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Breaking the Rules for a Friend

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PSIV Entering the sacred temple where the Elsydeon was kept isn't something that can be done every day...

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Breaking the Rules for a Friend

It was dark and cold, but he didn't appear to notice, he was too focused on his goal to think of anything else. He wasn't sure why he was doing this if by his own decision, or by the influence of Chaz. No, that couldn't be it. He wouldn't use the boy as an excuse. Rune knew all too well he was doing this because he wanted to.

Chaz still missed Alys, everyone did. He often had nightmares about trying to save her, but an immense darkness consumed her before he could. Chaz had thought he put his memories at peace when he retrieved the sword, but the nightmares had come back. He wanted to go back to that place in the inner temple in the Esper Mansion of planet Dezolis, but he wasn't supposed to be there.

Eventually, Rika was able to dig a tunnel to Seed and repair him. Chaz had wondered where she was running off in the night. She tried to tell him, but she wasn't satisfied with his reaction to console her instead of telling her the problem had a solution, so she solved it herself. Since then, she hasn't been herself and neither Chaz nor anyone could understand why. When Chaz called Dezolis about his nightmares, Rika's unusual behavior slipped and somehow Rune thought there might be a connection.

No, right now it felt like a coincidence. Seed most likely had a scientific explanation for Rika's change in behavior. She was, after all, made to fight, heal and accomplish a certain mission. With this mission gone, it's natural that she would want to return to her previous task of learning and studying. Maybe Chaz was exaggerating a little. Maybe Rika was simply getting used to life in Motavia. She came in and out of Birth Valley regularly, it wasn't as if she stayed there all the time like she used to. She was also more independent now. "Just because she doesn't follow you around, doesn't mean she doesn't like you," Rune had assured him when Chaz expressed his concern.

Then there were the nightmares. Someone like Alys could never be forgotten. Even if Chaz knew she wanted him to continue with his life, wasn't strange to miss her. So if Rune didn't think there was anything really wrong, then why was he here? For the same reason Chaz had asked if he could come, he just wanted to see her again, to make sure she was alright.

Rune reached the place where the statue was and waited. It didn't take long for Alys or a ghost version of her to appear. "You're going to get in trouble if you keep sneaking in here."

"I'll deal with it," Rune smiled, "besides, it would be worth it, and this time I have an excuse." He then told her of Chaz and Rika's situation, to which Alys laughed.

"They're fine Rune. Rika's been visiting Seed, but she hasn't really distanced out from Chaz, she just made some new friends and is trying to help the people understand more about their past and present," Alys knew somehow what was happening, she just knew.

"What of Chaz's nightmares about you?" Rune wondered if she would be able to explain that also.

Alys was not surprised in the least by the question. "There were none." She couldn't help it but to smile at Rune's confused look. "They think you're too serious to allow them to come visit this place unless there's a legitimate reason for them to be here. Rika wishes to come and Chaz wants to come again, but they dare not ask."

"So they're just making it up," Rune muttered rolling his eyes. "This is not a place that one can enter just like that."

"Of course, only the great Rune is allowed that privilege," Alys commented sarcastically.

Rune was there even if he didn't have a real reason to be there. "So you're saying I should allow them to come?"

"They did save Algo and besides, they will end up in the place I am in now eventually, with the Great Light," Alys calmly replied.

"Then I will tell them," Rune left, off to contact Chaz and, Rika. He might as well tell the others also.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Rune, I knew it! I knew you've been sneaking in here!" To Rune's surprise, Kyra was waiting outside. "Hey, I want to talk to Alys too. I didn't even have the chance to meet her, but I've heard so much."

"Fine, but you need to help me sneak everyone in here," Rune offered.

"Deal!" Kyra cheered.


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