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Never Think

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Insipred by Rob Pat's song Never Think.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Inuyasha,Kagome - Published: 2009-07-28 - Updated: 2009-07-28 - 529 words - Complete

What makes you stay? Have i not done the unthinkable? Have I not hurt you enough that you wish to stay with a monster? A demon, if I am only half. You deserve so much more. YOu could get so much more and yet you choice to stay. Why? Why me? I dont desevre the love you give. No, dont call me love. No, dont call me baby. No, please dont say it. Dont say you love. I am a monster.

Can you not see? Does it not bother you that I am with you because you remind me of her. Of the one woman who has ever grasped my heart? You're eyes, the color of sweet pecans ready to be eaten. Your hair is the riches onxy just like hers. I see you and I see her. I touch you and I feel her.I hear your voice and she is in my mind. No, stay away from. No, save your soul. No, dont reach out to me. I am a monster.

I have taken from you what should have belonged to another. You have given me your heart but you dont have that place in mine. When I look at you I see how I have defiled you. I have tanted you. Everything I do makes you want me more. You are drawn to me. Addicted to me like landuram. Am I that sweet of a sleep to you? Do you not see what I am. Who I am? Why do you continue to tanut me with words? Why do you caress my face, stare into the eyes of a man that dosent even see you? No, dont touch me that why. No, dont look at me that way. No, dont say you wnat me more. I am a monster.

The smell of you lingers on me. You will be lost if you continue to stay with me. Go to the world that deserves you. go live the life that becons you. Hate me if you must. Despise if it will get you to leave. Call me what I am. There is nothing good in me. I want only for my needs. For you to satisfy this reoocuring lust within me. This is wrong. You are wrong. we are wrong. No, damnit, stop saying youre in love. No, stop holding me. No, you can live without me. Without you have it all.

Dont you hear me? I never think of you like that. I never think of your eyes but I think of hers. I never think your legs around me but I think of hers. I never think of your caress. I never think of your heart. I never think of whats best for you. I never think of whats in your heart. I never think of how you feel. I never think of you that way.

Please, dont say you love me still. Please, dont cry, Please dont hold me like this. Please, leave. Please, save your soul. Before you're lost. And before nothing can be done to save you. Because for once, I am thinking of you. Because, without me, you have it all.
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