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Just Messing About.

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1Shot.FOBmessingabout.Pointles.result.of.boredome. ^_^

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Danni's dream inspired me to write this.

I'm Joe. And I'm not all there. If you get me. I wake up, and I'm somewhere new. It's cold. I sit up and see a man sitting opposite me, looking at me. I sit there, looking at him for a while. He has a fringe. He's wearing makeup. He's in tight jeans and a hoody. And he's not smiling. I smile at him, he still frowns. I wave. he just looks. I get up and walk over to him.

"Hellooo-ooo--o-ooooo!" I call in his face, no response. I sit down, it's really cold. I sit next to him though, and tap him over and over, he turns his head and looks at me, it's kinda creepy. I give him a frightened look. Suddenly he laughs, then shakes my hand.

"Wentz, Pete Wentz," He nods. I shake his hand. I like this guy.

"Joe." I smile. "Where am I today?" I ask him. The people who greet me when I get there usually know.

"I don't know." He says, sounding offended. I get up and look around. There is a thin layer of ice above me. I tap it. Wentz comes and stands beside me.

"We leaving already?" He asks. I shrug, then the ice opens. And a purple ladder appears. I climb up it, but one step up and Wentz walks before me and climbs up. I walk after him, not arguing.

When we get to the top we are in an ice hockey arena. There was a man standing in the middle. Listening to his iPod. I walk over to him, a step BEHIND the slightly arrogant Wentz, of coarse. The man is wearing a hat. He's in a waist-coat jumper thing and a baggyish t-shirt. And skinny jeans but nowhere as near as skinny as Wentz'. He has sideburns. They look groovy.

"Hello?" I tap his shoulder. He looks up, then takes the earphones of his iPod out, it sounds like Prince.

"Oh Hi! I'm Patrick from Fall out Boy." He smiles, I shake his hand, then Wentz does.

"I'm Joe. Fall out Boy?" I ask.

"Wentz. Pete Wentz." Wentz says. Patrick looks at me like he's thinking, then shrugs.

"I guess you don't know yet." He laughs,

"Know what?" I ask, worried.

"You'll know one day." Wentz says. Then they both start walking over to the side of the rink. There are calculators EVERYWHERE. I try not to slip on them. Suddenly Wentz starts to dance. Patrick smiles and nods, watching him. Enjoying the music I can't hear. I shrug and join in. Me and Wentz dance our hearts out. Suddenly he stops.

"Aweeeeeeeeeee!" I whine. Then him and Patrick exchange a glance.

"Oh no," Patrick says. The floor starts to shake. I start to get a bit worried. Then, a man is standing at the other side of the rink. He has a back to front cap on, and curly puffy darkish hair, he's quite chubby and short. He is in a body warmer, unzipped, and a vest which says.. I use binoculars.. "Dirty Saves." He runs and slides across the floor to us, calculators flying in all directions.

"It's DIRTY!" Wentz yells, suddenly grinning.

"Gotcha then didn't we?" 'Dirty' laughs, and nudges me.

"Yupp." I nod.

"We need to wake him up." Patrick says.

"Who?" I ask.

"The hippy." Wentz says, sounding smugly happy.

"After three?" Patrick asks, then counts in. Suddenly, the seats around the circle of ice are filled with teenage girls. After one they all scream,


That name again. I laugh. The teenagers are all dancing to the soundless music. I watch the floor as a shortish guy with a
beard and curly hair, in only sandals and shorts walks over. And waves. I high five him. Then suddenly. I open my eyes. And all I see are dancing coconuts. And there is a person sitting opposite me. And he is watching me..

That was bad. And I am tired. And hey. And bye.
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