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Chpt 25: This proposal seems indecent

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Happy Birthday Evie.

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Chpt 25: This proposal seems indecent

Twenty-four hours passed finds me standing next to Evie in the gates O’Hare holding Aiden close to my chest as I idly tap my foot.

“Would you stop? You’re gonna give my kid brain damage.” Evie smirks, adjusting Rae in her arms. The babies are now a healthy three and a half weeks old.

“Sorry,” I mumble switching arms so that I can check my phone for the fifth time in the last three minutes. They should be arriving any second. The gate floods with people as Flight 327 from Tokyo’s arrival is announced.

It only takes a moment to spot Bob’s large, bald head above the crowd followed by a fluff of dark curls, and as my eyes travel down- a very distinguishable hat.

“Look, right there.” I say nudging Ev with the toe of my shoe. She nods and we proceed toward the group. Andy’s pace quickens and he maneuvers around the guys once he notices the blue and pink bundles we’re carrying.

“They’re real! They’re here!” he exclaims as he whisks his son from my arms before kissing his fiancé on the cheek and marveling at the beauty of his babies.  

“Of course they’re real. Six hours of labor real,” Evie said shifting Rea into her father’s arms.

“I wanna hold one!” Joe yells from behind them before coming to carefully snatch Aiden from me.

“Hello beautiful,” Patrick’s breath tickles my ear, I’m not sure how or when he snuck up behind me in all the chaos. His arms wrap around my waist, hands resting spread over my stomach.

“Hello yourself,” I smile as he places tiny kisses along my jaw line causing my knees to sway.

“Need I remind the two of you we’re in public,” Bob says with his arms crossed in a disapproving father pose. I giggle sheepishly and a blush creeps over Patrick’s cheeks.

“Sorry chief,” he apologizes before taking my hand an leading me toward a sign that reads ‘Baggage’ with an arrow pointing left. We made our way from baggage to the car that Evie and I had driven there. Where Patrick helps Andy move the twins’ car seats from the back seat into the van that Bob had arranged for the them.

“See you guys at Casa De Wentz?” Andy asks securing the second seat into the van.

I can feel the sweat forming on my palms as Patrick answers, “Yeah, we’ll be there.”

The van pulls away with everyone else leaving Patrick and I alone in the parking garage. He shuffles his bags into the back seat where the twins had been before and gave me a tired smile, “ Ready baby?”

I smile and nod despite the sinking feeling in my stomach that I can only associate with the prospect of facing Pete later.

When we return to the apartment all traces of Pete’s being here are gone. Patrick drops his bags in the middle of the living room and looks at me, “Its good to be home.”

Later, Patrick and I lay on his bed his hand gently combing through my hair. “Ane,” his voice breaks the comfortable silence surrounding us.

“Mmm,” I mumble, shifting my head from where it lay on his stomach to his chest so that I could see his face.

“Marry me.”
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