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Summer Love

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This is really a WeTheKings fanfic-ish! I wrote for my creative writing class just got the inspiration from WTK songs.

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Holly tossed and turned in her bed. Her red hair tasseled across the pillows. She couldn’t sleep nor stop thinking about him. It has been a year since she last saw him. Sighing, she stepped onto the cold hardwood floor. Putting on flip flops and a hoodie, she then opened the back door heading to her favorite spot this time of night. She carried her shoes once her toes reached the sand. She walked along the beach just thinking about him. Her and her family had rented out this condo for the past few years. But it wasn’t until last year did she meet the man she thought she couldn’t live without.
Holly remembered when they used to come here at night when they both couldn’t sleep. They would hold hands walking along the beach talking about everything and anything. He was always coming up with crazy ideas too. She remembered one time when they jumped the fence and went into a hotel’s Jacuzzi. It was very relaxing. But, unfortunately the police came and asked them to leave. She let out a giggle. Another time Hol remembered was watching his band play during a battle of the bands. His band had a rock sound but with poppy upbeat lyrics. They played on this little stage on the beach with ocean roaring behind them. It was one of Holly’s favorite shows. After the show there were fireworks. She watched them in his arms.
Then August rolled around with a sad goodbye. It was really hard leave. She started college in a few weeks and there was no way she was getting out of it. He was the singer in his band and was trying to make something of himself. Hol smiled when she first heard his voice blasting through her radio. It was a catchy song indeed and soon was singing along to it. She continued walking to the rock formation. He would always take her here after their dates had ended. This spot held so many memories. She sighed recalling them.
“Hello?” a man’s voice called out to her. She didn’t think anyone would be out this late.
“Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t realize anyone else would be here. I’ll go.” Hol started to turn on her heel.
“Holly?” the voice questioned again. He stood up towering over her with his red hair. She could see his blue eyes glistening in the moonlight matching the ocean. He was shirtless wearing just red flowered swim trunks.
“Travis?” she asked and he pulled her into a hug.
“I was wondering when you were going to be down here again.” He smiled at her as her heart skipped a beat.
“We just arrived yesterday.” She informed him.
“Couldn’t sleep?” Holly shook her head no, bangs falling in her face. “Me either.” He tucked her bangs behind her ears. He took her hand and pulled her onto the rocks just like he did last year. She noticed his guitar.
“Been writing songs?” He smiled and nodded.
“I even wrote you a song after you left last year.” She cocked her eyebrow. He reached for his guitar. “It’s called ‘All Again For You.’” He started to play the melody of the song. She connected with the lyrics.
“That was beautiful. Thank you.” She told him when he set his instrument back in the sand. He leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. Travis and Holly motions took them off the rock formations and into the sand. “I’ve missed you.”
“I’ve missed you too.” Travis replied pulling her closely watching the waves hit the sand. They started talking filling in the hole of the year past. Travis kissed Holly’s forehead as she fell asleep in his arms after finishing his story. He chuckled to himself as his eyes became very heavy all of a sudden. Travis rested his head against the rocks and closed his eyes under the starry sky.
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