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Then Please

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Gerard tries to deal with his conflicting emotions.

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Gerard tapped on the steering wheel waiting impatiently for Willow who was saying her goodbyes. He was trying very hard not to be annoyed by the fact that Frank’s family seemed to have adopted Willow as their long lost cousin. They all loved her. He glanced away as she and Jamia hugged. He was starting to realize that when Willow left chances were very good he was going to be viewed as the bad guy. They would all wonder how he could let someone so special get away. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit one. Damn it this situation was getting out of control. He’d seen the looks Frank had given him all afternoon. Gerard realized that Frank knew something was going on between him and Willow. For that matter he was pretty sure Mikey thought so too. He took a deep drag and sighed. He’d seen in their eyes how worried they were that he was going to hurt Willow.
Opening the passenger door Willow got in smiling. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you wait so long but Jamia was telling me a story about a practical joke Frank played on you.”
“Which one?” Gerard asked as he started the car.
Willow grinned, “Uh, the one involving the bathroom and a video recorder.”
Gerard rolled his eyes, “There was no recorder.”
“Yeah, but you thought there was.” Willow laughed softly.
He had to laugh too. “Yeah, he totally got me with that one.” He fell silent in thought while trying to make it seem he was concentrating on his driving.
Willow wondered why he was suddenly so quiet. All afternoon they’d had such a good time laughing and joking with everyone at Franks. “You okay?” She asked glancing over at him.
“Yeah sure. Why?”
Willow sighed, “I dunno you are suddenly are so quiet. Did I say or do something wrong in front of your friends?”
It saddened him how insecure she was at times. “Willow they are your friends too.”
“Not really.” She said softly. “I don’t mean that to sound like I don’t appreciate the friendship they all have shown me but I’m just being realistic. I’m only going to be in their lives a short time.”
Gerard frowned but continued to look straight ahead watching the traffic.
“So did I do something wrong?” She asked again in a near whisper.
Gerard’s anger flared. “No, you didn’t and why the fuck you’d think that I just don’t understand.”
Willow flinched but said nothing. She turned to look out the passenger window.
Inwardly Gerard groaned. He was taking out his anger on her and it wasn’t right. She hadn’t done anything to deserve that kind of treatment. The whole idea of them getting together had been cooked up by him. But damn it how could he resist the sexual chemistry between them? It was like nothing he’d ever experienced of even heard of. The woman made his skin tingle, his blood race. He wondered how different his life would have been if he’d met Willow years ago before his heart had died. Would she have been “the one” for him? He took another drag off his cigarette and shook his head angrily. Thinking about that was stupid.
When they reached Gerard’s apartment he shut off the car and turned to her. “Hey, I’m sorry. I’ve just got a lot of shit on my mind.”
Willow looked into his eyes and wanted so badly to hear just what that shit was but she simply nodded. “It’s okay.”
His anger flared again. “No, it’s not okay. Stop saying that. You should be pissed at me.”
It was impossible for Willow not to smile. “So you want me to be pissed at you?”
“Yeah.” He said then quickly changed the answer. “No. I mean I don’t want you to be pissed but you should be.”
“You are a confusing man.” Willow said looking him in the eye. “Very confusing.”
When they reached the apartment Gerard opened the door for Willow. She walked in and came to a dead stop. Gerard practically ran into her. His eyes grew large when he saw the reason for her abrupt halt. There on the sofa sat Jessica in only a very sheer bra and her trademark thong.
Jessica smiled, “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you still had company.” She made no more to cover up.
Gerard stood for a moment speechless. Finally he spoke. “Uh, yeah. Willow is staying here for a few days. Mikey and Alicia really didn’t have room for her.” He thought Jessica knew that.
His words caused Willow to turn to him and glare. He wanted pissed off? Well he had it now. “Gerard they have a guest room.” Willow said sweetly. Let Jessica think about that for a minute.
Gerard stared at her.
Jessica wasn’t about to let this woman get the best of her. “Anyway, I really just came by to check on you, Gee. I was worried about you last night.”
Willow looked over at her and smiled. At times being able to listen to someone’s thoughts wasn’t really all that bad. Jessica knew damn good and well that she was staying here. “Don’t worry. He’s all better now.”
Jessica glared. “Oh, really? What are you a nurse or something?”
Willow smiled sweetly. “No I didn’t need medial training to know what he needed to make him all better.”
Gerard realized he was standing in the middle of a catfight that was about to get out of control. He had to do something. “Jess, thanks for stopping by. I’ll give you a call when I get back from California and we’ll get together.”
Jessica smirked at Willow before answering. “Sure Baby.” She got up slowly and moved towards his bedroom where she’d left her clothes.
Willow was livid. “Good one Gerard.” She spat.
He stared at her. “What?”
“What? Seriously you are such a douche. Making plans to fuck someone as soon as I’m gone. Nice.” She pushed past him and head down the hall to the guest bedroom. Gerard jumped when the door slammed so hard a picture in the hall fell and hit the ground. He was still standing there when Jessica reappeared.
“Sorry I caused so much drama.” She said wrapping her arms around his neck.
Gerard’s body was humming not from her touch but from Willow’s as she’d brushed past him. “Uh, no problem.”
Jessica smiled feeling his arousal pressing against his body. “Sure you don’t want to go for a ride? I’m sure your guest will be fine here by herself.” She ground her hips against him.
“Sorry, I’ve got work I have to get done.” He backed out of her arms and walked over to the door.
Jessica frowned as she followed him. “Fine. I’ll be waiting for your call.” She leaned in and kissed him deeply.
Gerard just wanted her to go. He pulled away and opened the door.

Willow was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. She could hear Gerard and Jessica talking but couldn’t make out the words. When she heard the door close she wondered if Gerard had gone with her. Blinking back tears she listened for any sound that would prove he was still in the apartment. She jumped when the doorknob jiggled.
“Willow open the fuckin’ door.”
She made no move to get off the bed. “Go away and leave me alone.” She yelled back.
“I said open the door. Now.” He began pounding and cursing.
Gerard was growing angrier by the minute. “It’s not my fault she showed up here. I didn’t invite her.”
“She didn’t think she needed an invite, Gerard.” Willow yelled back. “She knows you gave her the key so she could stop by anytime to service you.”
“Service me?” Gerard repeated. “Service me? I’m not a fuckin’ car.” He slammed his fist against the door.
“Well that’s how she thinks of it.” Willow screamed. “She know you use her for sex. She knows that’s her primary function.”
Gerard realized Willow had been in Jessica’s head. “Yeah, well she’s right and she fuckin’ enjoys it as much as I do.”
“Not really.” Willow couldn’t stop the words. As soon as they left her mouth she regretted them. She had just been so angry listening to Jessica’s thoughts. The woman was using Gerard not only for sex but also for the notoriety. She liked being seen with him and tolerated the sex they had in order to get what she wanted.
Gerard had grown quiet and Willow was afraid she’d hurt him. She was about to crawl off the bed to open the door when it flew open. Gerard didn’t care that he’d broken the lock. He didn’t care he was damaging his home. All he cared about was reaching Willow, which he did in record time. She had started to stand but he threw her back down following he with his body.
“You don’t fuckin’ know what you’re talking about.” He pinned her down to the mattress. “She ain’t using me. I’m using her.”
Willow tried to free her hands but his grip only tightened. At first she’d been scared of the anger but now she was pissed. “Yeah, that’s totally important to you isn’t it? Big Bad Gerard has to be the user. You have to use women to prove how tough and heartless you are.”
“I am fuckin’ heartless, bitch.” He answered. “You’d be a fool to ever forget that.”
Willow tried to twist her body to get out from under him. “Get off me.” She screamed. “Just leave me alone. Go run after Jessica and fuck her cause I don’t care anymore.”
Gerard’s eyes narrowed. “Oh you don’t? So what’s changed? You are the one who made me promise not to fuck anyone else while you were here.” He deliberately ground his hips down on hers. “So you don’t want me now?”
Willow tried to ignore the feeling of excitement that was racing through her body. She tried to hold on to her anger. “No, I don’t want you.”
“Liar.” Gerard said as he lowered his head and crashed his lips against hers. The electricity between them sizzled. Willow’s mouth opened and he plunged his tongue in for a kiss that rocked them both. His hands let go of her arms and he pulled her hoodie off and threw it to the ground. He wanted her naked beneath him. At this moment nothing else mattered. Nothing in the world could stop him.
Willow closed her eyes as he pulled off her jeans, panties and bra. His actions were rough, his fingers when they pinched her nipples caused pain and yet she still made no move to stop him. Gerard’s mouth captured her hard nipple and when he bit down she cried out. The sound only seemed to fuel him on. He released the nipple and moved to the other. This time when he bit she spoke.
“Get your fuckin’ clothes off.”
Gerard heard her words through the haze of anger and desire. He sat up and pulled off his tee shirt. Getting off the bed he quickly removed his jean and boxer then fell back down on the bed. Willow wasted no time. She grabbed him and pulled him to her. Her nails sunk into his back and she pressed her mouth to the skin below his collarbone. She sucked hard knowing she was marking him. She was marking him as her own.
Gerard moaned deep in his throat as desire burned through his body. He rolled over and pulled her on top of him. Willow continued to suck the soft skin. When she suddenly bit down head she felt his body tremble.
“Yeah, Sugar.” Gerard whispered. “Hurt me. Make me feel alive.”
His words drove her. Willow slid down his body leaving a trail of open mouth kisses down his chest. Lower and lower she moved until she reached his hard throbbing dick. She smiled when she realized he was holding his breath waiting for her to take him in her mouth. Willow looked up. His eyes were closed.
“Tell me what you want.” She wanted to hear him say the words.
Gerard moaned. “Suck me off.”
Willow’s breath was ragged. “Is it me you want? Is it? Or would any other woman he okay?”
He opened his eyes. “It’s you. I want you. I want your mouth on me. I want…” His words trailed off as she opened her mouth and took in as much of his length as she could.
“Oh fuck, yeah.” Gerard was lost in the feeling. Her hot wet mouth was fucking him so good. She was teasing him and it was about to push him over the edge. Suddenly she stopped. He looked at her waiting for her to explain.
“I want to feel you cum.” Willow whispered. “I want to feel it inside me.”
He didn’t care where he came he just wanted the release. He nodded and started to move when she pushed her hand against his chest. Quickly she positioned herself then lowered herself on him. As his dick slid into her wetness she closed her eyes and cried out. “So good.”
Gerard’s hands gripped her hips and he began to lift and lower her each time pressing her down harder. He wanted to bury himself deep in her. She arched her back as his hips came off the bed with each thrust. Willow was completely lost in the moment. She had not thoughts in her head, no sounds. Only a burning fire that begged to be quenched. “Oh fuck.” She cried out.
Gerard knew she was as close as he was but the need to dominate her took over. He pulled out just as he felt her muscles begin to contract. Willow gasped. He quickly pushed her off him and rolled over. Now he was on top. He was in charge.
“Beg me for it.” He commanded as his dick pressed against her wet opening.
Willow understood what he was doing. He was trying to prove to her that she couldn’t control his body or his mind. She looked into his eyes. “I would never beg you to give me something you didn’t want to give.”
Her words stilled him. She had turned the situation on him. Damn her. He tried to make himself pull away. His body refused. He had to have her. “Just fuckin’ do it.”
Willow tried to ignore the aching need in her body. “I won’t beg unless I know you want this from me. I need to know it’s me.”
Gerard couldn’t deny the truth. “It’s you Willow. I’ve never wanted anything or anybody like I want you.”
Willow felt his words wash over her. “Then, please.” She had to stop herself from saying “make love to me”. He wasn’t ready to hear those words. As he slid inside her she blinked back tears wondering if he would ever realize those words were spoken in her heart.
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