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Don't mess with the dog

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Mikey's P.O.V

Yes! I finally did it! I caught some thing all by myself! I can't wait to tell Gerard! He has been kind of stressed lately that he has to catch my food for me some times, but that's all over. I looked around the parking lot for any signs that some one had seen me. The park was completely empty. Good. I picked the girl up and put her over my left shoulder, searched inside of her pocket for a key to the car, found it, got inside, and drove off. OK, now where do I go from here...Aha! I found the way! Yay! OK, Mikey, stop acting gay. Now how to do this without waking her up...I know. Alright let's see. In order to get her inside without the neighbors seeing and coming to investigate, I'd have to move extra fast up the stairs and into the apartment, gag her, put her in a dark room, and pray nobody heard the thumping. Right, I think I can handle that. So I did exactly that. As soon as I had her in the closet, I heard the front door open. Great, Gerard's home. I can't wait to tell him now! I walked calmly into the living room and leaned against the wall while he was talking off his shoes and hanging his coat up.

"Hey Gerard. Guess what?"

"Mikey, what now? Are you going to tell me you're really hungry and that you want me to go hunt for you?"

I put a shocked yet hurt expression on my face."How could you say some thing like that? And for your information, no. I already hunted."

"You what?"

"Hunted. And caught."

"You mean you went outside? After I told you not to? How could you? You know what people are like!"

"Gee, Gee, chill. There was absolutely no one at the park."

"Alright. Well, where is it?"

"Not it, she."

"OK then, where is she?"

"Hidden," I said proudly.

"Well, go get her!"

"Ha ha, alright, alright, hold your horses."

I slowly walked down the hall to the closet where I had hidden her. What if he got angry because of how beautiful she was? Well then I would say too damn bad, I got her I keep her. Yeah, I think that would work. I reached in to grab her and felt a sharp pain in my hand. I took my hand out to examine it and found it to be cut. Stupid bitch bit me!

"Hey Gerard! I think we got ourselves another biter!"

"Ha ha, leave it up to you Mikey to get one. Do you need help?"

"No!" I'd show this girl who was stronger. This time when I reached in I made sure to be quicker. She didn't even know what was coming. In a matter of seconds I had her out of the closet and pressed up against me, facing her forward and walking to the living room again. As soon as I got there I let her drop to the ground. She hit the floor with a small, quiet thump. Man, this girl barely weighed anything! I hope she tastes better than she sounds.

"Gerard, what do you think? Pretty huh?"

Gerard looked at her and suddenly he froze. Oh great, what did I do now?!

"Mikey, I can't believe you."

"What?" I asked innocently.

"She's too young, you know that."

"Well, yeah, but she was the easiest thing there."

"Fine, whatever. What's your name sweet heart?" Gerard asked her while pulling her chin up. He looked her in the eyes with his cunningly beautiful, irresistible eyes that melted all the girls hearts. She seemed to fall into a trance. That was easy.

"My name is....My name is....." suddenly she snapped."None of your business."
Alright, trance over. Now comes the tricky part.

"Now sweets, you don't want to do that. Tell me your name."

"No. I don't like you and therefore you're not getting it." Gerard snarled deep down some where in his throat. I watched her eyes go wide, then back to calm.

"I know what you are, Gerard. Both of you."

"Oh really now. And what might that be?" I half expected her to say rapists or murderers. But no. She had to say it.

"Evil...dogs." That set Gerard off. I quickly dragged her out of the way as he went to pound his fist into her skull.

"Gerard. GERARD!" He stopped and looked at me. "She's only half right. I mean, we aren't exactly..dogs," I spit out. Damn right we weren't! We were better than dogs. We had no master, no owner, and almost no friends.

"You're right, Mikey. I'm sorry I lost my temper. And you," he said, pointing at our guest. Uh oh, here it comes."If you ever, EVER, call us evil dogs again, I'll rip your throat out so fast and hard you won't even be able to scream. Take her back to the closet Mikey," and he left me there with her. Hmph. Closet it is then!

Serena's P.O.V

"Alright now, I have to put his in your mouth," he said, motioning to the cloth in his hand.

"Mikey, you don't have to do this. Let me go."

"Ha! Let you go, yeah right. And why would I do that?"

"Because you don't like it here. Gerard's always bossing you around, you can't even hunt on your own with out him breathing down your neck...not to mention the fact that my parents probably know where I am."

"And I should care, why?"

"Because they know what you are." Come on, think of something else!"And you can bet that they'll bring the police." Yeah, real threat. He could probably tear the entire police academy apart without making a sound!

"Big deal. I can tear them to shreds. And so can Gerard. Why do you want to go anyway?"

"Because. I have to take care of the children. They have no one else other wise." I knew this was kind of stretching the truth, considering some of my favorite children went home everyday. But it worked. His eyes softened, and he sat back from me a little farther.


"Yes." I saw, once again, the reaction I was looking for. He dropped the cloth and his eyes softened the rest of the way. They turned a very pretty hazel brown. "Alright, but you have to be quiet. Gerard's down in his room, and he can hear footsteps. I'll have to carry you." I nodded. Yes! I was going home!

Mikey carried me out the front door, handed me my car keys, and let me leave. "Mikey, what if he finds out you did this? Won't he kill you?"

"No. If he does, then he goes with me." Of course, I knew how that went. Kill your own brother and follow him straight after. "Alright. Well, maybe I'll see you around?"

He shook his head. "I don't think that's possible. He follows me every where. Be safe. And don't go back to that park again. OK?" I nodded, and drove off, making sure my engine didn't go too loud as to give me away. After I reached the high way, I sped up. A lot faster than before. I got home in less than 20 minutes, and found a familiar car in the drive way. Parents. Ugh, here it comes..What should I say when they ask where I was? I had a plan. I just hope they believed me. I walked in the front door and none of the lights were on. Three, two, one..

"SURPRISE!!" shouted my parents and a few of my best friends. I acted very surprised, partly because I knew how special this was to them, and partly because I saw a very familiar face. One that I hadn't seen in over...what, 15, 16 years? I ran and gave every one hugs, saving that very special person for last.

"Frank! I can't believe you came!" I jumped on him and gave him a tight hug that he, I'm sure, gladly returned.

"Of course I would! I wouldn't miss your little celebration for the world." I gave my parents a look that said I'll-be-outside-catching-up and walked onto my back patio.

"So Frank, how is everything?" I asked casually, knowing that my parents and friends were watching.

"Eh, its all good. I missed you though. Once best friends, always best friends, right?"

"Right. No matter how long we're apart. To be truthful, I haven't seen any of my friends in over 6 years."

"Aw, why? Being all shadowy, are we?"

"No, that's not why. I've been busy. Working at the Orphanage, you know, that little place that makes my heart melt."

"Ah. And where, might I ask, were you for so long? We've been waiting here for over three hours."

"Oh I went to the park to eat."

"Homeless guy?" I nodded." Well what else? I know it doesn't take that long for you to eat. You're not telling me something. And I want to know."

I sighed."Oh alright. I got captured. It was very fun. And yet I've never been so scared in my life."

"Do tell, do tell." I could tell he was still acting casual because of my parents, so I quickly ran inside, threatened them into making them scat, and walked back out after shutting the blinds and putting an enchantment on them.

"OK, well I just finished eating and was heading back to my car. I kept getting that little warning that tells you some one's following you, and I was right. As soon as I got to my car, some one hit me on the head and,I'm assuming because my car was there, dug through my pockets for the keys. When I woke up, I was in a very dark space. A closet if you will. I saw the door open and a hand was coming for me so I bit it. I was dragged quickly into a living room and dropped in front of a man with very cunning eyes. He tried to get me to tell him my name. I almost did, but I snapped back just in time to tell him it was none of his business. His brother saved me from getting my skull smashed in, I'm sad to admit. Then I was thrown back into the closet, but I managed to trick the younger brother to let me go. That's why I was so late."

"Wow. And you're sure they're not the ones that tricked you?"

"I'm sure. So, did you have anything you wanted to add?"

"Only that I think it's time to go back in. You're parents have a special announcement." I nodded and we went back in.

Mikey's P.O.V

I watched her leave and then quickly walked back into the apartment. "Gerard!" I called out. He appeared right in front of me, very quickly, with a look of evil spelled across his face.

"Did you do it?"

"Yes. She's on her way home now. Let's go."


Hey guys, I forgot to mention something: I only have one other chapter on this fic, and my weakness for not posting it is not enough rating. Well, I mean I'd at least like to have a 3 or a 4 on a good chapter.
No, I don't only write for the reviews(though they ARE nice and deeply appreciated) I write to see if my writing is any good. No rates usually mean either people forget or, like most of my old stuff, I suck, and shouldn't continue whatever I'm writing.
That's just how I see it.. And I'm not trying to be all itch bitchy about it :)
Anyway, hope you enjoyed :)
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