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Feeling abandoned and left out by his family John runs away from home. But is he as unloved as he thinks?

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Chapter Two: Someone

*Be brave, little one*

The rain continued to fall around the playground that was empty, the swings rocked in the stormy winds, which howled all through the climbing areas and whipped around the large adventure castle area.

Inside one of the towers huddled a young blonde teenage boy, he was buried amongst one of his favourite jumpers seeking warmth from it. He was cold, wet and feeling misrable with an occasional cough shaking his small body.

*Make a wish for each sad little tear*

Jeff paced back and forth in front of the large dining table, sat at the table was the rest of the family. Scott and Virgil was sat next together, Alan and Gordon was sat at the other end while next to Virgil was a empty chair. At either end of the rectangular table was a chair, these chairs belonged to Jeff and the one belonging to Lucille was occupied by Lucille herself.

Lucille watched Jeff pace, he was upset and angry, angry at himself. Everyone was silent, all watching each other to see who would speak first.

A few silent moments past until, "I'm going to go and look for him" Scott said as he pushed away from the table and rose off his chair before heading to the main door.

Virgil heard the front door slam before the sound of the motorbike revved up and faded, "We should go too..." He said and heard the rain lash at the windows in the kitchen.

Lucille heard the rain too, "We are" She said and stood up away from the table. Seeing that Jeff had disappeared without hearing the plan, she sighed and instructed her remaining sons. "I need you all to change into your waterproof coats and thick layers" She said looking at Gordon and Virgil knowing that Alan will be staying with her.

"Scott has probably gone off to search the normal places where he thinks John would have gone to so that leaves us with the school, library and the small 24 hour cafes that is around" Lucille said knowing that Scott would have gone to search the best hills for stargazing.

*Hold your head up, though no one is near*

The rain was slowing down and the dark clouds breaking up to reveal the nightsky above them, though the air was still cold and crisp from the storm's onslaught. It left all of the surfaces soaked and sparkling in either the moonlight or the artificial light that covered the streets through the town.

The puddles formed in all shallow grooves hidden in the ground the trees bare of all leaves held no water aside on their branches adding a more spooky effect as the wind howled through them. The swings creaked in the eerie wind, which travelled through the climbing areas, squeezing through the logs adding to the draft.

The young blonde boy cought more violently and looking up, his tear streaken face was red and hot with a temperature. Looking out of the entrance to the hut he could see the moonlight fighting through the clouds as they continued to break apart, spent of their rain.

Coughing slightly, his throat hoarse he rose up shakily onto his feet and leaned against the side of the small hut. Looking around, John shivered before starting to climb out of the hut in slow movements being careful when his head started spinning.

*Someone's waiting for you*

The motorbike reved up and moved in and out of the light traffic, some motorists beeped against being taken over so dangerously.

The driver turned his head back to look at the passing cars for a few seconds before turning and focusing back on his driving.

Having already stopped at one or two closeby cafes and saw that the library had closed over three hours ago. He tried to figure out where to search next, Where are you bro? He thought to himself as he turned right and towards the distant hill on the outskirts of the town.

*Don't cry, little one*

Lucille ran back into the car where Jeff, Gordon and Alan waited, they were checking all ways John could have left the town. They had checked the taxi firm and now the bus depo, sighing she got back in the car.

"No luck?" Jeff asked as Lucille the door and did her seatbelt back up. "None... where has Virgil gone?" She asked seeing that only Gordon and Alan were in the car.

"He went try some areas he thinks he could have gone..." Jeff muttered as he started the engine back up and checked the road to see if it was clear before pulling out.

"Has Scott got in touch?" Lucille asked hoping that her eldest son had some luck in finding John.

"Scott called a few minutes ago saying that he had tried the library and the normal cafes that John normally went, no luck" Gordon chirpt in as he had spoken to Scott himself.

"Did he say where he was going next?" Jeff asked as he was on thought when Scott called.

"He is going to search the hills where the best areas of stargazing is" Gordon said remembering the call a btit better though his brother did sound rushed.

"We still have the train station" Lucille said and Jeff turned the car in the direction of the train station.

*There'll be a smile where a frown used to be*

Stiffling the cough, John sat down on the bus stop beach to rest from his walk from the park to where he was now near the town center.

Hearing the traffic behind him going past on the road that weaved all around the town. Groaning in the soreness of his body and aware of the lightness in his head, he got back up on his feet and headed towards the busy street to try and find a way out of the town.

*You'll be part of the love that you see*

Scott pulled over and switched his engine off before removing his helmet. The rain had started again, and like before it had appeared out of nowhere, sighing he climbed off his dark blue bike and moved up the hill to see if John was there. /John please be here /He thought as he half ran up the hill to find nothing but the muddy puddles that had formed.

"John? Where are you bro?" Scott yelled and listened out for any kind of reponse.

Listening and hoping for some response, Scott waited silently before calling again. "Johnny!" He called sounding more desperate.

Silence continued, his vision clouded over with unshed tears before looking around to see where his bother could have moved to from this hillside.

*Someone's waiting for you*

Virgil entered the wooden play area and looked around the sogen equipment. Carefully he climbed up into the large castle like structure hoping that his brother was inside.

Peeking inside the first tower, it was empty, being careful because it was soaked from the storms. Virgil climbed around to the other tower with hope that John would be here.

Each time Virgil felt low or left out from their busy family, John would see it and take him to this same park just to play and act like the children or to talk about whatever was troubling his brother. Smiling slightly Virgil knew that was John all over, more worried about what troubled his brothers rather than himself.

"John?" Virgil called as he entered the tower's doorway to fnd a damp rucksack. Climbing into the tower he checked the rucksack and saw it contained damp clothes, reaching into his pocket he called his mom's cell phone.

*Always keep a little prayer in your pocket*

John's cough had gotten worse as he walked through the town, looking up to where he heard a car go by to see a happy family of four talking as the father drove the car.

Sniffing, he rubbed his blocked nose and carried on walking through the town.

*And you're sure to see the light*

"Ok Virgil, calm down honey, we will be there soon" Lucille said trying to calm her third son down.

"We'll come and get you, just stay put!" She said and hanged up. Whistling loudly, she got the attention of Jeff and Gordon who were looking around on platforms two and three while Alan and herself searched platform one.

Jeff and Gordon ran over down the stairs to the underground passage that led back to the first platform. Breathless they joined Lucille and Alan.

"Virgil just called, he found John's rucksack at the adventure play area near the apple groove" Lucille said, holding Alan's hand.

"We better get over there, call Scott and let him know" Jeff said and led the way out of the train station.

*Soon there'll be joy and happiness*

Scott got back on his bike and followed the now muddy track that led throught the small forest at the bottom of the hill and kept an eye out for his brother.

Feeling his phone vibrate in his jacket chest pocket, he stopped the bike and took his helmet off before digging out his ringing cell phone. "Scott here" He answered.

"Virgil has found John's rucksack at the adventure play area, we're heading there now... have you had any luck?" Lucille's voice asked.

"None... did you say the adventure play area?" Scott asked as he sat on his bike, the helmet resting in his free hand.

"Yes, why? We thought you were searching the hills" Lucille said, voices were heard in the background.

"The track that I'm on comes out at that park... I'm going to try somewhere else" Scott said, hanged up and put his phone away before turning his bike around to the nearest road.

*And your little world will be bright*

John sat down in the town center's park, he found a dry bench in the bandstand to rest on.

He felt awful, his head felt stuffed full of cotton wool, any lights that came in contact with him just made his hurt even more. His throat was sore, this had been made worse because of his cough. His nose was blocked up and a sneeze occasionally wracked his small body.

It wasn't the illness from being cut out in the rain that made him feel miserable, it was that he knew that his family didn't love him or noticed that if he was even missing.

*Have faith, little one*

Virgil had grabbed all of the clothes he found in the tower and stuffed them into the rucksack before climbing out of the tower and waited for his parents and brothers to show up.

He was surprised to hear a motorbike come from the small forest, it leapt out and headed towards the main road leading into town. Good luck Scott Virgil thought as he watched the bike vanish into the town.

A few minutes later Virgil was dazed by a pair of headlights from a vehicle appear from the opposite direction that the bike disappeared to.

Lucille opened the door after releasing her seat belt and jumped out of the car and looked around for her third son. "Virgil honey?" She called.

"I'm here mom, think saw Scott a few minutes ago but the bike was going too fast for me to see" Virgil waved as he walked over to the car and joined his mother.

"He was checking the hills near here, come on, we better keep searching" Lucille sighed and climbed back into the car. Virgil nodded and got into the large car himself.

The car was big enough for all five brothers and Lucille, it resembled a people carrier, only slightly smaller as the last seat had been folded away to increase the boot size.

*Till your hopes and your wishes come true*

Scott had changed his mind and decided to follow the track through the forest, and into the park. He looked more closely when he was a figure holding a rucksack but sighed whenhe saw that it was Virgil.

Increasing his speed, he joined the main road and tried to figure out where to search next as he continued to weave in and out of the decreasing traffic.

*You must try to be brave, little one*

If anyone looked inside the weather beaten bandstand, they would see a young blonde boy curled up with his legs pulled close against his chest.

After a few short minutes that he had climbed into the stand, John had pressed his back against the side, pulled himself into a tight ball before falling asleep, though he continued to shiver with his skin hot to the touch through the damp clothing.

John was so deep asleep that he didn't hear the screeching of wheels as the brakes were slammed on and changed direction rapidly.

The vehicle in question was a blue motorbike, who's driver came up with a sudden idea to check the bandstands that were now abandoned during the winter months.

Stopping the bike and jumping off it, the driver looked around the dark stand before tearing off his helemt and rushed over to the shivering blonde boy.

"John? Can you hear me?" Scott asked as he tried to wake his younger brother up.

*Someone's waiting to love you*
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