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His Jacket

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frank wears gee's jacket...oh the drama.

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It was the jacket, his jacket, the jacket he used to brand, to claim, the people that to him, were "more than friends"- girlfriends and boyfriends alike. And somehow Frank managed to get caught in between a rock and a hard place when the rumors started floating around about the simple black piece of zippered fabric. The constant Oh my god, are they going out?, I knew that Iero kid was a pansy!, and I hear they fuck each other up the ass every night! all revolved around the fact that Frank was wearing his jacket. Him being the infamous Gerard Way.

Unlike any other openly bisexual, goth, artistic freak, Gerard Way was popular in his own little way, and unfortunately Frank was the best friend nobody ever gave a shit about. It's just when he was given Gerard's jacket that people started to finally take notice.

And thing that was really starting to piss Frank off was that everybody, even his own mother- the only one who knew he was gay- believed that they were dating. But to Frank's dismay, it was entirely untrue. The only reason Frank was even wearing Gerard's jacket was because a couple days earlier Frank had gone over to Gerard's house, but forgot his hoodie, and had gotten cold, so being the best friend he was, Gerard gave him the jacket. It was no big deal, and Frank hoped to "god" everyday for people to give it a rest; all it was was a fucking jacket! But Frank did have a soft-spot for Gerard and his heart couldn't help but skip a beat whenever Gerard would pull one of his "cuddly" moments.

Friday morning Frank sat in his World History class bored to death, staring at the back of Gerard's head. Usually Gerard would be sitting next to Frank, but since they were always talking to each other, their teacher, Mr. Jennings, thought that for the best they should be seated apart, making Gerard sit in the front row, while Frank was left in the back among the football playing preps.

After a horrendous hour and a half of history, the bell signalling the end of first period rang, causing the eager students' to dash out of the stuffy, white-walled room. "Oh god, that class sucks major balls," Gerard said, hurrying behind Frank's slouching figure.

"Gerard, you suck major balls," Frank point out, making fun of Gerard's interest in guys, despite his own interest in Gerard.

"Mmmm, yea," Gerard smiled, rollling his eyes in the back of his head. "Maybe someday I'll suck yours."

Although Frank knew Gerard was teasing, he couldn't help but think to himself, Fuck yea. "Ha, Gee, you would enjoy it- the taste of my cum in your mouth."

"Haha yes I would," the artist laughed. "Anyway, are you gonna come over tonight? 'Cause I'm gonna be bored shitless. My parents and Mikey are gonna be out on dates, and I don't want to be alone." Gerard put on his cute "puppy dog" face, and Frank couldn't refuse the offer.

"Of course," Frank answered. "Hey, have you heard the rumors about us?" he asked with slight amusement in his voice.

"Oh yea. What makes them think we're going out? I mean, besides the fact that you're wearing my jacket?" he laughed, flipping his long black hair out of his green eyes, clearly aware that the piece of cloth had some meaning.

"I don't know," the smaller shrugged. "Maybe it's the fact that you're so openly bi and everyone think's I'm gay."

"Are you gay?" Gerard wondered, his tone becoming serious along with his facial expression.

Frank blushed. Oh yes, and I have a big fucking gay crush on you, and I want to have your babies. "I-uh, no," he fumbled over his words. "That's your thing, big man," he giggled, trying to control the blood rushing to his face as he lightly punched Gerard's arm.

"Alright, but if you are, you can always tell me. I'll understand, that's why I'm you're best friend." They slowed their walk upon reaching the door to Frank's math class. "Well, here's your stop."

"I promise, Gerard, that if I ever come out- which won't happen, by the way- you'll be the first one to know," Frank laughed shyly while placing his hand on the knob, preparing to walk inside the room.

"Sounds good. So yea, just meet me at my car after school."

"Okeedokee," Frank confirmed in a sing-songy voice before disappearing into the classroom.

Frank attended three more classes before the end of the day finally came, and when the bell ran, Frank rushed to the parking lot to Gerard's car, surprised to see him already there, leaning against the trunk of the Mazda. "Damn, you got here fast," Frank stated, hugging the taller boy quickly.

"Oh, that's because I skipped last block."

"And you didn't invite me?" Frank pouted, secretly upset.

"I was going to, but I went home to clean my room for you. My clothes were everywhere!" Gerard smiled, throwing his arms out for emphasis.

"Well, that's great and all, but I've seen your dirty boxers plenty of times. Sometimes I even take them home with me," Frank joked, although sometimes he really did take home Gerard's boxers with him.

"Hmm, so that's where all of them went!" the artist laughed, opening the passenger door for Frank before getting into his own driver's side. A comfortable silence enveloped them as the Misfits blared through the speakers throughout the ten minute drive to Gerard's house. "Home sweet home!" Gerard announced as he pulled into the driveway and turning off the ignition.

Frank giggled, not really knowing why, as he walked to the front door and waited for Gerard to catch up with him. "Hurry, Gee. I'm cold!" Frank shiverd, clanking his teeth together forcefully.

"Shut up!" Gerard shouted, still slowly doddling up the walkway. "You have my jacket! You should be so fucking warm right now!" he smirked, finally reaching Frank and putting his strong arm around Frank's small shoulder.

"Why do you do that?" Frank asked under his breath, and began contemplating whether or not if he should actually tell Gerard that he was gay, but decided against it, knowing that if he told him, Gerard would want to hook him up with someone, but Frank didn't want to be with anyone but his best friend.

"Do what?" Gerard replied, evidently hearing Frank's question. He dropped his arm and unlocked the front door, opened it, and let Frank go through first.

"Uh, nevermind," Frank said, the bright red color reappearing on his cheeks.

"Okay." Gerard dismissed the topic and ran to the couch, but was disappointed to see Mikey watching t.v. "Mikey, how'd you get here so fast? Your bus doesn't get here for like ten more minutes."

Mikey's face glowed like he had a secret. "Alicia drove me home."

Gerard sighed, "I don't know how you of all freshmen managed to get a junior. I mean, I couldn't get one till I was a junior." Frank laughed.

"Well, I'm just awesome like that," Mikey smirked. "She's coming back later so we can go on our date."

"Good, 'cause me and Frank want some alone time," Gerard said seriously, glaring at the skinny boy.

"Oh," Mikey nodded. "Is that why he's wearing the jacket?"

"Fuck you, Mikey."

Mikey winked. "I'm not that into incest, but Frank's available," he smiled, loving how he had semi-control over his oh so popular brother.

Gerardrolled his eyes and motion towards the stairs whilst ordering, "Come on, Frank. Let's go to my room." Gerard pulled Frank along by his hand, and Frank secretly enjoyed the touch, happy to have Gerard's fingers laced in his own.

When they reached the basement, Frank flopped himself on the bed as well did Gerard. They lay there, staring at the ceiling silently, and Frank's stomach flip-flopped, and his head spun. Shoud he tell Gerard? What would happen? He knew that Gerard would understand, but he wanted to tell Gerard that he wanted him, not some other random guy.

"Frankieee." Gerard waved his hand back and forth in front of Frank's face, but Frank didn't seem to notice, so Gerard spoke again. "Frank?"

"Huh, what?" Frank asked, trying to rid himself of the nagging thoughts consuming his mind at the moment.

Gerard eyed him suspectedly. "Nothing. It's just that you've been awfully quiet since we left school."

"Oh, I didn't realize. Sorry."

"It's fine, but is there anything you need to talk about or something? 'Cause I'm hear to listen," Gerard said, puffing out his chest, making him look somewhat like a rich therapist.

"No, I'm fine. There's nothing need to be talked about," Frank lied, sitting up, and walking to the stairs. "Let's eat something."

Gerard shrugged, "Okaaaay."

They ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in silence once again as the thoughts returned to Frank. Gerard observed him, curious as to what Frank was thinking, so he asked, "Whatcha thinkin'?"

"Nothing," Frank answered shortly, causing Gerard to give a slight nod as he returned to eating.

"I'm leaving!" Mikey's pubescent voice broke the silence when he saw Alicia's car pull up in the driveway. He sauntered out the door and to the car, disappearing behind the candy apple colored metal.

Watching Mikey leave, Gerard stated, "Finally. Let's go back downstairs, eh?"

"Sure," Frank mumbled, finishing the last bits of his sandwich, and followed Gerard back down the stairs.

Gerard sat on the bed, grabbing his sketch pad and a pencil, before settling into the pillow. He started sketching random doodles, anything that was on his mind, and at that moment Frank's quietness was on his mind, so he drew Frank with his mouth shut, something extremely rare. "Frank, what's wrong?" he asked as he finished the prelimanary sketch.


"Don't give me that shit. Tell me. Please?"

"It's nothing. I just wanted to talk about our friendship." Frank turned his eyes to the floor, studying it.

"Our friendship?" Gerard question, eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. He scooted to the edge of the bed, eager to hear what Frank had to say.

Frank placed himself in front of Gerard, standing almost inbetween Gerard's legs. "I like you," Frank blurted out, tired of keeping it all bottled up. Gerard gave him a questioning look, raising one eyebrow. "I want to be more than friends. I want this jacket to actually mean something."

"Frankie," the sitting boy sighed. "I don't think that'd be a good idea."

Frank moved seductively over Gerard, pushing him down on the bed, staddling his legs in the process. He pressed his lips to Gerard's, tasting him, and Gerard sub-consciencely kissed him back. "Why not?" Frank purred in Gerard's ear. Kiss.

"We're," Kiss. "Best friends," Kiss. "And we," Kiss. "Come from," Kiss. "Two different," Kiss. "Worlds." Kiss.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Frank asked before attacking Gerard's lips again.

"I mean...STOP KISSING ME GOD DAMNIT!" Gerard shouted and Frank stopped. "I mean, I come from a world of danger and you come from a catholic school."


"You know how to tie a fucking tie!"

Frank leaned down again, catching Gerard's mouth. "If you," Kiss. "Want to learn," Kiss. "I can teach you." Kiss.

"No. Frank get the fuck off me!" Gerard pushed Frank off of him, causing his to tumble off the bed with a thud. "Get the fuck out of my house!"

Frank stood up, rubbing his head. "I fucking hate you!" he yelled, running up the stairs, and out of Gerard's house.

"I fucking hate you too!" Gerard yelled to the air, falling back on to the bed, and thinking about the events that just unfolded. His mind sped miles a minute, but one fleeting thought kept coming back to him, Oh my god. Frank's gay, and he fucking kissed me.

a/n: true story my loves. besides the whole kissing thing at the end. note to all of you: don't wear your best friend's jacket the day after he breaks up with his girlfriend. it's a stupid idea really. don't do it. it makes for drama. R&R please. adios. oh yes. this is part one of three...i think :)

Xo caitmo.
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