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A Bob and Mikey Romance Fic Thingy!

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Mikey and Bob get talking...

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Hey I decided I would do a Bob/Mikey fic thing but dont worry all you Frerard lovers Gee and Frankie are still in this and acting like horny rabbits! =P
Anywayz enjoy and dont forget to R&R coz they make me happy =P

Mikey watched in envy as Gerard and Frank began giggling, before they rushed down into Gerard’s room hand in hand, doing god knows what.
Why cant I have that? He thought bitterly as he slumped down onto the sofa, switching on the Xbox. Suddenly the door went, making him jump.
‘Come in!’ he yelled as he heard the door open, then slam again.
‘Sup Mikey!’ Bob smiled as he walked into the living room. Mikey blushed as mumbled his hello, before looking back at his game.
Dammit! I blushed AGAIN he thought as he mentally slapped himself.
‘Where’s Gee?’ Bob asked as Mikey snorted.
‘Where do you think?’ he muttered as Bob nodded, before sitting down next to him.
‘Wanna play too?’ Mikey asked, not daring to look at the blonde boy next to him.
‘Uh sure’ he grinned as Mikey leant over, grabbing a controller. Bob smiled as he got a good view of the younger Way’s ass. When Mikey sat up he passed Bob the controller. They played for a while, messing around and laughing as each won a game, though Bob one over all.
‘Why do you win all the time?’ Mikey laughed as Bob shrugged.
‘What can I say? I’m a master at videogames’ he bragged, chuckling. Mikey rolled his eyes as he switched off the Xbox, before putting on some music.
‘I’m turning it up in case the rabbits decide to get vocal’ Mikey sighed before crashing back down onto the sofa, not realising on Bob’s lap.
‘Shit!’ Mikey blushed as he flew off his friends lap, sitting on the other side of the sofa. Bob blushed too, before sighing.
‘Mikey there’s something I-’ he began before they heard a loud yell. Both boys darted towards Gerard’s door, before opening it slightly.
‘You guys okay?’ Mikey asked as he poked his head round the door.
‘Yeah fine!’ Gerard laughed as he helped Frank off the floor, who was naked.
‘Ah! Didn’t need to see!’ Mikey exclaimed as he slammed the door behind him, a laughing Bob leant against the wall.
‘Not funny’ Mikey mumbled as he walked back into the living room, grabbing a can of beer on the way.
‘Listen Mikey I need to talk to you’ Bob sighed as he sat next to Mikey, who placed his beer on the floor.
‘Shoot’ Mikey replied as he turned round to face Bob.
‘What would you do if I said I liked a guy in our group?’ he asked as Mikey felt his heart sink.
Bugger! He likes Ray! Nooo!!!! Mikey thought as he put on a fake smile
‘Well um… I’m sure they’ll understand I mean you’re nice, sweet caring cute’ he replied before he covered his mouth with his hands.
‘SHIT! Bob I didn’t mean that’ Mikey blushed as Bob nodded, a frown on his lips.
‘No it’s okay Mikes…’ he mumbled before Frank and Gerard came out, both hot and sweaty.
‘Hey Bob you told Mikey you wanna screw him yet?’ Frank asked as both of the Way brothers’ jaws dropped.
‘You wanna what with my brother?!’ Gerard yelled as Bob stood up, backing away slowly.
‘Gee… chill please! I was gonna ask you but Frankie said you wouldn’t mind and I didn’t say screw!’ he squeaked as Gerard took a dangerous step forward.
‘What did you say then?’ Gerard growled as Bob whimpered.
‘All I said was that I like Mikey a lot! And… I wanna… fuck him that’s all… and see if he wants to you know… get together?’ Bob replied, crimson heating up on his face and neck. Before Gerard could respond Mikey jumped from the sofa, wrapping his arms around Bob’s neck.
‘Do you really mean it?’ Mikey breathed as Bob nodded. Mikey smirked before leaning down, capturing Bob’s lips in a short sweet kiss, but enough to leave them breathless.
‘WHAT THE HELL?!’ Gerard cried as Frank walked over, hugging his boyfriend tightly.
‘Calm down Gee…’ Frank whispered as Gerard nodded, before taking a step back. Mikey pulled away, before gazing into Bob’s dazzling blue eyes.
‘How’s about we… go to my room?’ Mikey purred as Bob grabbed Mikey’s hand, both of them rushing upstairs. Both Frank and Gerard stood silent for a moment, before Gerard crashed to the ground.
‘Shit Gerard fainted!’ Frank squeaked in surprise, before he grabbed his boyfriend’s arms, dragging him over to the sofa.
‘Thank god the music’s on otherwise Gee will never wanna be conscious and wanna fuck’ Frank muttered as he placed Gerard’s head on his lap, fanning his sweaty face.

Well there you are R&R my luvlies! I'll giv u hugz!
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