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The Jester

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An insane clown is trying to take revenge but Virgil has other plans

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19th century London: a time in a city where refined gentlemen and cut-throat thieves met and mingled. A filthy city filled with monsters of beauty and horror. A city of death that shrouded it's secrets in a thick blanket of smoke and fog. Despite it's wickedness, London had a way of charming many into it, but sometimes, shadows would follow the newcomers inside.

As the clock struck three in the morning, the fog was already settling, creating an eerie atmosphere. Not a soul seemed to be on the streets this week. The past few days had been particularly dangerous; three murders committed in the past three nights, but it didn't stop Tom Fagan from his nightly rounds of cheap ale and even cheaper women. The young Irish boy carried that strong Irish blood which allowed him to out-drink all of the "The Gentle-Ladies of Britain"; what he referred to the Englishmen who challenged him in the pub but were swiftly defeated.

Once all had left and he was the only drunkard remaining, the young man stumbled from a tavern and into the clouded London streets. He tottered down the cobblestone road as he listened to his footsteps echo. It seemed he was the only person brave enough, or foolish enough, to walk at this hour. It was deep in the night and he had drunk himself silly; the affects were taking their toll. Tom strained his eyes to keep straight and flailed his arms to keep balance.

After much walking, his legs were starting to give way so he turned down an alley and rested. A chilly wind blew from deep in the alley up to Tom. He hugged his knees to his chest to keep warm. He shivered and watched his breath form into a mist when he heard the gentle sound of a lute coming from down the alley. He turned to see who was playing but there was nothing but darkness. He turned back against the wall and chuckled.
"I'd give you a penny...if I had one, good minstrel; but I have none. I'm afraid I spent it all on ale and whores." He said to himself with a laugh.

"Don't worry, sir. It's not pennies I seek. Not even ha'pennies." A man's voice came his voice was deep and soothing. As he drew nearer the lute grew louder. Then a man in a jester's costume slowly came forth from the darkness. "Just someone to hear a song." the Jester said as he played a soft, yet mournful song on the lute.

"Well...I have time to s-spare." The young man slurred as he rolled his eyes up towards the Jester. The Jester bowed to the man then continued playing.

"You's dangerous to be out on the streets at such an hour. They call it dead hour and I believe it's for a reason." The Jester said.

"Oh? And what is that reason, minstrel?"

"Doesn't the name give it away?"

Tom laughed at this and nodded his head. "Quite right." he said. As he sunk into a drunken gaze, Tom listened closer to the sad song of the lute, it seemed to entrance him. The song was so depressing...he felt vulnerable. His eyes began to well up with tears the more he listened. The song mixed with his intoxication eventually took over and Tom began to cry.

"Ah, no tears now. No tears." The Jester said as he continued to play, "how about a rhyme?"

"Yes...I would very much fancy a rhyme."

"Very well." The Jester said as he played the lute faster and more cheerfully and said in a sing-song tone:

"Fee fi a pin in your eye!
Bloody and facing the sky.
Fee fack a knife in your back!
Pray you die of a heart attack!
And we laugh and we cry.
Sadly, you won't. You'll die!
My joy, oh happy me!
This part gets grizzly."

Suddenly, the Jester started playing faster and faster. The young man could feel his blood boiling at the insulting words but he was laughing uncontrollably. He was laughing so hard his entire body was in pain. He looked as if he were going mad. The Jester continued despite the young man's painful howls of laughter.

"Fee fi a pin in your eye!
Fee fack a knife in your back.
Fee fo, they will never know!
It was Jester who made the bloody mess, sir!"

The young man fell over and was rolling on his stomach all over the ground from his laughter and foamed at the mouth. He wanted to cry out and beg the man to stop but his laughter just wouldn't cease. His body cramped and heaved but his madness continued. All of the veins in his body were protruding and he was near blue in the face. Then a forceful blow came to his back and the warm trickle of blood followed as he lay completely still.

"Remember to smile now..." The Jester said as he pushed the young man in a sitting position against the wall. The young man's eyes filled with fear as the Jester pressed a knife to the boy's throat.

This day wasn't going to be a good day for anyone. Virgil Redding, the young earl of the Redding family and the defensive overdramatic was in a terrible mood already. It was nearly afternoon and he was already frustrated with Luca for letting him sleep in so late; half the day had already come and gone. Virgil waited impatiently as Luca, his manservant, buttoned up his shirt.

"What is the matter, my lord?" Luca asked Virgil as he knelt down to tie Virgil's shoes.

"You know what troubles me." Virgil said as he pushed his black hair from his face and stared at Luca's strange colored eyes; his right eye brown and his left an icy blue.

"I figured you needed your rest, my lord."

"You know I detest lazing around. I have plenty of things I could have been doing. Sleeping is the least of my worries. I swear you live to vex me."

"My apologizes, my lord." Luca said with a smile. He couldn't help but smile at Virgil's frustration because Virgil had always been so overdramatic.

Virgil already had an idea that today was going to be an unbearably busy day and an even worse night. Things were already going array and he couldn't shake an overcast feeling, as if something were looming over his head but wasn't clear yet.

"Where is Amelia?" He asked, attempting to change his train of thought.

"She is practicing her piano with Mrs. Thomas in the drawing room."

"Good; Any other news?"

"Well, there is some, my lord."

"Do share."

"A young man was murdered last night. The scene was a mess. He had a knife plunged into his back, he appeared to be fixated on the sky, a large hat pin in his eye, and his throat was slit deeply."

"How awful."

"That's not even the worst of it. His own blood was painted on his face like a jester's."

"That sounds familiar..."

"Three previous murders were committed the same way. A knife in their back, facing the sky, a pin in their eye, with their throat slit and their own blood painted on their face."

"A horrific calling card; look into it."

"Yes, my lord." Luca said as he finished dressing Virgil.

"Again Ms. Redding!" Virgil heard an old woman snap at his beloved younger sister as he made his way downstairs. Amelia, Virgil's sister, was sitting at the piano as well as her grouchy old hag of a teacher. Virgil noticed the cane in the old woman's hands then Amelia's red and near bleeding knuckles. Virgil's was red hot with anger now. Not only had that lout of a servant waste his master's time but it seemed now some old windbag was abusing his sister. Virgil didn't let it show, though, regardless of how terribly he wanted to yell. Instead he made his way over to the piano as smoothly and as silently as possible, almost as if he were a cat stalking his prey.

As he drew nearer to the piano, Amelia smiled at him but in doing so, she wasn't paying attention and accidently played the wrong note. Virgil saw Mrs. Thomas's cane rise and he quickly took action. As she tried to bring her cane down upon Amelia's knuckles, it seemed her cane just wouldn't budge. She turned around and saw the dashing young earl with a charming smile on his face. Mrs. Thomas began to blush. Even if he were young enough to be her grandson, it didn't make him any less attractive.

"Afternoon, Madame." He said with a grin as he slipped the cane from Mrs. Thomas's hand.

"Greetings to you as well, my lord, if I may, have a word with you in private?"

"I'm afraid not. I have many things I need to attend to; so right now, in public would be the best option for me."

"Very well; all I needed to say was this girl needs to practice her piano much more than she does. She's awful. I think we got more beating in than playing piano. Take a look at her hands and that's proof enough. At the rate she's going she won't have hands to play with!" The old woman said with a laugh. Virgil joined in but his laugh was sinister sounding. The old woman started to feel a little uncomfortable as Virgil continued to laugh.

"Hmm, it seems my sister is not quite a pianist. She is a cellist you know. It was my mistake. I am in fact the pianist. Here let me show you. Move along, Amelia." He said as he scooted his sister off of the piano bench.

Virgil rolled back his sleeves and began to play a little for Mrs. Thomas. She was impressed by his skill, never before had she seen someone play the piano so beautiful. She watched his slender white fingers hit each key with perfect precision. His playing was so amazing, she was beginning to doubt her own ability and she was the most requested piano teacher in all of London. After Virgil finished the song, he smiled at the old woman and rested his elbow on the piano keys and his chin in his hand.

"Well now, that was a rather simple song but...I was wondering...would you mind...playing it back for me, Madame? I want to see those delicate hands of yours in action! I hired you for a reason. You are the best piano teacher in town!" Virgil's soft brown eyes gazed into the old woman's and he seemed just as innocent and adorable as he possibly could. His gorgeous smile melted the old woman and she couldn't help but agree.

"I'll do my best, my lord." Mrs. Thomas said. She eagerly began playing the piano and she quickly realized she had no idea what she was doing. She was hitting all of the wrong notes and it sounded more like a dying animal crying for help than an instrument. Suddenly, her knuckles were burning. She looked at her knuckles and there was a red line across them. Her head jerked quickly towards Virgil and she saw the cane in his hand.

"Again, Madame!" Virgil barked.

"How dare you!" Mrs. Thomas yelled as she jumped to her feet. All of Virgil's charms had worn off now. Virgil stood up as well and broke the cane in half and threw it across the room.

"I hired you to teach my sister piano. I didn't hire you to beat her. I tire of these old fashioned ways of hitting a child. If you so much as lay a finger on my beloved sister again, you will be deeply regretful."

"How dare you threaten me!"

"Oh, it's not a threat, my dear wrinkly old bird, it's a promise."

"Why I never! The nerve of you foolish children! A boy has no business being an earl! You put your family name to disgrace."

"Please, don't let the door hit you on the way out." Virgil said as he crossed his arms and smiled with satisfactory as he leaned against the piano. He watched Mrs. Thomas pack her things and practically fly out the door like a chicken in distress. The final door slamming was sign that Virgil had won this battle against Mrs. Thomas but his sister, on the other hand, was not pleased with the results.

She rubbed her knuckles and stared off into the distance. She was only nine but seemed to have maturity beyond her years. Virgil knew he had upset her, but there was no way he was going to let anyone be violent towards Amelia; not while there was still breath in him. He pulled Amelia into an embrace and held her tiny hands. He examined her knuckles as the red was quickly turning to bruises.

"You won't have to work with her again." He said as he kissed her hand. "It was my mistake. I should have never hired anyone. If I wanted you to learn, I should have taken the time to teach you myself and you love the cello more anyway. What a waste of money."

"I do love my cello and I'm glad I will no longer have to play the piano but did not have to be so unkind." Amelia said as she began to lecture him. She always was the one to reprimand Virgil because she was the only person he would listen to. He was too flamboyant, too stubborn to hear anyone other than himself. But Amelia had a way of catching his attention. Most likely because she was the only family he had.

"I was not going to let her treat you in such a manner. I told you; no I promised you that I was going to protect you; even when you don't want me to. I won't let anyone hurt you. That's what older brothers are for." Virgil said softly as he ran his fingers through Amelia's wavy burgundy hair. Amelia nodded her head, letting him know she understood his fear, but she still thought the way he treated old Mrs. Thomas was a little extreme.

Amelia had inherited all of their mother's looks. Green eyes, a somewhat tan complexion, and her wavy burgundy colored hair. Virgil on the other hand, looked exactly like his father. Pale, almost girlish-like figure, his jet-black hair and golden-brown eyes made him look even more ghostly white. Amelia was calm and cared deeply for all living creatures; Virgil got his father's short temper and was a tad bit insensitive. Not only was it just in Virgil's nature, but he had to be. People were starving for his money and he had to defend himself constantly and not just from money hungry humans...

Later in the evening, long after everyone was asleep, Virgil was reading in the library by lamp light when Luca entered the room and presented what he had discovered about the murder.
"Our main suspect is Jess Terrence. He was emitted into an insane asylum ten years ago for performing demonic rituals, similar to the recent murders. He called himself The Jester and scarified animals and humans alike. He was released not even a month ago for "good behavior" but it seems he's at it again." Luca read off of a piece of paper.

"Good work, Luca." Virgil said as he took "The Jester" tarot card and used is as a book mark. He closed his book and got up from his desk. He placed his book back where it belonged on the shelf then searched for another book. Virgil gave a tug to "Dante's Inferno" and with a quick shake, a wall of the library opened up like a door and led to a secret room. Guns, swords, and other weapons lined the wall of the room. "Tell Amelia I'll be attending another ball tonight." Virgil said as he entered the secret room.

The ever-present fog drifted like a ghost through the London streets and the invisible darkness still clung to the city, but tonight, some light shall be shed.

Virgil waited amongst the shadows, waiting for any suspicious behavior. He was silent and his breathing was light as he waited for the moment when The Jester would strike. The anticipation was building up and Virgil was becoming anxious and a little bit fearful that he might not catch The Jester in time. Suddenly, there was a scream two blocks down the street.
"Let's go, Luca!" Virgil called as he ran to where he had heard the shrieks originate.

He smelt the scent of blood down an alley and made a sharp turn. He was greeted by a gruesome sight. A woman had been murdered the exact same way Luca had described, only this time, her blood was not only painted on her face but strange symbols were painted all over her body and on the walls. He knelt down to take a better look when Luca called to him.
"Look out, my lord!" Luca yelled. Just then, a scythe swung at Virgil's head. Virgil rolled out of the way in just the nick of time.

A sinister laugh came from deep within the alley and there was a lute playing gently in the background.

"Chop, chop, chop!" The Jester yelled. "Don't loose your head, boy!"

"You must be Jess Terrence." Virgil said as he brushed the dirt off of his shoulder.

"That's The Jester to you, sir! "

"Regardless of your name, you're insane all the same."

"Ah...a rhyme. How cute."

"I do what I can." Virgil said as he flashed the lunatic a smile.

"It's seems that's all you can do. You're too late. I'm sure your man pet already told you that these markings are for demon summoning purposes, well he didn't tell you that the ritual is complete. Enough blood has been shed; I may become...a demon."

"Why a demon?"

"Why?! Who wants to be a worthless human? Humans have laws, limitations, no physical power whatsoever! Demons, demons may defy law, they have no limitations, and power beyond that of any human." The Jester cried out as his body mutated, transformed into his so desired demonic form. He looked like a devilish clown; with razor-sharp teeth, a whip-like tongue, and his clothing was stained with blood. His hands morphed into deadly scythes and he swung them madly at Virgil. Virgil dodged every swipe as Luca shot at the demon.
"No use, man pet! You're precious earl is done for; as is all of the nobility who mock those beneath them without any regret! You think I'm insane, do you? Well, let's see just how mad I can get!" The Jester said with a laugh. His gigantic deformed body rolled into a ball and barreled towards Virgil and Luca.

They dodged The Jester the first time but he quickly turned around and came back at them with increased speed. Once again, the avoided the attack when Virgil drew a dagger from under his cloak. Just as The Jester was unrolling from his ball form, a sharp sudden pain pierced into his forehead. He gurgled and looked up at Virgil who was dangling from the dagger, gripping onto the handle for dear life. The Jester's eyes rolled back into his head and his tongue hung from his mouth as he collapsed backwards. Virgil climbed off of The Jester's limp body and backed away.

"Is he...?" Virgil asked Luca.

"No, he would have returned back to his human body."

Suddenly, The Jester jumped to his feet and laughed sinisterly, "What a clever little bitch. You've trained your dog well. I told you, demons have no limitations. I didn't think you had cloth ears but I guess I was wrong."

"Sorry, demons do die and it's by my hand." Virgil said as Luca tossed Virgil a gun. He aimed at the demon's left shoulder and fired, then he shot at his right shoulder. The Jester wanted to laugh but this time, the pain was different. Black blood flowed from his shoulders and poured onto the cobblestone.

"What is this?!" The Jester spat.

"Bullets dipped in holy water. Try and joke your way out of that."

Before the demon could come up with a witty comeback, he collapsed to the ground, his black blood flowed out into the streets and turned to sand. His demonic outer shell turned into a thousand moths who scattered and flew off into the night, revealing Jess Terrence's naked corpse. His body was riddled with deep self-inflicted cuts. As his last breath escaped his body he uttered the words "Marlena." A single moth crawled from his mouth and flew off into the night sky.

Luca entered the secret room as Virgil was cleaning his gun.
"Did you find out who Marlena was?" Virgil asked Luca without turning his head.
"She was a duchess who visited Jess's farm often to buy fresh cream from him. He fell in love with her. When he discovered she enjoyed the circus and rhymes, he left his farm work to join the circus. He hoped she would come to his show, and she did, but she was engaged to a duke. That's why he hates nobility and why he took on The Jester persona."
"Who doesn't hate nobility? Someone's always got a bone to pick."
"I suppose so."
"Are you turning on me now too, Luca? Don't tell me you are going to start slaughtering people." Virgil yelled in fear. Luca shook his head and laughed. Virgil smiled and continued cleaning his gun.
"It's always love that seems to drive us men insane. Well, I hope that won't be the future of my dear fiancé and I; even so, I pity that man, I hope his soul rests in peace." Virgil said as he took the Jester tarot card from his pocket and admired it.
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