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A Frank Iero Rant!

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Tehe Frerard! Frankie has a little rant about Valentines day...and love in general

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Hey again! Here's another one of my little random ideas XD i'm getting a whole fuck load of them lately... ah well... not much mention of names in there but they are in there! anywayz R&R MY LUVLIEZ!

You know valentines day makes me wanna hurl? It’s like… everyone but you can find someone who is willing to give them crap just to say I love you…
I hope they know that the fewer you say the more a word means…
I mean like I know I’m rambling on like a fuck-nut but yeah! I’m just saying! I mean I like this guy okay? And no it’s NOT Bert…
It’s this guy I’ve been seeing a lot lately… he makes me smile… although we act like we hate each other…
I see the way he smiles at me, then winks and walks away. I like the way he talks to me like we’re best friends one moment, and then when his brother or one of our friends come up he tries to act hard or something…
He’s just so cute when he tries, coz he fails miserably. My friends think I’m this independent bitch that doesn’t need a man to fall back on.
Well guess what guys? I need this guy to fall back on! And I don’t care if that makes me weak! Okay? And yeah this is like… I know I’m ranting and shit but I don’t care! I need to vent my feelings! So fuck you whoever is reading this!… oh me… anyways…
I was minding my own business and then it’s like…
He shows up! And he’ll just talk to me and shit.
Okay here’s a story I can say and I’m proud okay!
I was sat in the field crying my heart out coz like… well I was just literally being verbally and kinda physically being abused by these bitches when he came along…
He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close, whispering that it was gonna be okay… and you know what I believed him.
We rose from our spaces and he grabbed my hand, holding it gently. We walked back to my house where no one was home, and knowing me I forgot my key.
He just smiled as sat with me until my mom came home, and when he said goodbye he blushed before walking off.
Okay so maybe I act like this crazy teenager that squeals every time they get winked at! But who cares!
So anyways how do I say this?… oh I know!
I… Frank Iero… have the BIGGEST crush on Gerard Way… and I’m too much of a shy whore to do something about it… that and I’m kinda short and if his bro found out I was screwing his brother he’d step on me and CRUSH ME!
Wait! Idea! Maybe valentines day wont be such a drag this year!
I’ll send him a card!
You know just a simple one saying happy valentines day love ???
Like I said, the less you say the more it’ll mean…
Anyways I cant believe I’m writing all this… and I cant believe this is in a diary but fuck it no one will find it! I mean who goes in my underwear draws besides me?… unless I have a stalker… SHIT! I must burn this… ah I cant be fucked I’ll burn it later… anyways…
Frankie Iero xxx
P.S Make it last time I put kisses on ANYTHING… besides the card Tehe… wait… I need a card first… TO THE SHOP!

And there we are... R&R... You'll make me happy! -Grins-
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