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when Steven gets drunk

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when Steven Adler gets drunk. and the others too. sorry if its short.

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When Steven gets drunk
At a bar…
Axl: Stevie, you’ve had too much to drink. I think you should stop.
Steven: I don’t (hick-up) tell you what to freakin’ do! (Hick-up hick-up)
Slash: Axl, don’t tell him to stop! We can make him make a fool out of himself!
Izzy: what should we make him do?
Duff: well, the karaoke starts in a few minuets, lets make him sing!
Slash: sing what?
Axl: hmmmm, something stupid. I’ve got just the thing!
He whispered it to Izzy and Izzy whispered it to Duff and so on…
Slash: you want to make him to sing the elephant song?
Izzy: elephants, I like elephants!
Slash: how many nightrains have you had?
Izzy: enough to be able to sing the elephant song without looking crazy.
Axl: well, you where close, but that’s not the song. Even though, seeing him sing it would be kinda funny…
Duff: well its starting now so go and tell the dude the song and get Steven up there!
5 minuets later
Steven: karma karma karma karma karma chameleon (hick-up) ohhh…
Axl: HA! He collapsed on stage!
Slash: (laughing) the chameleon song?! That song sucks!
Duff: (laughing) yeah, but seeing him sing it really cracks me up!
Izzy: I guess I better go and drag him off stage…
Izzy walked up and grabbed him by the ankles. As he dragged him, Izzy walked down steps and Steven’s head hit each one as he was dragged down.
Izzy: he’s probably gonna get a lump…
Slash: you couldda just used the disabled ramp.
Later at 11:00pm
The guys where stumbling home and Axl, the one most sober, had the task of carrying Steven. He had just come around but was still heavily drunk.
Axl: shut the hell up! If your gonna sing somethin’ sing somethin’ good!
Steven: you ain’t my mum!
Axl: you don’t say…
Steven: so…you must be my dad!
Axl: I ain’t your dad either.
Steven: dad, can we get a pet?
Axl: (sigh) what do you want?
Steven: a chicken!
Slash: what the hell do you want a chicken for?
Steven: when we’re board of it, we can eat it!
Duff: (very drunk but not anywhere as close as Steven) you see…the thing about birds is that… they make noises. Even though they’re cute, they’re terrible singers. Reminds me a bit of Axl!
Izzy: chill! He’s just a little bit drunk like all of us! It’s not his fault! Omigod! Is that batman?!
Axl: no. That’s a bush.
Slash: WTF was that?
They turned around so see Duff sitting on the floor next to a lamppost.
Duff: the stupid thing wouldn’t get out the way…so…I rammed it…pretty smart eh?
Axl: that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard!
Steven: that’s not dumb! (Hick-up) this is dumb! Put me down Ax.
Axl dropped him and he got in a near by car.
Steven: look at my knew car!
Axl: Steven, get out of the car.
Steven: NO! It’s my car now!
Slash: how come he gets a car and we don’t?
Duff: (talking to the lamppost) you think you’re so smart don’t you?! With your shining light and being so tall!
Axl: I’m surrounded by idiots! Good night!
He lay down on a bench and pulled a newspaper over himself.
Slash: we’re not idiots! We’re those blue morf people!
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