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He Loves Me, He Loves You Not. Oneshot. Frerard.

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Doesn't matter what you do, he's never gonna be with you.

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Written for fun of course (: I do not own the song. It belongs to Dream. Sorry for any mistakes, FW is being a douche to me right now :/

Give it all you got girl, give it all you got.
You can take your chance, and take your best shot.
Say what you want girl, do what you do.
He's never gonna, gonna make it with you.

I watch him from the wall I’m leaning on as every girl practically throw themselves on him. Eww. But I'm not jealous or anything. It's nothing new. He's a hot piece of ass, and who am I stop people from looking at him? You never could. Of course he ignores it, the fact he's not really into girls make it even more funny, as the girls try so hard to get at least a glance in their direction. I stifle a laugh as they become rather flustered. Girls are so desperate sometimes, and yet they make fun of us guys. Go figure. But I'm not worried about it. They'll never make it.

Pulling petals off a flower
Trying to get your way.
Keep pulling till it says what you want it to say.
Girl you can pick a field of daisies,
But he'd still be my baby.

I can only imagine what they think about him. A quickie or the chance of a real relationship? I giggle as I picture them with a dumb flower in their hands, picking off the precious petals while trying to figure out if he wants to be with you. So cliché to do, but hey, whatever does it for ya. Not that a flower can predict anything, but you never know. Everywhere we go I always see girls checking him out, of course not bothering to care that I'm around. He's damn good looking, I would wonder too. Sure he plays on both sides, but it's my side that really counts. Did I mention we were a couple? Not that I'm the bragging type, but what the hell. We are, and let me tell you its been the best two years of my life.

I know you can hardly wait till I'm away from him.
Instinctively I know what you're thinking.
You'll be giving him an open invitation.
But my baby won't be taking in, no.

Here's the best part. There she comes. The girl in particular who basically does anything to get his attention. Another giggle, it never fails.
Her brown flows down her back, as her mini skirt barely reaches her thighs. Her open shirt reveals more than necessary chest, and the irritating click of her pumps echo of the floors. I put a hand to my mouth as her face is plastered with makeup and shit. If we were having Barbie contest, this whore would take the cake. I see her eyes scan the room, for me. She knows damn well that he's taken. Now even though her attempts are rather tempting, in the end he'll never take. I'll always have the upper hand, and it feels so damn good to rub it in that plastic face of hers.

I'm not jealous remember? Already her slutty swagger makes her way up to my man.

You can pout your cherry lips
Or try tempt him with a sweet kiss
You can flut your pretty eyes
He ain't got his hands tied.

Her plumped lips are coated in juicy gloss. To the point where it feels like your kissing spit, rather than lips. Trust me, I've had my fair share of those. She gets dangerously close, and Gerard takes his eyes of Ray, to see little miss priss-priss bouncing on her heels.

"Hey Gee." She whispers. Gee. She acts like she's known him for years, and has so some sort of right to call him by that. I study Gerard's reaction to her act, and he seems less than impressed. Not that anyone could blame him.


"How've you been?" She smiles.


"That's good." She whispers once more, and leans in closer. Pretty soon her lips are on his ear, and say whatever she tries to say. Gerard pulls back and gave a slight head shake.

"Oh come on Gerard. You know I want you." She fluts her caked mascara eyes at him and he......still says no. I could see her face twitch with anger. Try after try after try of getting him in her bed was just not possible.

"Sorry sweetheart." I whisper out loud, ain't no chains holding him down.

No chains to unlock.
So free to do what he wants.
He's into what he's got.
He loves me, he loves you not.
No matter what you do.
He's never going be with you.
He's into what he's got.
He loves me, He loves you not.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved Gerard very much. He can do what he damn well pleases. Its not like I'm holding a gun to his head, he's free to do whatever he wants. But remember sweet Gisele, it's ME he goes home to every night. It's my face he sees when he wakes up, and it's me he gives all his love to. Don't forget to put that in your bubble gum brain.

You're the kind of girl who always up for do or dare
Only want him because he's there.
Always looking for a new ride.
The grass is greener on the other side.
You're the kind of girl who's not use to hearing no.
All your lovers try to take you where you wanna go.
Doesn't matter how hard you try.
Never gonna get with my guy.

I could stand here all night and watch her make moves the guy who refuses, every. single. time. If only I had a video camera, maybe I could borrow Bob's real quick, he's not doing anything anyways except letting whoever the girl is, grind on his leg. I could see it now.

New video from yours truly. Whore tries hard to steal my man. Watch her fail. 1,000,000 views. 5 star rating and a butt load of comments.
Oh yeah.

I don't know how she does it. It must be her flavor of the week, once she's had a taste, she's off for something better. It's quite ridiculous really, personally I think someone should just hand her the gun and be done with it, but I'm not sure Barbie would know how the pull the trigger and accidentally shoot someone else instead. Pointless.

So I stood there. How long? I have no clue. But I was waiting for the perfect moment, and there it was. Her lips went in for his and I ever so smoothly dove in, intersecting her lips with my body.

"Hey baby." I smiled. I turned around and pretended to gasp.

"Oh hey Gisele, didn't see you there." I winked at her and she scowled. I wrapped my arm around Gerard's neck and looked at her with complete innocence.

"So Gee, you almost ready to go? It's getting late." I whispered seductively and he bit his lip. He nodded, and I smiled. It always works.

"Yeah..we should." He stammered. I breathed on his neck for emphasis, I could see him twinge.

"Well it's been nice seeing you Gisele." I waved to her and she pouted as we made our way on out. I giggled as Gerard walked ahead of me.
It was too good.

"Hey Gee? Do you mind waiting for me real quick? I just remembered Mikey has my cellphone. He borrowed it to call Alicia, and forgot to give it back. Bastard." I smiled.

"Yeah sure. But don't take too long sugar." He winked at me.

"Oh I won't." I licked my lips, making him breathe deeply. As soon as I stopped at the doorframe to the loud obnoxious people, I gave a laugh and popped my hoodie collar. It's showtime. Something I've been wanting to do since forever.

I walked back to Gisele who was now ogling some other jerk off. I tapped her on the shoulder and she looked at me with a smirk. I came closer to ear.

"Nice try." I whispered. I pulled out a folded note and handed her it. I winked at her before walking back out and taking the hand of my lover.
I grinned on the drive home of how her face would be when she read it. In pink marker.

~He's into what he's got. He loves ME, he loves you NOT~
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