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Sitting in a Tree

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Inuyasha and Kagome sitting in a tree... It's the classic with a twist. InuyashaxKagome

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Sitting in a Tree

"Inuyasha!" Kagome had been searching for him for quite some time. Maybe she made him sit a little too hard last time and he was still upset about it. Well, it wasn't her fault. She had apologized and told him time and again that she didn't see that little cactus there, she honestly didn't see it. She only thought he needed to sit down, but she wouldn't have said that three letter word if she had known about the cactus.

"Inuyasha!" She called once more and again she did not receive a response. Kagome examined her surroundings for any trace of him, yet he was no where to be found. Where did he go? She sighed and continued her search. She was truly sorry about the cactus incident and didn't want him to stay angry at her. If only she could find him.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome called his name a third time and just like before there was no answer. She was starting to think that it was best to stop calling him and keep quiet. Then maybe if he was running away, he wouldn't know where she was by the sound of her voice. It's not like she had left him to deal with the offending cactus alone. She quickly helped him to his feet as he screamed out insults directed at the squished little cactus. She then removed the thorns gently and hugged him, whispering a sincere apology. He appeared to calm down then. But if he wasn't angry at her, then where was he?

Unknown to Kagome, Inuyasha was up in a tree branch sleeping. His peaceful slumber was interrupted by a familiar voice near by calling his name. "Inuyasha!" He looked down from the tree and spotted Kagome below, but before he could say anything she did. At the end of her patience she said to no one but herself, since she didn't know of his presence there. "If I don't find him soon, when I do find him I'll scream sit!"

As soon as the last word left her mouth, Inuyasha fell from the tree, being pulled with a tremendous gravity. He fell on top of her, pushing her to the ground in an accidental kiss. Their traveling companions and friends who had split up to search for Inuyasha had casually seen Kagome from afar and walked in her direction to inform her of their fruitless search. They stopped as Inuyasha fell from the tree and stared at the scene as a familiar song came to their minds. "Inuyasha and Kagome sitting in a tree..."


This is my first Inuyasha fanfic but I have many more in other sections. Disclaimer, I do not own Inuyasha.
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