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The Revenge of Mikey

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sequel to the 5th way to annoy someone. mikey gets his revenge on frank. :FRERARD:

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May 28: It was Frank and Gerard's two year anniversary. Not marriage. Just dating. Gerard had taken Frank out to a fancy romantic vegetarian restaurant despite his hate of tofu. He said he'd deal with it 'cause that's just how much he loves him.

When they had gotten there, they were informed by the hostess that their reservations had been cancelled, but luckily they had a no-show. Gerard and Frank looked at eachother questionably, but ignored the fact that someone had tampered with their reservations.

The whole time during dinner, Frank thought about how lucky he was to have Gerard after all this time. Things were always perfect for the two, never once getting in an argument lasting longer than a few hours. The sex was great, and they both felt so comfortable with eachother. Although they were only seniors in high school, they knew that their love for eachother was the real thing.

Upon leaving the restaurant, each man's minds were on what would happen back at Frank's house. Frank's parents had assured them that they were out for the evening and that the house was theirs. Lucky for them. Frank had planned an elaborate candle-lit bath for them when they got home. He only wished that the moment would come faster. 15 more minutes... he mumbled under his breath.

Gerard sat driving, staring at the rode, knowing all too well what his boyfriend was planning. They've been dating for long enough, he practically knows everything that Frank would do for him.

They made it to Frank's house and Gerard opened the car door for Frank. Upon getting out, Frank pushed Gerard against the door and kissed him fast, but deep, as if to tease him. He pulled away as Gerard dove in for another kiss.

"Save it," Frank seductively whispered in Gerard's ear. That made Gerard's head spin. They walked hand in hand, to the front door, where once again, Frank teased him. Gerard's heart skipped a beat and he lost his footing, accidentely pushing Frank to the ground. Gerard fell on top of him. "Save it," Frank whispered once again, laughing.

Gerard hopped up, sticking his hand out for Frank to grab. Frank stumbled for his keys which had fallen out during the fall. He unlocked the door and led Gerard to the kitchen. He brought his teeth up to Gerard's tie and undid it. "Impressive," Gerard gawked. Frank shut him up with his tongue. His fingers worked to unbutton Gerard's black shirt, while Gerard worked on his.

Once both men were shirtless, Frank led Gerard up the stairs to the comfort of the small, white bathroom. Gerard licked his lips in anticipation for the events about to take place. Or at least so he thought...

Frank went to the hall closet, grabbing a few candles and a lighter from his pants. As he walked back into the bathroom, Gerard couldn't keep his hands off him. He would stroke Frank's chest everytime he tried to light one of the candles which were now placed around the edge of the bathtub. "Save it." Those were the words of the night, apparently.

After turning on the water and waiting for it to heat up, both men worked to undo the other's pants. But since both were wearing skinny jeans, it took a good five minutes. Only a few chaste kisses were shared between the two as they undressed.

Once fully unclothed, Gerard ran his hand under the water to test it. To his surprise, it was....cold? "Uh Frank? The water's fucking freezing."

"What?" Frank ran over to test the water himself, but found out that Gerard had been right. "...the fuck?" Gerard gave him a confused look as if to say what do we do now? "Well, I guess that's not gonna happen. Let's go straight to the bed then."

Gerard smiled at this & placed a kiss upon Frank's lips whilst picking him up marriage style. Frank's room was down the hall, so they made their way slowly there, kissing each other gently on the way. Gerard opened the door to Frank's room while looking at the small man he was holding. Breaking the gaze, he looked up, seeing a missing coponent in the room.

"Uh Frank?" he asked once again, "Your bed's gone."

Frank jumped out of Gerard's arms & ran to the empty space. "Seriously!?!?! What the HELL!?" He emphasized his expression by throwing his arms up in the air spastically.

"Shit. Uh ok. Frank relax," Gerard cooed, trying to calm the frantic boy down.

"HOW CAN I FUCKING RELAX? MY BED IS FUCKING GONE!" He paused for a second before having an epiphany. "Mikey...," he grumbled.

"How did he get in here?" Gerard asked curiosly.

"Oh he has his ways."

"Well fuck. Maybe tapping your glass eye wasn't such a good idea..." Gerard laughed.

Frank scowled, "He fucking cancelled our dinner reservations, then turned off the hot water, then fucking took my bed! My bed for God's sake!"

Frank walked over to his dresser with Gerard following. On top of the black wood, a post-it note said in messing handwriting, REVENGE IS A BITCH, DARLING.

a/n: yayayaya. sequel to the 5th way to annoy someone. you don't have to read it, but it'll help :)

Xo caitmo.
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