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Welcome... To The Dive! [Previously Welcome... To The House!]

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.:Frerard:. Welcome to the new Big Brother house.

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I’d gotten a call that changed my life. No, not like a telemarketer selling a new phone or a holiday to the Bahamas. It was a call for Big Brother. I’d auditioned for it as a dare, not believing I’d have even the slightest chance of getting in.
They had told me I’d be spending a few weeks in a far away location so I had no contact with anyone. I had no problem with that, seeing as I really didn’t have anyone to tell.

I was currently sitting in a black corporate looking car that would take me to the house. The driver was in a suit, so original. I had no choice but to sit in the front. The back seat was littered with manila folders and a briefcase or 2.

‘Okay, just a quick cover.’ The driver started to list things off, like smoking was to be kept in the garden. I already knew most of the stuff he mentioned, seeing as I used to watch the show.
I started to feel a little nervous. There were 15 other people in that house and I wasn't very good with people.
‘Stop at the photographers.’ The driver said. I didn’t get what he meant.
My nerves hit their limits when the driver stopped. At first, I thought he had made a mistake but before I could ask, someone had my door open and I was pulled out of the car. Behind a barricade, stood about 300 kids. Some had signs with the BB logo. Some just mindless drawings. They started cheering as I walked down the middle of them, to a few photographers. I did as my driver said and stopped at them. After a minute or 2 of flashing frenzy, I was pushed up a flight of stairs and though a door.
I started to relax a little as I walked down an empty hall. I didn’t mind being alone. If I got lost, I’d be just fine.
At the end of the hall was another set of stairs, only these were double stairs. At the bottom, were men with cameras. I didn’t bother about them.

‘OMG!’ I heard someone yell as I walked through a door. I looked around. Of course I’d seen the house on TV but to be able to see it in person was amazing. The usual colourful walls were now darker. Instead of light blue, purple and red, they were darker shades.
Over by the couches were 3 people. Obviously one of them had shouted “OMG” at me. One was beckoning me over, waving her hand like a madd woman. I slowly walked towards them.

‘Hi! Welcome to the house!’ A girl with black hair near shrieked. I took a small step back, not wanting to get pounced on.
‘My names Stazzia!’ She held her hand out, I took it shyly. I noticed Stazzia was short, like me. Her T-shirt caught my eye though. So many bright colours adorned the fabric. It was almost too much for such a small amount of space. Her jeans were the opposite though, lacking colour. Just plain black.

‘Frank.’ I said softly.

‘Frank! This is Erin.’ Stazzia pointed to the other girl by the pool. She looked nice… and less jumpy. She looked short as well, which made me happy. Her curly brown hair was used to cover her face, blocking her from the rest of us.
‘And Jacoby.’ Jacoby intimidated me. He was way taller than me, more tattoos and looked muscular underneath his jacket. His face showed kindness but I couldn’t shake that feeling.

‘Hi.’ I waved to everyone, receiving wither a wave or a smile back.

‘Wow. 6 people. I can’t wait to see who else is coming in!’ Stazzia cheered, bouncing on the couch. 6?
I wandered through the house, looking for the others. I found my way into the bedroom, all 16 beds lined up, 6 of them had suitcases chucked on them.
On one bed, 2 people sat. One man with a fro. I felt like touching it, just like the girl he was sitting with was.

‘Hi.’ I said, making my presence known. The fro man said a quick hello, while the girl did nothing to acknowledge me. She just kept pulling gently at his curls and making them bounce.

‘E-Jay! Stop it now!’ The girl stopped, sliding back on the bed a little. She was small, with a curvy figure. Deep violet hair that went almost completely down her back. He jeans were frayed at the ends and a few holes were stitched up.
‘Hi, I’m Ray.’

‘Frank.’ I shook Ray’s hand then I held my hand out for E-Jays. She seemed shy but took my hand anyway.

‘E-Jay. Nice to meet you Frank.’ She whispered. Yep, defiantly shy.
I sat with them for a while, getting to know them a little better. Ray was a guitarist, single and he was also in the house due to a dare.
E-Jay, on the other hand, entered the house for the experience.
20 minutes of questions, I was just waiting for the most asked.

‘So, Frank. Do you have a girlfriend?’ There it was! Thanks Ray, no really, thanks!
I know I didn’t look it, but I was gay. People just thought the eyeliner was a phase and the pink belt was a statement or something. But no, I was gay. Up-the-arse gay.

‘Uhh… No, I don’t. Never have.’ I said, not avoiding the truth. They would figure it out eventually. Everyone would you couldn’t live with a gay man and not know.
‘I’m gay.’

‘Awesome.’ E-Jay smiled. At least she took it well!

‘I’ve never met a gay guy before.’ Ray stated. He didn’t look disgusted.
Our conversation went well, no-one called me a fag or ran screaming so I concluded, and I liked these 2.
I heard the door open, revealing a newcomer. He was tall and near the extremes of thin. His short brown hair just hung off his head, no style to it.
He wore a white T-shirt and khaki 3-quarters.

‘Hi, I’m Brendon.’ He introduced himself before anyone could ask. I guessed he was going to be another Stazzia.
He joined our little chat, which seemed to grow. Erin joined us as someone else joined the house. A girl named Nic joined us. She dressed like everyone else, jeans and mainly band shirts. Her hair was kinda long, black with red streaks. She seemed the total opposite of E-Jay but they were chatting in their own little bubble area like they’d known each other forever.
I started to feel left out. Erin was chatting with Brendon and Ray. I decided to go see Stazzia, seeing as she was left with just Jacoby.
I found her sitting by 2 people. One had his back to me. I wanted to see his face so I literally dived onto the couch Stazzia was using and started giggling. Just for no reason. The house was really getting to me.

‘Frankie!’ She yelled, hugging me. I kept giggling as hugged her back. I was really beginning to like her, even if I was a little scared of getting jumped on.
I let my eyes wander over to the new-newcomer and my jaw almost dropped. His black shoulder length hair looked silky smooth, as well as his skin. Porcelain white, and flawless. His eyes were hazel, but looked more golden-ish. I stopped giggling and just stared. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. It seemed like a crime to do anything but stare.

‘Ah… Hi.’ He said, waving his hand in front of my face. I shook my head a little, blinking a few times.

‘S-Sorry. I tend to stare when I’m nervous.’ I lied. I offered him my hand, wanting to feel how smooth his skin was.
‘I’m Frank.’ I smiled. His hand grasped mine, squeezing slightly. His skin was smooth, like a baby bottom. Okay, that’s a lie.

‘Gerard.’ I withdrew my hand, tucking it in my pocket as it tingled. Yeah, stupid little gay boy has a crush!
I endured Stazzia’s hyperness to spend time with Gerard. He barely spoke but just the sight of him made me happy. Occasionally, he’d glance in my direction and I’d have to drop my gaze to hide my blush. This was going to be interesting.

Are you happy now? It's here! Me and Nic decided to but the shit out and just jump in. Not everyone was introduced because I'm lazy and will do it in the next chapter. anyways, I'm so sorry that i am over due by.... a month? almost. Tell me what you think? xox E
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