable. It felt like we had spent decades just stressing over everything. I still find it amazing how much we've gone through together, and not only gone through, but come out the other side better than when we went in. I feel... matured. Like a real adult now, I have a (finally) stable job, a loving boyfriend, close friends and family, and the only person who could ruin everything is locked up in jail for the next twenty five years. But, me being me, I made up my mind to worry about one more little thing.
That little thing is currently nestled in my pocket, which I try not to keep patting every two minutes. It’s been there for a few days, and I keep waiting for the perfect moment. I know that moment will be today, I can just feel it. Like an electric charge in the air, raising the hairs on my arms and making sure my stomach doesn’t settle. The nerves are terrible; I haven’t felt this nervous... ever. But its a strange nervous, the kind that has a lot of hope buried behind it, and it feels like you've got a million butterflies flapping around your stomach, their wings brushing off your insides. It’s also making me feel impatient and tense, I need to get this over with soon or I might just explode.

"Hey Gee, kick your ass on guitar hero?" Bob held out one of the guitars and I contemplated for a moment. I was feeling fat from all the food I had eaten and nervous over what I had to do sometime today, and Bob was insanely talented at the guitar game, was I really prepared for an ass whooping?
"Sure. Why not?" So I might regret this, especially with Ray watching. That kid scrutinizes every mistake made on any video game, much to Mikeys amusement. But it’s Christmas, so I might as well just go for it.
"Do you want to pick the song?" Bob looked at me with a grin. He knows he can get 100% on any of these songs on any of the difficulty levels. Personally, I don’t fancy through the fire and flames on expert, since even just looking at the first few notes made me realize I could practice for the rest of my life and I would never be close to being able to play it. Instead, I chose Iron Maiden Number of the beast and stuck to medium. Good, safe, medium.
Bob of course flicked to expert on his controller and pressed start, grinning happily.
"May the best guitar god win." He smirked and I nodded, faking confidence.
"And we all know who that will be." I missed the first note due to my banter and quickly tried to catch up, Bob perfect as ever. I heard Mikey snicker behind me.
"Yeah... anyone want to place bets? I put a hundred on Bob to win." He called.
"Don’t tease Michael. And I put fifty on Bob." My mom called from her place at the table where she was drinking coffee with Ray’s parents, discussing baby named for Alicia's unborn. I whined and glanced quickly at her.
"Ma!" She laughed at me and went back to her coffee as Frank piped up that he put ten on Bob to win. I scowled, determined to beat him and prove everyone wrong. He missed a few notes and it looked like I just might, but of course he pulled it back and I stumbled a little near the end and that was that.
Bob turned to grin at me and I stuck my tongue out, throwing down the controller. I would never be able to beat him.
"I win." He stated triumphantly and I flopped down onto the sofa with a pout as Mikey stopped cooing over Alicia's abdomen long enough to say he'd have a try and pick up the controller. Frank sauntered over and curled up next to me, kissing my cheek.
"Aaw, don’t worry Gee, you always beat me at guitar hero." He pointed out. Which was true, he just couldn’t get the hang of it. I think it’s because he's so used to playing real guitar. I planned to sulk for a long time, just to make them all sorry for placing bets, but of course, one cuddle from Frank and I gave up.
"I love you Frankie." I whispered into his ear, pulling him into my lap so that I could cuddle him closer. He giggled and pressed his face into the crook of my neck, kissing the skin gently.
"I love you too." He whispered, and I bowed my head a little so that it rested on his shoulder, curling our bodies into one. We stayed like that for a while, the sounds of guitar hero and friendly banter filling the room as darkness descended, the nights still much longer than the days. Fairy lights turned on automatically and glowed softly along the walls, the Christmas tree lights blinking merrily. As was tradition, I fell asleep swiftly. Full from the dinner and tired from the early wake up call given from Frank in his excitement to open presents. Warm and content in his arms, with the fire roaring in the grate. It was perfect, all we needed was snow and the cliché Christmas scene would be complete...

"Language Michael!" My mom’s sharp tone broke me out of my sleep with a start. Frank was already awake, still wrapped up in my arms and looking out the window with a smile at the large flurries of snowflakes falling against the black sky. I wasn’t sure how long we had been sleeping but Ray, his parents and Bob had all left. Alicia was curled up at Mikeys feet beside the fire and Ma' was watching an old movie on the T.V.
"Sorry ma', but look - snow!" Mikey was on his feet before anyone could answer, looking for his coat and scarf.
"Yes, I can see it son." Ma' laughed fondly as Alicia retrieved her gloves from behind the sofa and threw Mikey his. They were both suddenly filled with energy, eager to get out into the cold. I was too tired to feel the need to go and get pelted by snowballs from my younger brother who had always had a better aim than me, besides, Frank’s immune system wasn’t too good and he had only just recovered from flu, so I didn’t want him to risk getting sick.
"You coming Gee?" Asked Mikey, wrapping his scarf around his neck to eagerly and ending up nearly choking himself. I looked at Frank, knowing he wouldn’t want to go out.
"Go if you like." He smiled warmly and I shook my head, lost in his hazel eyes.
"Nah... Maybe later..." I mumbled and Mikey tutted, dropping it quickly when Alicia tugged on his hand, pulling him out of the house as Ma' got to her feet.
"Be careful you too, and don’t get too wet. Think of the baby." She called out of the door before smiling and shutting it. She looked into the living room and saw Frank and me staring at each other and her smile widened.
"I'm just gonna go bake some cookies..." She grinned before disappearing into the kitchen. This statement wasn’t nearly as random as it seemed. Ma' had always made cookies on Christmas day, ready to eat in the evening when they were still warm. Mikey and Alicia would be especially grateful no doubt. I was grateful for an entirely different reason though. Ma' had now given me the perfect moment.
The fairy lights. The fire. The snow outside. The amazing Christmas day. It all built up to make today almost perfect... almost.
I slowly leaned towards Frankie, cradling him close to my chest as I broke my gaze to close my eyes, pressing my lips softly to his. His arms came up to wrap around my neck and his fingers ran gently through my hair, one hand cupping the back of my neck as I slipped one arm round his waist, the other cupping his cheek as I kissed him softly. His lips were soft and warm, gently working against my own. I think I could kiss Frankie forever and never grow tired of it, each time feels just as electric as the first time, and the more I kiss him the more I don’t want to pull away.
"Uhmm...." He sighed quietly against my lips as he pulled me softly closer, moving slowly until he was lying back on the sofa, pulling me with him until I lay atop him, our legs tangling as I continued to work my lips gently against his. I knew we couldn’t do anything in the middle of my mom’s house with people around. But it was good enough just to lay with him like this, kissing him without a break, breathing quickly whenever our lips parted a little. Of course, I wanted nothing more than to touch him and feel his warm body flush against mine, but that could wait for when we got home. Right now, I had other plans.
"Frankie..." I managed to whisper before my lips were occupied by his once more, his hands were tangled in my hair, pressing my face down so that our lips pressed harder together, though the kiss remained sweet.
"Uhm?" He hummed against my lips, sending vibrations through them, I kissed him for a long moment as I plucked up my courage. I tried to convince myself there was no reason to be nervous... and I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I had been. Some how, kissing him like this calmed me down.
"Frankie -" I paused, my lips still against his. I didn’t want to say a long speech, there were no words that had to be said that could make the moment any better. Too much speaking would only taint it. So, I kept it simply.
"Marry me." My lips brushed against his, the words slipping from my mouth into his, and I felt his body tense beneath mine as they sank in. I waited, not opening my eyes, not moving at all. Just hoping that he would say yes. Praying that this wasn’t too soon. We had been through so much, I knew without any doubt that I loved him. That I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I just hoped he felt the same.
"Yes...." The word was so quiet I wouldn’t have heard it if I hadn’t felt his lips move on mine. Felt each letter form against my lips. "Yes Gee... I will. I love you." His words were louder now and I could hear the emotion in them, I nearly sobbed in joy and kissed him deeply, his arms wrapped tight around me as we expressed our feelings through our lips, teeth and tongues. Our bodies pressed tight together, hands clutching at each other.
When we pulled apart it was to breathe, and I sat up with him, keeping him on my lap as I rummaged in my pocket, finding the plain silver ring and slipping it onto his finger, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.
"I love you Frankie." I whispered and he smiled widely, grinning at the ring and then at me, and then the ring, and then back at me.
"Oh my God Gee... I love you too... we... we're getting married!" The realization seemed to sink in and he cupped my face, pulling me in for a deep kiss before jumping from my lap and sprinting out of the living room shouting.
"Mama Donna! Mama Donna! I'm getting married! I'm getting married to the most amazing man in the world!" I laughed and followed him, seeing Mikey and Alicia in the hallway, removing their shoes.
"He's marrying me? I don’t recall agreeing to that." Mikey grinned, winking at me as a loud squeal erupted from the kitchen.

The end xx
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