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chapter 9

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No story ever really ends...

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Welcome to the jungle, where we’ve got fun and games.
“My Lord,” the Sayajin politician bowed low, “I would like to bring one last topic to the table. I believe there was a planet occupied by your father before his reign, called Earth. It was lost to revolutionaries three days after the death of your grandfather, but there has been no effort within the past thirty years to reclaim it. I would like to land a fleet and accomplish the task on behalf of the mighty Sayajin Empire, in your honor, Sire.”
Vegeta threw his head back and laughed so hard, for so long, that the other members of the council started to exchange nervous glances. Finally the peels of laughter died down to mere chuckles, and Vegeta wiped a tear out of his too-wide blue eyes.
“If you can stay alive on that little mud ball for more than four hours, we wont laugh too hard when you come crawling back with your tail between your legs. If you can even get back off it to begin with.” Vegeta grinned suddenly, in an entirely too feral way for even a Sayajin to be comfortable with. “And you can take as many fleets with you as you want, if,” he paused more for dramatic effect than anything else, “You can kill me within the next ten minutes.”
The politician went pale.
“Not something you’re interested in any longer? Such a shame.” The ki blast was blinding, and left a hole the size of a basketball in the politicians chest. “The next idiot that brings up Earth, or any attempt to go near it, dies ten times slower.” Vegeta stood and strode out of the room, not waiting for anyone else to react.
And if someone was stupid enough to go behind his back…well. There wasn’t really a whole lot to worry about. Five Super Sayajin guarding the planet would be more than enough to drive away any pesky low-class visitors.
Vegeta laughed to himself the entire way down the corridor, and then prayed that someone would be that stupid. Someone from Earth would come knocking on his door, demanding answers, and he’d be all too glad for the company.

A/N; One big long one, since there werent any all the way up to this point. There's an inconsistency with Trunks' age in there somewhere, but I'm not sure in which chapters. I had a lot of fun writing this, and it was my first fan fic that got posted. Its already up on, but there's been some minor editing here for you guys. Let me know what you think.
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