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Chapter 26

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Miss You

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It’s only been like half a day and I’m already bored. Everything is just so much duller without everybody here. As it was right now I was sitting in my bedroom doodling in a notebook and listening to some song on the radio. “Can I come in?” I heard Nick’s voice outside my door. “Of course.” I smiled to myself as he walked in the doorway. “How do you think everything’s going with them?” I asked when he sat down beside me. “I don’t know, but I hope it’s going well. Joe’s been pestering me all day because he’s ‘worried’ about Aubrey’s leg; in-other-words he misses her terribly.” Nick rolled his dark eyes. “I’m sure that she feels the same way.” I giggled. “Probably.” he concluded.
“You have the cutest laugh.” he said and then blushed. “I really didn’t mean to say that just now.” he tilted his head downward. “I really don’t mind.” I touched my hand to his. His eyes looked up and caught mine. My eyes fluttered when his lips crashed onto mine. I felt my whole body relax into him when his hand slid behind my neck. You could definitely tell he played guitar from the roughness of his fingers, but to be completely honest I loved his hands and how they felt against my skin. There was nothing about Nick that I didn’t like, everything from his personality to his looks was perfect.
The thoughts in my head immediately stopped when I heard someone coughing and Nick pulled away. My eyes darted over to the door, and of course it was Joe. “Aw! My innocent little brother is getting a little less innocent!” Joe teased. Nick muttered something under his breath. “What do you need Joe?” I asked slightly aggravated. “I’m lonely and bored.” he puffed out his bottom lip. “Then go play with Frankie!” Nick sounded more irritated than I was. “Geez! I was just asking to see if you wanted to hang out, but obviously not!” Joe held up his hands as if he was surrendering, and then walked out of the doorway. “Sorry about that Chelce.” Nick looked back at me. “It’s ok.” I smiled at him. “I know, but we never get any time alone together.” he sighed. “It’s ok. Let’s just take it how it is you know?” I offered my sympathy. “Ok.” he looked up at me and half smiled.


I looked over at the door when Brooke came out. My heart throbbed when I seen that she had been crying. There was just about nothing that made me feel worse than having to watch Brooke hurt. “It’s ok.” her voice was softer; she must’ve seen the concerned look on my face. “What’d she say?” Aubrey asked walking over to us. “Lots of things, but I think that it’ll be ok.” she smiled faintly, but that was good enough for me. Brooke pressed her lips softly on mine for just a split second as if to say that she was finally sure that it really was going to be ok. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aubrey smirking. “What?” I asked her curiously. “Nothing…just nothing.” she shook her head and walked back inside. “Oh dear, I have a feeling I know what she’s going to talk to me about later.” Brooke rolled her eyes and followed her best friend back inside.


We had decided to go over to my mom’s house tomorrow and tell her about the ordeal, but for tonight we were just going to hang out here at Brooke’s house. Joanne cooked dinner late, so after we ate Erin and Rae had to go to bed. I noticed a small smile on Brooke’s face when her mom hugged her goodnight. There was something in the air that was just different. Of course before Joanne went to sleep she told us that Brooke and Kevin wouldn’t be sleeping in the same bed as her daughter. My throat locked as I tried to hold in a giggle; I mean honestly wasn’t it a little too late for that?
Around eleven we decided to go to bed too. Brooke found an extra pillow to put on her bed so that I could just sleep with her on her bed and Kevin could have the couch. My eyes rolled when I heard Kevin and Brooke kissing goodnight in the living room. I made smartelic kissing noises when she came back into her room. “Oh shut up!” she frowned at me.
It had been a while since Brooke and I had shared a bed together; it wasn’t like we had never done that, but it had definitely been a while. After a few moments of silence (and I heard the soft snores of Kevin) I whispered, “What would you do if a ninja jumped through the window and started attacking us?” I felt Brooke giggle softly. “Are we seriously going to play this game?” she rolled over so that she was facing me. “Just like we used to.” I smirked. “Alright, well if that happened I would probably go all crazy white girl on him.” she answered. “Psh! I would just use my mind powers and take him down.” I rolled my eyes. “Of course you would.” Brooke shook her head. We played the “What Would You Do” game for a while and then went to sleep.
I guess I had forgotten that my phone was in my hand when I had went to sleep, because I felt it vibrate. A groan escaped my mouth and then I got up out of bed. Kevin was fast asleep so I just sat in the recliner beside him. My thumb popped my phone open to see that it was text from Joe. I couldn’t help but smile and decide to text him back even though I was tired.

Joe: Hey! I miss you :)
Me: I miss you too
Joe: So how did it go?
Me: Well…it went better than we thought it would
Joe: Really?
Me: Yea, but my day would’ve been better if you were here :)
Joe: Same here. Nick and Chelcie are nothing compared to you
Me: Oh that’s nice, dissing your friends and family
Joe: Psh! I know that you thought it was sweet :P
Me: Not as sweet as your kisses though ;)
Joe: Yea…then again nothings that sweet
Me: You’re so conceited sometimes
Joe: Uh! How could you say that!
Me: Here have a phone kiss, it will make it all better :)
Joe: It helped, but it’s not as good as the real thing…

I paused. He really seemed like he missed me and it had only been one day! I sighed…Joe actually missed me.

Me: I know Joey
Joe: Don’t call me that!
Me: Why? Does it bug you…JOEY?
Joe: Ok Audrey
Me: You know that I hate when people do that…
Joe: I know Audrey
Me: Then don’t do it!
Joe: Only if you quit calling me Joey
Me: Well…ok… :(
Joe: Be happy!
Me: I can’t now…you ruined my fun :(
Joe: …oh come on!
Me: Only if I can call you Joey one more time
Joe: sighs Well alright…
Me: I love you Joey! :)
Joe: Lol I love you too
Me: I’m really tired so I think I’m going to go to sleep
Joe: Ok…well I love you soooooooo much!
Me: Well I love you more!
Joe: No you don’t
Me: Yes I do! Don’t text me back! I’m going to bed!
Joe: Ok
Me: I said don’t text me back
Joe: Ok

I sighed and closed my phone; I wasn’t going to keep on texting him over something I knew that I wouldn’t win. It was hard to hold back a laugh when Kevin started mumbling in his sleep. Too bad I didn’t have a video tape…
Brooked groaned when I crawled back into bed. It was difficult to roll Brooke over so that I had enough room. “Kevin, not now I’m sleeping.” she mumbled out. I had to giggle. “Sorry.” I said in a low voice trying to sound like Kevin. “It’s ok baby.” she smiled, but her eyes were still closed. I had to work really hard not to just bust out into laughter, but I managed to calm myself down enough to at least attempt to sleep.
My head started to hurt because no matter how I laid or what I thought of I couldn’t sleep! Things were dark in her room, but at least I could see her clock. Four in the morning. All my money goes towards Kevin being unusually energized in the morning; considering that he didn’t usually get this much sleep. As for me, I needed more than just a few hours of sleep.
Hoping not to wake Kevin up, I went into the living room and turned on the television. I turned down the volume as much as I could and still being able to hear it. Kevin continued sleeping…that was until a stupid commercial came on where the man advertising had to be extremely loud…why can’t the man on the TV be quieter?
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