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Guns n' babies part 2

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Guns n babies part 2 sorry if it is not as funny, i wasn't really paying attention to what i was doing. i was listening to GN'R. part 3 soon.

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Guns N’ Babies part 2

It was now morning and Duff and the rest where eating breakfast. The young Gunners had only been up for half an hour and where already fighting; but as usual Axl started it.
Axl: I hate cereal! I want McDonalds!
Duff: no. You’re eating what we’ve got in the flat.
Axl: NO!!!
Izzy: do you want some of my toast?
Axl: no goody-two-shoes! Like I said I’m never having your stuff ever!
Izzy: I was only trying to help!
Axl: well I don’t care! I hate you!
Then Axl threw a spoon at him and hit Izzy on the shoulder. Izzy started to cry and ran into the lounge.
Duff: now look what your bad temper has done now! Izzy did nothing wrong so you go and hurt him. You’ve really got to get your act together.
Axl: (not paying attention) where’d Slash and Steven go?
Slash and Steven where in the garden sitting up in the tree throwing stones at the cats next door.
Slash: yes! Got him!
Steven: lucky. I’m really bored!
Slash: I know! I dare you to climb up to the highest branch and jump!
Steven: All right! This should be super easy!
Climbing up the tree was hard and it didn’t help it being windy.
Slash: don’t fall!
Steven: ok! Ready!
Slash: jump! Jump! Jump!
Steven took a deep breath and jumped. He landed on the floor on his elbow and burst out crying and his arm was out of place. Slash ran inside to get Duff.
Slash: Duff! Steven hurt his arm and it’s out of place! It’s facing in the wrong direction!
Duff: what?! What did he do?!
Slash: jumped out of the tree and landed on his arm and now he wont shut up so I think he’s in a lot of pain.
Duff went outside to look at Steven and immediately took him to the hospital. But, Taking the others was a really bad idea…
Axl stole a wheelchair and refused to get out, Slash kept poking Duff with a blunt needle he found. Izzy however was, as usual, the only one behaving. Steven was still crying and wouldn’t let go of Duff’s hand. Duff had given him an ice pack to try and get the swelling down but the ice had melted now and Slash was trying to pop the bag.
Duff: slash; I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
Slash: well, your not me so shut up.
Old lady: excuse me young man, but that’s no way to talk to your father!
Slash: HE’S MY DAD?! So that must mean, oh god! They’re my brothers!
Izzy: I’m related to Axl?! I don’t feel safe anymore…
Duff: no, I’m not you dad. I’m taking care of you.
Old lady: well, your obviously not doing a very good job! These children have no manners at all! If I was they’re real parent I would sack you!
Duff: they don’t have parents.
Old lady: well then, someone should take them off you!
Her moaning continued for several minuets until Duff had had just about enough.
Axl: yeah you old wrinkly, fat, snotty bag!
Old lady: well I never!
She got up and walked away and shortly after everyone heard a loud pop.
Slash: uh, Duff, the bags broken.
Duff: what did I tell you?
Axl: ha! It looks like he wet himself!
Slash: can I go home and change?
Duff: no, we’re getting Steven sorted out first. That was your own fault.
Dr: Steven Adler, come right this way. Oh, sir, I didn’t realise your child is disabled. I’ll open up the double doors…
Duff: he’s not. He just won’t get out the wheelchair.
Dr: please, young man, you can’t sit there. That’s for disabled persons only.
Axl: but I am disabled! Look! I can’t walk!
Dr: yes, but you can move your legs. So I say you can walk.
Axl: screw you! I say what I am!
Slash: well I say you’re a moron!
Axl: well I say you’re a moon-head!
Slash: well I say you’re a ginger ninja!
Axl: well I say you’re a … a … a… a slash!
Izzy yanked Axl out the chair and everyone walked into the dr. office. Steven was still in tears and Duff carried him. Slash was talking to Izzy…
Slash: is Duff really our dad?
Izzy: I don’t know. If he is, then who is our mom?
Axl: he said it himself. He’s our carer. We don’t have parents. I wonder who they are?
Slash: I want my dad to be a rock star!
Dr.: ok, Steven, how did this happen?
Steven: I … jumped … out … a … tree.
Dr.: and you landed funny. Ok. Did you see this happen?
Duff: no, I was dealing with Izzy and Axl and Slash and Steven where playing outside.
Dr.: we need to get an x ray.
Axl: x ray eh?
In the room
Dr.: ok Steven, hold still for a moment … ready…
Steven: um, Axl…
Dr.: I said keep still… ok, finished. Lets just look at the x rays… uh!
Steven: I was trying to say Axl had his head in the way.
Steven had just had his arm popped back into place and was waiting to have the cast to be put on. He was in tears again ‘cause having your arm popped back into place really hurts. He buried his head into Duff’s side and sobbed. Izzy and Duff where the only one’s who felt sympathy for him, but Axl and Slash on the other hand, where to busy destroying stuff.
Axl: hey! I found needles!
Slash: go and stick one Duff’s arm!
Axl: which one? There’s this clear one, blue-ish one and a red one, which says, “Blood sample” on?
Slash: clear one. That way the dr. won’t know it’s missing.
Axl sneaked up behind Duff and injected the liquid in his arm.
Duff: ouch! Axl, what did you just do?
Axl: oh, nothing…
Duff: my arms gone numb! What did you do?!
Axl: I said nothing!
Izzy: I saw him! He injected something into your arm!
Duff: that’s it. When we get home you are going straight it the bedroom and you can stay there all day!
The dr. came in with the cast material and the padding.
Dr.: ok, Steven hold out your arm
He did and the dr. applied the cast.
Later at home
Axl was sent to the bedroom and Slash and Izzy watched Spongebob. Steven sat next to Duff on the sofa and Duff was still trying to get the feeling back in his arm.
Izzy: Duff, has the feeling come back in your arm yet?
Duff: no. I’m serious; if Axl does anything else today I’ll literally kill that kid!
Slash: I’m hungry.
Duff: whadda you want?
Slash: Krabby Patty!
Izzy: I want one to!
Duff: well then, you guys go see if you can make one ‘cause I have no idea what one is.
Slash and Izzy ran off into the kitchen
10 minuets later
Slash had got loads of bowls out and Izzy was wearing a chef’s hat me made himself. Izzy was looking at a cookbook.
Izzy: ok, meat.
Slash: we have none.
Izzy: what could we use instead?
Slash: I saw Duff buy 10 new bass tuners and Steven ate one so why don’t we smash them up?
Izzy: I’m not to sure about that…
Slash: (holding a hammer) lets smash us some Tuners!
Izzy: tuners smashed, put it in the bowl. Next, flower.
Slash: be back in a minuet!
Slash: back!
Izzy: are you sure it means flowers from the garden?
Slash: there’s only 1 type of flower that I know of.
Izzy: I lost the page I was on.
Slash: just find any page and read the ingredients
2 hours later
Slash: Steven, Duff, we made lunch!
Steven: cool! Lets try it!
Izzy: we tried our best.
Duff: I’m sure it’s not that bad!
Steven took a bit and ran to the bathroom. Puking sounds where heard.
Duff: what’s in these burgers?
Slash: smashed up tuners, flowers, toilet water, dead bugs, chicken, nails, sweat from my shoe and some other stuff I can’t remember!
Duff: did you say smashed up tuners?
Slash: yeah, all 10 of them!
Duff: whats the point!
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