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0Unrated Grandma's funeral was Saturday....It feels like it's been weeks. I am soooo sorry that it's been like forever. I'm not even totally sure when the last time I updated was. So I do hereby give you permission to read this new chapter.


Both of us knew not to mention it again. I decided to make nothing of it; or at least as nothing of it as I could make with a kiss that incredible. Wait. Hold on asecond. Did I just kiss Gerard, the one who's supposedly straight? Oh god, Idid, didn't I? I didn't mean to. He probably thinks I'm fucking on crack or something. I can't believe I kissed him, when I'd be perfectly happy with his brother, who came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, and ran into my arms, still sobbing. Another few minutes later, Bob walked into the bathroom with a panicked expression on his face. Hm. Ray and Bob. I might be able to see that happening.

Right now, though, I have no idea what's happening with me and Gerard. I mean, I can't just go up to him and say, "I'm sorry I kissed you. Actually, I'm really not. I thought it was the best fucking thing in my life. Now what?" I know exactly what would happen if I were going to say that. He'd call me a fucking fag, hit me in the face and walk away laughing at me with his adorable brother at his side, both wondering why they'd even kissed me in the first place.

Now that'd be amazing, now wouldn't it? I mean, if Gerard actually kissed me first, instead of me kissing him. I mean, I guess he could've. I wasn't really thinking straight (no pun intended) then. I had one... or four too many to drink. He couldn't though. He's fucking straight. It's horrible.

Mikey still had his arms around me as I tried patting him comfortably on the back while thinking of Gerard. Is that wrong? "Mikey, Shh, Mikey. It's going to be okay. Ray will forgive you, Hun. It'll all be okay." Mikey continued his sobs, but Icould hear him letting up a little bit.

He looked up at me, his make up streaked along his face. "Thanks for being here Frankie. Ididn't mean for you to get messed up in this... I really didn't. It's just, you were here, and I really like you a lot, and Ray will hate me forever, and-"

I decided to be nice and shut him up with a kiss. I really do like the kid. He might just be the best kisser I've ever had the experience of kissing, except for maybe Gerard, but that's a whole new case. Mikey was a better kisser in a completely different way. It was way obvious that he was more experienced than Gee was, but who knows? Maybe it runs in the family. "Mikey, I like you too," It was the truth. I did like him. "Lets... let's get out of here, okay? I don't want you to have to deal with Ray when he comes out of the bathroom."

He smirked at me before taking his hand in mine and leading me out of the door and to the car before pressing me up against it in another heated kiss. Fuck, who couldn't get aroused at this. If he had the urge, he could turn any lesbian straight. Icould already feel myself rubbing against my pants. Judging by how close Mikey's crotch was getting to mine, I'm guessing that he could feel it too.

And he could. He opened the car door, still kissing me, pushing me inside to sit in the back seat. I decided to play back. I pushed him against the seat that was already inclined at a horizontal angle and got on top of him, kissing him senseless. Ihave been told that I was a pretty good kisser myself. He moaned into my mouth, his arms moving around me tight, pulling me against him, which resulted in the both of us rubbing up against each other.

Mikey flipped us over, resulting in him straddling me this time. Oh, fuck. This guy had to be at least 8 inches from what I can feel now. I took off his shirt, already knowing on where this was going to lead. God, he has such a fucking gorgeous body. Iwonder if Gee looks this good. Mikey is super thin, and I love it because it's so obviously him. He's all hyperactive, and apparently he has the metabolism to match. He took my shirt off as well. I've always known I was all right looking I guess. I used my tattoos to cover up a lot of my faults. Instead of going'ew!' as I halfway expected him to, Mikey said "Mm, god you're gorgeous,"before he started kissing me again. He sucked my lip piercing up into his mouth in between his teeth and soft lips.

He unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down a little bit. My guess is that they were too tight to pull them down any further. Maybe Gee could help me get them off later. I wish, anyways. He began sucking me off and I was so close, it was like I was lost in my own ecstasy. He's so beautiful and reminds me so much of his brother. "Oh, Ge- God... Oh Fucking God." That was close... I almost completely embarrassed myself by saying Gee's name. That could've been one of my worst experiences ever.

Mikey took me to my high and rode it out by swallowing around me a few crucial times. He hade come in his pants by just hearing me come, so he was riding out his orgasm with mine. He was panting in my ear and we got dressed just in time for us to hear the guys coming up to the car at around 2am. We both gave each other a look before sitting up, knowing that we were caught no matter what.

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