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Random little meeting FOB fic. ^_^

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Yus. ^_^

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Don't ask. XD

"CHRISTIE!" Sianon, my sister called from downstairs. I was trying to sleep. I yawned and ignored her, turning over. "CHRISTIE WAKE UP SOMEONE'S HERE FOR YOUUU!" I laughed, no-one ever comes over for me. I put the blanket over my head, I hear someone coming up the stairs. I thought it must of been Sianon. She sat on my bed and shook me lightly.

"Fuck off." I mutter, then push who-i-thought-was-Sianon. But the body is much more, stronger and harder than Sianon's.

"Excuse me?!" The person says, laughing. I know that voice, but I can't pin-point who's it is.

"I said fuck off. I'm trying to sleep!" I yawn again, pulling the blanket tighter over my head.

"Fine. You're never gonna meet Patrick now. Seen as I gotta fuck off." Patrick? Wait. The voice. I try to stay calm.

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Pete?" I say, going bright red, and staying under the covers.

"Yup." I almost scream. But then I blurt out,

"Whyareyouinmyhouse?" I say really fast, surprisingly he understands.

"Your little sis let me in, my car broke down outside." He laughs. "Get up. Get dressed. And get downstairs." He says, getting up of the bed.

"Geeeeze you're worse than my mother!" I complain, then he shuts the door. I pull the blanket off my bed, completely shocked as to why Pete Wentz is in my house, I mean seriously, he's in Fall out Boy!

I get dressed in the first things I grab. Light grey skinnies, my Nightmare Before Christmas tee and my Fall out Boy hoody. I think about changing the hoody. Pete Wentz is here for crying out loud! But then I see there are no more hoodies in my wardrobe. Defeated I go downstairs and almost scream, again, when I see Pete and Joe sitting on my sofa.

"Hey." Pete says, he's leaning back, totally chilled out. And Joe waves. I smile and nod. Sianon isn't in the room, which is not a good sign. She must of done something wrong. My parents are both at work. "So Christie.." Pete begins.

"Yeah?" I say, worried.

"Sianon was telling me.." Oh fuck. "so you like 'Trick?" I nod, blushing like mad. "Cool." He laughs. "And I saw that wall dedicated to him. It's awesome." I go even redder, but smile weakly. Joe smiles evilly, then leans over and whispers something to Pete. Pete nods, texts, then smiles just as evilly.

"Oh no." I laugh. Then Pete gets up, and almost carries me onto the sofa between him and Joe.

"Let's take pictures!" Joe smiles, and then they start taking pics of us three together.

"Bit random?" I laugh. just then the door knocks. "COME IN IT'S OPEN!" I yell, not wanting to get up. Being in Joe and Pete's arms is very comfortable. Then the door opens,

"Hey." Patrick says as he walks in, everything starts to wobble. Then all goes black.

When I open my eyes I'm being carried. I see right up Patrick's nose. I decide to not look at him for too long in case I faint again, then I realize he's carrying me. Starting to feel dizzy again I cough, he looks down,

"Oh! Your awake. Thank God." He smiles and puts me to my feet. I almost fall again, but grab onto something to help me stand. I also realize I am now hugging Patrick.

"Sorry, I almost f-fainted again." I smile nervously.

"I'll help you walk," He offers, putting an arm around me and beginning to walk again, almost falling once more he looks worried, hugging me completely so I don't fall. "Joe!" He calls. Then Joe comes and puts an arm around me too, I have Patrick holding my right side and Joe my left. I should faint more often. This is amazing. I notice where we are.

"What the fuck?" I laugh, "Why are we at a DIY shop?" I ask.

"My idea." Joe grins, "We wanted you to wake up in the oddest place possible. And this was the first place we found." I laugh, bit odd, but it'll help me remember this day I suppose.

"I guess we can leave now she's okay?" Patrick says to Joe, giving him a weird look. Joe nods, they walk me to the car. When I look at the car a big grin spreads on my face. It's a metallic blue Honda Civic, Hybrid.

"Wow!" I laugh. Patrick laughs, as he puts me in the passenger seat, Joe gets in the back. I go to do my seat belt, but then 'Trick does it for me. I'm not complaining. He gets into the driver seat and turns to me.

"If you're gonna faint again let us know?" He laughs, pointing a finger at me and looking over his glasses. I nod. He drives us back to my house. And then him and Joe help me to the steps, the steps are too narrow for Joe and Patrick to both help me up,

"Ahh shit." I laugh, "I can walk fine now?" I offer, although I still feel extremely faint. Patrick inspects my face and pics up on the lie.

"I'll carry you again." He decides. I laugh nervously. He turns around and i jump on his back, a piggy back ride from Patrick.. my life is now complete... When we get to the door Joe opens it and then Patrick carries me and lightly drops me on the sofa next to Pete. Who is still here. Watching my tv.

"Where's Sianon gone?" I ask Pete as Patrick sits next to me, then budges over for Joe to sit.

"Over her friends or something." Pete shrugs, there are adverts on.

"Where's Andy?" I ask them, noticing he's not here.

"He was in someone else's car so he's probably still in the car somewhere, but Joe came with Pete in his car and I drive my Honda." Patrick shrugs, I am pretty tightly packed between 'Trick and Pete. Again, not complaining. The adverts end and I see Pete has Kerrang! on. Then Fall out Boy start playing.

"IT'S YOU!" I grin. Patrick taps my head. "YAY!" I smile. "Sing this song?" I ask Patrick, and he shrugs, "Please." I put my best puppy eyes on. Then he sings along to Dance,Dance. I smile and sing along, and soon all four of us are singing. Once the song finishes I sigh, then My Chemical Romance come on. "I LOVE THESE!" I grin. Clapping, the others laugh at me. Then Pete takes his phone out, and rings someone, I try to see the screen.

"Hey.... yeah... thanks, you?,.... i know.. i have a fan here..." I almost faint again, but Patricks arm around me keeps me awake. "thanks man!" He hands me the phone.

"Hey! What's your name sugar?" It's Gerard.

"OH MY GOD!" I laugh.. "No no no! That's not my name!" Gerard laughs, "My name's Christie. Hey Gerard. Yes i know your laugh and voice. I'm such a stalker!" Gerard laughs, and so do Patrick Joe and Pete. I blush. But too happy to care that I sound like an idiot.

"Nah. Not a stalker." Gerard says, "Just a dedicated fan!" I smile,

"That's what I used to say! But then I realized honesty is a good thing." Gerard laughs, "Oh, I was meaning to ask. When's the new album out?" I ask.

"Soon as we can," He laughs, "I have got to go. I'm meant to be recording right now, and the others are glaring at me." I laugh too, he says something to the others then they yell..

"HEY CHRISTIE!" I smile.

"Thanks guys!" I shout back. "Bye then Gee." I laugh.

"Bye Christie, been nice talking!" I pass the phone to Pete, who hangs up.

"Anyone else you want to ring?" He asks. After talking to as many random celebrities as I can, and pranking Britney Spears p.a. I am happy with my phone calls.

"Ahh today has been amazing." I yawn, leaning back, we've spent the whole day sitting on the sofa messing about. "Be back now.." I say, getting up, then almost falling. My legs are still fucked up. I land back on the sofa, half on 'Tricks lap. I blush.

"I'll carry you." He gets up and I jump on his back again. "Where we going?" He asks me.

"My room. Ohhh! Guys come up to!" I laugh. We go into my room and Patrick laughs as he inspects my Patrick wall. I blush more. He drops me lightly on my bed and I sit up,

"Interesting." He smiles. I nod. He notices my guitar,

"Play something?" I ask. He shrugs, "OH MY GOD! THERE'S A BASS THERE TOO!" I clap my hands, my brother's bass is sitting there also. "And my other guitar!"

"Let's all play some acoustic?" Pete offers I nod widely.They all grab an instrument each and I move over on my bed so they can all sit down, me and Pete are sitting cross legged one at each side and Joe and Patrick are sitting on the edge. They play through songs until Pete's phone rings.

"Hey man... really?... that sucks.. at a fans house.. no not being held hostage... I'm sure... okay.... okay... bye." He hangs up. "We have to go now. My car's been towed to be fixed and we are due at an interview." He sighs, the others put the instruments back.

"What's the time?" I ask.

"Wow. Dude it's midnight," Joe says,

"I'm going to sleep then." I laugh, tucking myself in. I say bye to the others but Patrick stays.

"Today was fun." He smiles, "Want a lullaby?" I nod.

"Yes please." He pulls the blanket over me and smiles, then sits on the bed with a guitar. He sings the lullaby song and I close my eyes. I fall asleep as he finishes. Then I hear him walk away.

When I wake up there's a note.
Hey Christie, we enjoyed today, here's Patrick's number. Don't give it out, please. Thanks. As him if you want any of the rest of ours. Thanks, Fob, x I smile and text the number.

Thanks for yesterday guys. i cant believe it really happened! I promise not to give out this number, if you promise to text me if it changes. ly x

And so that's how I became friends with Fall out Boy. big grins.
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