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The Grim Goodbye

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Shuffling my feet as I walked into my kitchen, I looked at the clock as it read 10:10AM. The news was playing on the T.V. sitting on the counter.

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I own nothing but the plot. This was true, well up until the plane crashed. Up until then, every bit of it was true. Mikey - me, Ray - my friend and Frank - my other friend. Haha, so yeah, it's also set in Belfast. I had to write this for English a couple of months back so it isn't the best and it's pretty short, even for a one shot in my opinion.

F oxox.

Mikey's P.O.V
It was the second day of January and Frank, Ray and I were out on the street trying to waste up
the little time we had before my best friend Ray had to catch his plane to England with his mother, I was devasted. England is a whole country away! How were we supposed to keep in contact? Here we were now, laughing, smiling - happy. Was it to much to ask for? For my best friend to stay in the same country as me?
Ray's phone rang and as I stood there, I realised that it was time he had to go. I just knew. A lump rose in my throat, he really had to leave. Leave me. Ray hung up his phone and shoved it back inside his pocket. He opened his mouth and closed it again.
"I've got to go" he told us, though he looked directly into my eyes. "We'll walk you to your house" I tried to smile. The walk to Ray's house was silent, us only coming out with little comments.
When we finally reached Ray's house we all shared tight hugs and a few 'I'll miss you!'s. Ray got into a taxi and left, it felt like my stomach was in knots. I sat on my stairs with my other close friend, Frank. I started to cry, big plump tears running down my face.
"Don't cry you'll make me cry" Frank whispered to me. When Frank left later on that night I had a sick feeling. That sort of feeling when you know something is wrong.
Shuffling my feet as I walked into my kitchen, I looked at the clock as it read 10:10AM. The news was playing on the T.V. sitting on the counter.
"This is Matt Sanders at the scene of the plane crash. I was told the plane crashed at two o'clock this morning, the plane came from the George Best Airport in Belfast and was supposed to land in Sheffield. Currently there are no survivors so far." The reporter finished and it moved onto some other piece of news.
The words rang in my head, 'no survivors so far'. In a state of panic I broke down in sobs. Was Ray dead? No, I shook the thought out of my head. I felt sick again.
I grabbed my house phone and found Ray's father's number. It rang and rang until he finally picked up. I was silently hoping it wasn't Ray's and his mother's plane that crashed. But sure enough Ray's father crackling voice told me differently. My best friend was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. My brain couldn't take it all in, so again I broke down in tears, my knees could no longer support me.
You never know when your last day is going to be. A voice in my head told me. I can't believe I just lost my best friend.
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