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Some of my comments on The Boy Who Cried: The Jester

I have posted the first chapter of The Boy Who Cried YAY!

I am happy with it (for now) but don't worry I won't be posting or re-posting. I'll just have to live with it, errors and all (X_x)

Well, I dunno how many people read this but it's kind of like a journal for me so...


I thought I would share some facts about the characters and about the 19th century (don't worry, I won't spoil it too much)

-Fact 1-
Lucius "Luca" Henderix is based off of my dog but my dog's name is Diem not Lucius but Diem means day and Lucius means light. He's a Blue Merle Australian Shepard and he has the same colored eyes as Luca (brown on the right and blue on the left...I think...I can never remember ha!)

I picture Luca being tall, 187 cm (about 6'1", which is tall for me, i'm only 164 cm, 5'4"). I also picture Luca having almost white hair (my dog has silver hair :D so I had to give it to Luca). Luca's not old though, he's only 26. He just has really really really light blonde hair.
I think Luca has a bit more muscle, more than Virgil but not a body builder (that would be gross). He has to be strong to take care of the Redding Manor. He was hired to work for the Redding family when he was 16 and was only a lowly stable boy, now he's the main servant (or manservant. Not as dirty as you think, huh?) Luca is very devoted to The Redding family, especially Virgil and he's the only one who can really calm Virgil down (even better than Ameila).

Luca is my second favorite, based off my favorite puppy ^-^

-Fact 2-
Ameila is my favorite. That's not really a fact though...that's more of an opinnion.

-Fact 3-
The fog is London was bad (and may still be) The worst was during November through January. It was also a yellowish color that made people sick (later blamed on the coal fires). In 1873, the fog had been recorded that it was so thick that 700 people got lost and walk right into the Thames River, and all of that happened in one week ( sad :' ). Cattle also suffocated to death (also sad :' )

-Fact 4-
Virgil's title, "earl" means "friend to the king" and titles were only given if that person had aided a political party in a way that was worthy of a title and could only be granted by the Prime Minister (I think hunting vampires is titles worthy).

-Fact 5-
The second chapter titled: "The Coffin's Keeper", will be out soon! Thanks for reading!

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