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Ok, so I can't remember my other account's password and the stupid emai's not working so here it is again! First posted from DemeterMcKagan not here! Same thing only here! Summary: Five people get ...

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Demi was rolled up in her blankets tightly like a burrito. Her near glow in the dark white hair stuck out in clumps around the top of the blanket by the pillow. She was nearing REM sleep when she began to finally dream. There was water, tropical plants, huts, and other primitive religious buildings. Her pale skin and hair shimmered slightly as she looked around at the world that wasn't hers. It was like looking through gas on a stove, everything wavy. Something caught her eye. No way, it couldn't be. . . Could it?

"So, you're finally awake," Lindsey said, staring down at the other girl, "It's about damn time. Come on, we gotta head to the temple. We'll get left behind if we don't hurry up." She put a gloved hand on her hip, leaning her weight into that leg and tilting her head to the side.

"What?" She frowned looking around at the hazy objects. "Lindsey? Why are you dressed like a ninja and I'm in my pajamas?" Demi asked looked down at her black tank and sleep shorts. "This is weird, you know what, when the hot hula guys come around with tiki cups full of beer, let me know," she said turning to leave. "Ok, wake up now. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Anytime no-AH!" She shrieked as a blast of flames shot by her, singing the hairs on her arms and giving her a slight skin peel.

"You should have gotten up like I said. Now the summoner's angry!" The brunette shrugged, "But it's alright. I'm sure you'll have a happy afterlife in the Farplane." With that, she jumped into the water off the deteriorating Kilika docks. She gave a wave before swimming off in direction of a growing mound in the water, blistered by a deafening roar in the far distance getting louder as it drew near.

"Ah!" Demi sat up in bed, sweat droplets all over her body bringing her usually gravity defying hair down. Hissing when she brushed her arm against the blankets, she looked around. "What the fuck just happened?" She breathed. That was insane. A 'Nightmare on Elm Street' insane at that.

Lindsey folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the door frame of their shared roomie bedroom, "You screamed in your sleep and woke up in a muscle spasm." She pushed off the door frame, "What's wrong with you?" She stepped closer to the bed, dressed in her own tee shirt and shorts, freshly out of bed herself. "I was in the kitchen fixing some breakfast until you started hollering."

"No, wait, what?" Demi said looking around. "Turn on the light," she shook her head, rubbing her face. Blinking at the sudden bright light, she looked down at her arm. "Does this look like a muscle spasm to you!?" She cried waving her toasty red arm with peeling skin around. It looked like a bad sun burn, just on her forearm.

Lindsey flicked it on and looked over at her arm, wincing with raised eyebrows, "Erh... What the hell did you do to your arm? Should I be concerned about the apartment?"

"Oh shut it," Demi grumbled. "It was in my dream, and you with a ninja outfit," she said. "It was weird though. You threw a ball of fire at me and then dove into the ocean waving. . . . Maybe that means I subliminally think you're a deep person like a ninja," she thought out loud, going off in her own thoughts.

"Right..." Lindsey sighed, "Just put some ice on that. Breakfast will be ready soon... weirdo." She headed out the door and down the stairs to the kitchen where eggs were scrambled in the skillet on the stove. She glanced back up the stairs before sighing softly, "And I thought I hid those matches pretty damn well, too..."

Demi stuck her tongue out at her as she got up to get dressed. Throwing on her Offspring t-shirt and a pair of shorts with her flip flops, heading down to where she heard the pop and crackle of cooking eggs. Digging in the freezer, she slapped a bags of frozen peas onto her arm and called it good. "So, it's summer, I have no job save for me selling stuff I steal, what's up for the day?"

"Nothing of any gut-busting interest..." Lindsey said quietly as she shoveled the finished eggs onto two plates. She set one in front of Demi before getting out any condiments either of them would want. She chose a little mustard herself and lined it over her eggs before going to fix a glass of orange juice, "Um... Any suggestions? Could just play video games. Or something..." She turned her head towards the window. The sky was darkening by the second, "Looks like it could storm any minute..."

"Go outside and dance in the rain. . . With a metal bat?" Demi said with a big grin, eyes alight. Of course she wasn't serious, but it was the fact of her excitement that counted. "Or try to find the entrance to Narnia despite us lacking a huge amour or anything of that nature?"

Lindsey folded her arms across her chest, "Seriously. What do you want to do? There's not much we can do with it--" A loud crack of thunder rolled across the sky, "...raining and thundering outside."

"I say build an ark with that down pour my friend," Demi made a face. "I'm gonna dress Manny up like Josh Groban and put on his CD and it'll like my own private concert," the punk swooned referring to the mannequin she stole from her previous employers. "Still can't believe my stupid bosses never asked where I put him too." She giggled.

Lindsey sat and started to eat her eggs, "Okay. Just keep this dress-up PG-13 this time." She said this, jokingly of course. "I'll just start up a game then while you do that. Can be like a... Manny-dress-up-video-game-music Party. With chips." More than chips. Ice cream. With sprinkles.

"Yes!" Demi said shoveling her food in her mouth, barely pausing to chew and chugged her glass of Capri Sun. Setting the dishes in the sink, she took off to her room, dragging out a box of old boy clothes she had swiped from various people without their knowledge. If she wasn't so lazy should could be a pretty good thief. . . If that were legal. "Think of it this way Linds, remember how my Grandpa O'Bryan use to sit on my parents front yard and try to shoot the lawn gnomes with a BB-gun. If neither of us get together you'll have that to look forward to," Demi grunted as she pulled Manny out.

"I guess..." Lindsey said, not really knowing exactly what Demi meant. But she took it in stride. Among other things. Finished with her breakfast, Lindsey did the same, putting away the dishes in the sink for her to do later and went to the living room where the Playstation3 and other gaming consoles were set up. She got out quite a few games, some singleplayer, others multiplayer. Since Demi was going to dress up her mannequin, Lindsey decided on an older single player game. Final Fantasy X was at least enjoyable. She put it in and allowed it to run through its beginning cutscenes before going back out to run back and forth between the pantry and the kitchen for party foods.

"He is like fire, burning through time. As old as forever, but fast in his prime. I saw his blue space ship materialize, he looked out and said to me 'Run for your life!'," Demi sang as she dug through the boy clothes before getting the mannequin dressed up. "Hmm. . . . Needs something," she tapped her chin. "I know!" She giggled as she slapped a picture of Josh's face that looked like he was constipated. "Eh, something else too." Going to the kitchen and grabbing plastic store bags, she came back and stuffed a bunch into the underwear she put on him. "He he he," she grinned.

Lindsey returned with all the partyfoods she figured they would gorge themselves on: ice cream, Doritos, cookies, Nature Valley Oats n' Honey, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew and the like. She took a gander at the mannequin that seemed to be sporting a boner and a sour face. She cringed, but it was mixed with an amused grin, "Oh gross, are you serious?" Josh Groban sort-of-slightly in their house with a nice bulge in his underwear. "Nice."

"You're right," Demi sighed. "He needs boobs." She said quickly stuffing his shirt to DD size. "There we go, that better?" She asked before standing back. "Nah, boobs have got to go and I think I have another picture somewhere." She sighed pulling out the bags in his shirt and going to find a more fitting picture. "Here we go!" She grinned as she slapped on a picture of Josh's face with a 'Y HALO THAR' smile and a quirked eyebrow. "Better."

Lindsey looked over her shoulder, cringing still a little, "You know if he dies in real life somehow he's going to haunt the shit out of you." The brunette sat down in a beanbag chair dragged down from their room and started up a new game, flinching as a rather loud bang hollered outside in the dark sky, "Jesus Chriminey it's rough out there..."

"Save me Josh!" Demi cried clinging to 'Josh' at the flash of light and boom. Settling down, she shook it off. Demi hated storms and her only way of coping with them was to ignore them. They weren't there so she was fine. "Well if he dies in real life, it'll be like his hell. I mean come on. He's gotta watch me put boobs on him. OH GOD!" She screamed at another crack and boom clinging to 'Josh again.

Lindsey flinched, clutching the controller to the game as the lights all went out except for the television and the playstation. She had her eyes closed as the power went out and she cracked her eyes open, looking around her, "Oh grea--" She looked up at the television and blinked, "Uh... the tv's still on... and so is the game..." The game showed the opening cutscene of the main Final Fantasy X characters around the campfire at Zanarkand.

"It's ok Josh. We'll make it through the storm. WHERE'S DEXTER AND NOODLES!?" Demi screeched crying about her stuffed penguins. "I gotta find Dexter and Noodles!" She yelped running up to her room.

"I think we have more important issues at hand here!" Lindsey shouted after her, staring at the screen. Sighing, she picked up the controller and hit a few buttons. "...It's not responding... What's going on? Why isn't the screen or console off...? If the power's out--AHH!" Lindsey dropped the controller as it sparked and exploded in her face, opening a warping, spiralling portal in front of her. With a somewhat burnt face, Lindsey held up her hands, shrieking as the portal sucked her in.

"I found them!" Demi cried rushing back down with her penguins in tow. "What in all that's holy is that!?" She cried dropping her precious cloth and fluff, getting sucked in as well.

"AHH!" Lindsey cried as she was sucked in, her vision going black and body going numb as she spun through the portal.

"THIS IS ONE MUFFED UP ROLLER COASTER!" Demi screamed as she shot through the portal. Everything kept going faster and faster till everything was black.
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