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Once Again Left With Only You.

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A little sad one shot. Bromance-ish.

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I just felt like writing it.

She ran to her house in the rain, eyeliner down her face and hair a mess. In her pajamas and dressing gown. The dressing gown she always wore over her pajamas to hide her body from him. But he had gotten her again, he had had too much. She ran and ran until she reached the doorstep of her best friend's house. She hesitated, what if they were asleep. She stood, in the rain, thinking, what should she do. She didn't have a mobile, he broke it, she didn't know what to do. She dropped to her knees on the floor and kneeled there, crying. She whispered, to herself. "Heaven Help Us Now." She sobbed. Then she heard a click above her,
"Christie?" The voice called down. She looked up and saw Danni hanging out of the window, "What the fuck, I'll be down now. Let yourself in." She said, worry filling her face. She looked like she had just woken up. Christie timidly got to her feet, then dragged herself through the door as quietly as she could using the spare key she always carried. Danni came down the stairs quietly and then ran to Christie and hugged her.
"He better not of laid a fucking hand on you. I swear." She said caringly as Christie sobbed on her shoulder. "What did he do?" She asked.
"He.. he got me again. A-and." Christie revealed the bad bruise that was just under her side bang, then the even worse bruise on her arm/wrist.
"You're never going back this time. I promise." Danni hugged her tighter, tears in her own eyes. "You shouldn't let him get away with this." She said.
"B-but. If I don't. It'll get worse and worse. Danni. I can't leave you." She sobbed.
"Come on upstairs, you can lend my pajamas. You're soaking." Danni wore a weak smile. Christie followed her up, then went to the bathroom to change in privacy. She saw what a mess she was in the mirror, but couldn't be bothered to fix anything, she changed, then walked back to Danni's room. "We have to sort this Christie, I hate seeing you this down." Danni sighed,
"I'm fine." Christie muttered. Then sat down next to Danni.
"If you were fine, you wouldn't be here." Danni pointed out. Christie shrugged, "I care about you, Christie, you need to sort this out, my family will help you."
"Thank you." Christie blushed.
"It's okay. I love you, and I'm here for you forever." Danni smiled, and hugged Christie.
"I love you too. You're the best." She smiled for the first real time in ages, "Scarred?" She offered, and Danni went and turned the tv on. It could of been any other teenage girls sleepover. But it wasn't. It was theirs. And it was the best.

Just how much Danni means to me.
i don't think I could ever really run the distance between our houses..
Miles and miles and miles.
But I would if I could.
Just to hug her and say hi.
I love you Danni.
Btw, I don't really get raped, or beat up or whatever.
It's a metaphory thing for my troubles and how Danni helps really.
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