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frank gets a surprise for his birthday...

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101 Ways to Annoy Someone:
#7. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly.

Gerard knew how much his boyfriend, Frank, loved playing with Legos, so for Frank's birthday, Gerard decided to buy him buckets and buckets of Legos, despite the small size of the apartment they were currently living in.

As much as Frank loved to play with legos, he absolutely couldn't stand it when the flat pieces were push together. He just couldn't seem to get them undone with his short fingernails. One time, as a child, he'd gotten a knife to use to unhook them, but in doing so, he cut his hand pretty bad, requiring stitches. Since then, he hadn't been quite the same.

Frank, despite his argueing, had to work on his birthday. To Gerard, this was a fortuanate occurance that allowed him to prepare for Frank's homecoming. He opened the twenty or so buckets of Legos he bought, and picked through all of the small plastic parts, separating the flat pieces and the others.

It took hours, days it felt like, before Gerard had finally sorted them all through. Now comes the fun part, he thought, a bead of sweat entering his mouth. He picked up a red piece & a yellow piece and stuck them together. Working fast, he kept smashing the pieces together in a colorful array of plastic. He knew Frank would throw a fit, and he laughed at the scene playing in his mind.

Before long, Gerard had finished and discarded the non-flat Legos in the closet of their bedroom. The flat ones, ran up and down the walls, and across the floor and the bed. Gerard had even made a trail leading to their door from the front entrance of the apartment building.

Around dinner time, Frank came shuffling in the apartment head down, examining the flat Legos he had found in the corrider. Mumbling to himself, he picked apart the Legos, throwing them on the floor as he cussed at them.

Gerard sat on the free spot he'd saved on the bed, waiting for Frank to look up and notice his handiwork. His waiting paid off when Frank hit a wall of the Legos and they tumbled to the floor.

"...THE FUCK...?" Frank started hyperventilating looking around and seeing his worst nightmare covering his home. "GERARD!?" he asked with a worried tone in his voice.

"Happy birthday, baby!" Gerard said as he wrapped his arms around Frank's waist.

"NO! Fuck you! You know how much I hate this!" he said holding up the pieces of plastic in his hand. Gerard would be worried that his boyfriend was mad, but Frank had said it in such a cute way that Gerard slammed his lips on Frank's, and Frank dropped the plastic.

"Well, okaaay," he mumbled against Gerard's lips. He broke away after that. "I guess flattened Legos are okay after all..."

a/n: this is weird. frank is such a child XD

Xo caitmo.
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