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On why it is never a good idea to pick on the guy with the castle in his head.

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Meeting the Head of House, meeting a potions master, a trip to the Hospital win and meeting’s with the headmaster

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Chapter 5: On why it is never a good idea to pick on the guy with the castle in his head.

Meeting the Head of House, meeting a potions master, a trip to the Hospital win and meeting’s with the headmaster.

“I will leave you now to dream my ward, sleep well, I will watch over you”. And with that statement the mindscape faded from view and Harry slept.

Harry awoke the next morning more awake and refreshed than he had ever been, he recalled the conversation with Noticia and was warmed by her kind words, and ‘finally’ he thought ‘someone cares for me’. It was a wonderful feeling; Harry got changed into his Ravenclaw robes and stepped out into chaos. Terry as half dressed with his nose in a book and Anthony was banging on the door of the bathroom telling Michael to hurry up or they would be late for breakfast. As Michael stepped out of the bathroom half-awake Harry stepped in grinning at Anthony. After trying in vain to keep his black hair from spiking out all over the place he left them to it and wandered into the Ravenclaw common room, he wasn’t surprised to see Hermione and Padma sat round one of the tables reading one of the books from the common room already in their uniforms.

“Good morning fair ladies” said Harry bowing giving a wave of his hand, “How are we today? Have you undertaken breakfast?”

“We were waiting for you Harry, breakfast has only just started; I thought we could avoid the rush” said Padma, trying to get Hermione to put down a book on transfiguration theory. She eventually succeeded and the trio headed off to the great hall. They made it in good time, every stair seemed to meet them and although Harry was unaware of this he was leading the two girls, following the directions of Noticia in his head, they never made a wrong turn until the looming doors of the great hall were visible at the end of the corridor. The doors swung open as they approached and the trio stepped into a hall just awakening to the new day.]

Only Headmaster Dumbledore was sat at the staff table, he smiled at Harry as they entered and beckoned him over, Harry was a little nervous but he quashed the feeling and walked over to the Headmaster, bowed slightly and waited for him to speak. “Good morning Mr. Potter, I trust you are enjoying your new home?”

“Yes I am professor Dumbledore sir, it’s fantastic, I can’t wait to see what she looks like during the day sir, last night she looked breathtaking” In his mind Harry felt the presence of Noticia smile and a warmth spread through him. It was at this point that he felt something brush lightly against his mind and a surprised look shot across the headmasters face before fading.

“There are several things that I need to discuss with you, would you be so kind as to visit my office tonight at eight, I shall get Professor Flitwick to guide you, now go and enjoy your breakfast, I would recommend the mint humbugs” the Professor said, ushering them away with a grandfatherly smile. Once they had left the smile left his face, several things about that last conversation bothered him, firstly was how the Potter boy had referred to the castle as a she? Did this mean that the castle had announced itself? Could this be dangerous to the wards? (he shrugged of the mental frown the castle gave him at that statement) and secondly where on earth did the boy learn occulemancy, it was an obscure branch of magic and as far as he was aware only himself, Professor Snape and Lord Voldemort were masters of Leglimacy and Occulemancy, did this mean that Voldemort had already gotten to the boy? This did not bode well he was sure of it, but he was unsure as to who it did not bode well for.

Meanwhile at the Ravenclaw table Harry, sandwiched between Hermione and Padma was busily constructing an enormous bacon sandwich, one slice of lightly toasted bread, add butter then tomato pickle, then 5 slices of cheddar, 3 bacon slices, 2 crisp lettuce leaves topped with another slice of lightly toasted bread, with butter and mayo. Harry grinned as he took a bite ‘Delicious’ he thought to himself smiling. After they had all eaten and drank their fill, the trio watched the rest of the school walk or in some cases stagger into the hall. They were about to get up and leave when they were stopped by the prefect “Penny” Clearwater, who showed them to the common room last night. “Professor Flitwick will be in the common room at 9:00 for handing out timetables and there will be a house meeting as well as your meeting tonight, don’t be late”. The trio left and once again followed Harry back to the common room. Once there Hermione rounded on Harry.

“How do you know where you’re going, you didn’t put a foot wrong all the way to the Great Hall and back!” she said, semi angrily. She looked slightly mad and had a finger pointed at him. Harry though quickly to himself, did he lie to his friends or did he tell them the truth, Noticia’s voice echoed through his mind “Tell them a half truth; they are not ready to learn the full truth, even though they are your friends”. Harry thought quickly, before deciding on a course of action “Hermione, you know I am a ward of Hogwarts, well this comes as one of the perks, knowledge of the castle and grounds means I will never get lost.”

Hermione’s face turned thoughtful, then she smiled at him, “Sorry Harry I forgot about you being a ward, that would be really useful, I will be following you around until I find my bearings, now what else have you noticed?” her face took on an eager but at the same time fiercely interested. Harry merely smiled, “Give me a month or so Hermione, I only got here yesterday.” She grinned and looked away suddenly shy realising that she had almost started a fight with one of her first friends, Harry was not having an uncomfortable moment on his first day so he pounced on her and proceeded to tickle her, Padma joined in a few moments later and within moments that had progressed to a came of tag and they were darting in and around the tables of the Ravenclaw common room, taunting each other as they were caught and.

They were interrupted by the arrival of the other Ravenclaw first years that had also been up for an early breakfast. The group sat and chatted amicably at the front of the room as the remainders of Ravenclaw house trooped in and took up stations, there was silence when the 7th year prefect came in and sat down. The house sat in silence until the common room door swung open and Professor Flitwick ambled in.

The Professor was small, only around 4’ 3” high, he had a green tinge to his skin and had a brilliant yellow ring round the pupils of his blue eyes which made Harry think of the goblin eyes that he had seen in Gringotts Bank. He wore deep blue robes that must have been custom made to fit his odd frame, he had a smile on his face as he entered and with a wave of his wand floated himself up onto the last remaining chair in the common room.

“Welcome back everybody, I trust you had a good summer? (Murmurs of assent were heard around the room) firstly, let us welcome our new first years, stand up please (they rose) thank you and be seated. Now to you I must press the values of Ravenclaw house, we expect you to work hard, and to try your best academically. If you get any grade below an acceptable, that is a Poor or Troll grade without due reason you will get a detention with myself, if you think you have been graded unfairly bring the piece of work to me and I will discuss it with your teacher and try and see why they graded you as they did, Ravenclaw house does not bully other houses, also as you can see we have a rather large personal library, please stick to your year sections, if you want to read higher material you have to come and speak to me, I hope you enjoy your stay. To the rest of you I have little to say other than to take the headmaster’s warning seriously, I would not like a Ravenclaw to die because of stupidity” He waved his wand and 7 piles of paper appeared on 7 of the work tables “There are your timetables, first years if you have any questions write them down and we will discuss them at our meeting tonight, we shall meet here at 08:30 this evening, dismissed” he turned and left.

Harry and the other Ravenclaw first years walked over to the table, as Harry had suspected they all had the same timetable, it looked liked this

8:30 – 10:00 Free
10:00-12:00 Potions (With Hufflepuff)
13:00-15:00 Charms (With Gryffindor)
15:00-16:30 Transfiguration (With Gryffindor)
19:00-21:00 Free

History of Magic (With Slytherin)
Defence against the Dark Arts (With Hufflepuff)
Astronomy (With Gryffindor)

Charms (With Gryffindor)
Defence against the Dark Arts (With Hufflepuff)
Potions (With Hufflepuff)
Transfiguration (With Gryffindor)

History of Magic (With Slytherin)
Herbology (With Hufflepuff)
Care of Magical Creatures (With Slytherin)
Astronomy (With Gryffindor)

Herbology (With Hufflepuff)
Care of Magical Creatures (With Slytherin)

Harry sighed; there were a lot of free spaces, but then again, there were an awful lot of lessons, he couldn’t wait to have charms and transfiguration, he wasn’t sure about potions, from the books he had read over the summer he thought it sounded quite simple, kind of like cooking, and he was good at cooking, he was pleased that he had all the first year information stored in his mindscape. There were two subjects that he wasn’t so confident in, History of Magic, in which he had found incredibly boring and Care of Magical Creatures, something in which he had not read up on.

They had potions first and left with 15 minutes to get to the classroom, which was situated down in the dungeons, Harry was amazed that the timetables they did not have classrooms on, there was a map of the school on the back of the timetable which was meant to show you how to get to the classroom if you held your wand to it but it was almost too small to be any use, it was at this point that he again thanked Noticia in his mind giving him directions, the girls were pleased to as it meant that they were on time for their first lesson.

Harry soon had a crowd of first years behind him as he strode down to the dungeons, as he passed older years in the corridor he could hear whispers, “That’s him there, yeah the tallish one, doesn’t he look noble, he’s so cute etc...” this went on until he descended a slopping corridor down to the dungeons. As the Ravenclaws arrived, the door of the potions classroom swung open with a long creak that would have been at home in a haunted house.

The potions classroom as dark, with no windows, the room was lit by 6 torches on each of the two long walls, with 4 on the back wall; at the front was a desk and a blackboard. The Rest of the room was filled with dark wooden workstations; there were two chair stools by each station, it seemed that Potions was a team effort.

As the Hufflepuffs entered, Harry greeted Neville and they got a seat together, Hermione and Padma were sat in the front workstation on the right hand side of the room so Harry and Neville sat behind them. They were talking about their respective common rooms (it appeared that the Hufflepuff common room was full of bean bag chairs, Harry was slightly jealous) when the door slammed open and the professor entered.

The Professor, Severus Snape cut quite a sight as he strode in, robes billowing behind him giving him a dark and dangerous appearance. He was quite tall; easily around 6 foot high, his hair was black and hung about his face like a curtain, and it also appeared to be quite greasy. He had pale skin and dark brown almost back eyes and a hooked nose; he looked unpleasant and judging by the glare he was sending around the room.

“My name is Professor Snape, you will address me as Professor or Sir, In this class you will be on your best behaviour or I will make you regret it, in this class there is to be no talking other than when I am talking, and that is only if you are asking me a pertinent question, Many of you in the class will not continue it past your OWL exams in 5th year as I only take the best. There will be no fancy wand waving in my class and because of that I will teach you how to stop death and brew glory, there is no finer art than this, am I understood” “Yes professor” the class intoned.

“Good, now we (and he turned and glared at Harry) have a new celebrity starting” he said with scorn evident in his voice “Mr Potter if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood what would I get?”. Harry stopped and thought, ingredients tables flashed through his mind “I don’t know what it is called Professor but the ingredients suggest that it is a powerful sleeping draught” he said. “Not good enough Potter, it creates the Draught of Living Death, 5 points from Ravenclaw, where could I find a Bezoar?”

This Harry did know “They are stones found in the stomach of goats Sir, they can cure most poisons”, the professor seemed a little bit surprised at his answer, however he did growl out “correct, 1 point to Ravenclaw, finally Mr Potter what is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?” “Nothing sir, they are the same plant”, again surprise showed on the professor’s face, “Correct again Potter, 1 point to Ravenclaw” it was at this point that their eyes met and all hell broke loose.

To the class it appeared that professor Snape spontaneously combusted as he burst into golden flames, rolling on the floor screaming and Harry Potter slumped forward, blood trickling from his nose. To the two people involved however who this happened

As soon as their eyes met Snape tore into Harry’s mind determined to find some memory to humiliate the boy with, Snape expected to be straight into the memories of a spoilt 11 year old boy however what he found instead was a green area with a large building ahead of him, as he stepped onto the grass, it started to tug at his feet, slowing him down as he headed towards the building, determined to cause the brat some pain. His anger was building as each step was slowed and he had to fight the grass every time. It was at this moment that the brat in question appeared in his head and walked towards him, fury etched on his face

“What do you think you are doing in my mind Professor?” the Potter brat spat at him. “I am Professor Snape, Master Leglimens, I will do what I want, especially to a spoilt brat like you potter” The Professor drew his wand from inside his robes and fired a low level dark curse at the boy “Crudus Vomica” (1) he intoned and a dark red light slammed into the boys face sending him head over heels into a small heap on the floor, with the boy the grass then let go and he stormed up to the door “Bombarda” the professor incanted and the doors shattered open, sending glass all over the floor of what appeared to be a library, it was at this point that Professor Severus Snape, master Leglimens came unstuck, he was not expecting to be blasted out of the door with a furious blond woman chasing after him throwing unknown hex after unknown hex at him, he was also not expecting to be unable to leave the boys mind, he defiantly was not expecting a phoenix to then appear and charge at him, bursting into flames, setting him alight and throwing him out of the boys mind. A split second later Professor Snape found that he was still on fire and it hurt, he was screaming on the floor when the fire suddenly stopped and he passed out

Professor Albus Dumbledore was in his office enjoying a brief quiet moment before he needed to start on some important paperwork when all of a sudden he felt anger through his link to the castle, no not anger, fury, directed at the dungeons, he checked his list and ran out of his office, he arrived in the dungeons a few moments later and found the class of first years in chaos, Professor Snape was on the floor covered in burns, he looked close to death, the rest of the class where crowded around Harry Potter, saviour of the wizarding world, who was unconscious and bleeding from his nose, the blood had formed a puddle, he was greeted by a distraught first year, granger, yes that was it, who told him that Mr. Potter wouldn’t stop bleeding, she said that the two had locked eyes and then Harry had slumped forward bleeding and the professor had burst into flames.

That statement had worried the Headmaster, if it had turned out that Professor Snape had used Leglimacy on a ward of Hogwarts he was magic bound as headmaster to conduct a full investigation, and if Snape was found guilty he would lose his job as potions teacher and that would not do no no no, that would not do at all. However he had more pressing issues, he quickly called for three house elves and had them ‘pop’ the Professor and the Boy-Who-Lived and himself to the hospital wing. Calling for Madame Pomfrey the school nurse he asked for a diagnosis, what he got shocked him.

“Professor Dumbledore, Mr Potter has been hit by Crudus Vomica and will bleed out in less than 5 minutes unless we can counter the spell, Professor Snape on the other hand, it’s bad headmaster, he’s got 60% first degree burns, but the burns are from phoenix fire headmaster, I cannot cure them, only phoenix tears can cure him headmaster, he also appears to be trapped in his own mind, he may be insane, what happened Headmaster?” “I don’t know Poppy, I really don’t we shall have to wait until one of them wakes up, but first, let us cure Mr. Potter” and with that the Headmaster drew his wand and intoned Subsisto Crudus (2) and the blood gushing from Harry’s nose ceased, Madame Pomfrey the forced a blood replenishing potion down Harry’s throat before turning and starting to provide comfort to Professor Snape.

Harry awoke feeling terrible; he wondered where he was briefly before the Potions lesson came back to him and the attack that Snape had made, he started forward but realised quickly that he didn’t know where he was, however the white curtains around him suggested a 1900 style hospital. Suddenly he heard Noticia in his mind “I am glad you are awake my ward, I have missed you being awake” “What happened to Professor Snape Noticia, what did you do?” “I am afraid I did very little, the curses I threw drove him back but it was your extraordinary phoenix who set him on fire then locked him in his own mind, I’m sorry I will do better to keep good care of you my ward”. Harry was about to reply in his mind when Professor Dumbledore entered. “Harry my boy” he said in a jovial voice that sounded to Harry a little bit like a shopping centre Santa Claus he saw on one of the few occasions he had gone with the Dursley’s shopping over Christmas, he had gotten a wooden soldier, Dudley had snapped it on the way home. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m well thank you Headmaster”. “Now my boy, can you tell me what happened?” “I was in Potions, Professor Snape asked me questions, he took 5 points for a wrong answer but only gave me 1 when I got the question right, which I did twice, then he looked me in the eyes, then there was pain, and I woke up here” Harry felt a little bit guilty lying to the headmaster, but he thought to himself that it was for the best. The Headmaster smiled, “How did you set him on fire with Phoenix fire Mr Potter?” this question was asked a little bit more firmly.

Harry realised that he should probably answer otherwise there would be trouble, however he did not want to reveal his mindscape so he decided to embellish what Ollivander had told him, “He drew his wand from his robes and showed it to the headmaster. This wand is two wands joined together, one was 11 ½ inches, with the core of a phoenix feather, the other was 11 inches long, made of Long toothed Dark wolf with a phoenix fire core, Mr Ollivander joined them together, this was the result”. Professor Dumbledore was amazed at the beauty of the wand, ‘the boy must be light to have 2 phoenix components in his wand, the wand may protect his mind, yes that must have been what happened’.

The Professor smiled at Harry “you have only been in here for an hour Mr Potter; if you hurry I’m sure you can catch the end of lunch and go to your classes this afternoon, it would not do for you to miss your lesson’s although I must insist that you go easy, it will take a little while for the potions to do their work”
Sorry I haven’t updated sooner, I’ve been ill with Swine flu so finishing the chapter and posting it has been the least of my worries! Better now thank god! However it is still a short chapter!

Hope you enjoy, any suggestions for improvement are welcomed. But please try and refrain from the flames.

(1) Crudus Vomica – Bleeding Curse
(2) Subsisto Crudus – Halt Bleeding

What should I do with Snape now that he is covered with 60% phoenix fire burns?

Next chapter will include the end of the first day and the rest of the week, we shall be re-introduced to a weasel, a ferret and Snapes fate shall be decided.

I thank you again for reading this.
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