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Would anything matter, if you're already dead?

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Sad oneshot Frerardish.

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Inspired by the song, Early Sunsets Over Monroeville..

Gerard's POV
Frank's getting more and more distant each day. And he won't talk to me, I'm supposed to be his best friend. This is getting silly. He needs to tell me what's wrong.
"Frank?" I say lightly, he's sleeping over my house, but has once again spaced out.
"Hmm?" He replies, barely moving his lips.
"Tell me what's wrong Frank. Please. I'm your best friend and you know that." I say softly.
"Nothing." He shrugs. He's become a zombie I swear. He won't even smile anymore. His personality is blank, gone. Everyone has noticed, but we all still accept him as Frank, and count his face among the living.
We go to sleep eventually, but I can't help but think some thing's wrong. I wish I could go talk to Mikey, but he's not here tonight, and wasn't last night. He's sleeping over Bob's, according to a note he left. I wake up in the morning and Frank's still asleep. His face looks blank, even now. I hear sobbing downstairs. I get up and put a hoody on, then go downstairs. My mum's sitting on the sofa, sobbing. I walk over to her and put an arm around her.
"What's wrong mum?" I ask, she sobs, and points to the news. I look to see Mikey's name plastered on the screen.
Michael James Way, found dead. My heart stops. This can't be real. I try waking up, but then realize I already am.
"The police came in and told me this morning." My mum whispers lightly. I shut my eyes tight and try to fight the tears. I hug into my mother and we cry together, then I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I turn, hoping to see Mikey. Then I realize he wouldn't be there. I see instead, the blank Frankie. I sigh. He walks over to us and sits next to me. Looking at the screen. I swear I saw a smile on his face. But he sees me looking. And then he started crying too.
We cry for a while, then my mum suggests me and Frank go over his house so she can wake and tell my dad. We leave, all the way there I cry and Frank is still blank. I can't believe this happened.
Later I went home, and sat alone in my room. Crying more. Trying to get to grips. My parents have left to go tell the rest of the family. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. I walk down and open the door, seeing only a note, there's no-one there so I pick it up.
i am not sorry for what i have done
show this to the police and the rest of your family are gone
i did it for fun
its so fun, seeing the look of horror on the faces of the victim
so so pleasing
i wanted to let you know why i did this
you knew me.

I stand there. Shocked. Suddenly I feel rage across my body. I want to kill this person myself. I think about who I might of known who would do this to Mikey, clueless I go and watch the news. The man is talking about how the murders are all linked. I run upstairs and open my laptop, reading about the cases and calculating. It's so simple. The police are idiots these days. I piece everything together. I see a pattern. And I see who's next. I grab my jacket and my gun, and run out into the night, heading for the street where he lives. My math teacher.

Mikey's POV
The smirk on his face, the glint in his eye. I try calling for help, but the gag stops me. He brings a knife from the table he has set up, holding it against the light.
"My only friend." He breaths. I try to scream as he walks towards me. The smirk becoming a grin. "I love that face." Then he brings the knife to my eye, holding it so close. I let out my last silent scream. And that's when the pain starts.

Gerard's POV
Arriving at the house I stand outside, catching my breath. I walk to the door and listen, I hear struggling, and then a stifled scream. I'm too late. I sigh, then open the door silently. I see a figure standing over the person, both motionless. The standing figure has their hood up, and hands at their sides. He turns silently, I bring the gun up, stepping forwards, aiming for the head. Then I see the eyes. Big brown and beautiful. For once with a shine. Then blank, again.
"F-Frankie?" I say quietly.
"Always so smart, and so you found me." He smirks,
"Why?" I ask, holding the gun up still.
"I'm not your Frank." He shakes his head, but drops the knife.
"Yes you are! Stop this! Please!" I plead.
"He's dead." He mutters. I shake my head, tears in my eyes. "He loved you." He whispers, still glaring into my eyes. I put my finger to the trigger, but not shooting. Those words ringing in my ears.
He loved you.
"But this is wrong. You kill mindlessly." I say, still a little angered.
"I know. And I love it. This isn't your Frank. I told you. He's dead." He yells the last two words. My hands shake. How can I kill him, he's Frank, I love him. But if he's already dead. I pull the trigger, before it hits him, I swear I see his eyes sparkle. Then he falls to the ground. I start to run, I can't stay there. I run to my house.
I climb onto my bed. Gun still in hand. But does anyone notice? There's a corpse in this bed?
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