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Let Me Introduce Myself

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Regan goes to the party and encounters Ryan and the guys... oh the drama to come..

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Chapter Three: Let Me Introduce Myself…

I had to admit, I was excited for the party. I had spent a good couple of hours getting ready and I thought I looked damn good. I had straightened my black hair and put some black eyeliner on to make my ice blue eyes ‘pop’ as my mom used to say. I threw on a pair of denim shorts and a dark purple v neck tee shirt with simple black flip flops. I grabbed some random bangles and my favorite lightning bolt earrings when I heard a knock at my door, “Cinderella!” a voice called from the other side.

“Aww I was hoping for Prince Charming on the other side,” I joked as Jon leaned against the doorframe.

“Sorry to disappoint” he muttered and offered me his arm, “But your chariot awaits.”

About twenty minutes later we arrived at Ryan’s house where the party was well underway. It wasn’t as crazy as what I had expected from my own past experiences but it was definitely a little crazy. Immediately upon entering I was ditched by Jon who found some of his track friends and was busy chatting up a storm with them. I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed a beer and cursed myself for not having my faithful beer opening keychain. “Need help?” a voice said behind me, causing me to jump a little.

Trying to be as smooth as possible I turned on my heels and grinned, tossing my hair to the side, “If you wouldn’t mind,” I said handing Ryan my bottle. Like any good professional partier he popped the cap off in his belt buckle and handed it back to me, “Thanks,” I muttered and sipped at my drink.

“Well I try to take good care of my guests,” He said with a grin.

A moment later a red headed bimbo walked over and draped her arms around Ryan. “Ryan!” she yelled, “I need to talk to you!” she continued on, dragging Ryan outside and leaving me alone once more.

Throughout the night I made small talk with all who came to interrogate me as the new girl. I answered with short neutral answers and continued to drink. Closer to the end of the night I found myself sitting on the couch chatting with Brendon about how I was enjoying school. He was obviously hitting on me but I couldn’t feel anything much. It may have been the alcohol numbing it or it wasn’t there but as Brendon slipped his arm around my shoulder as we sat on the couch there was no magnetism. I smiled politely and said, “I think we’re going to be good friends,” trying to get my point across. His smiled faltered only for a moment as I stood up to look around for Jon to get a ride home.

I wandered up the stairs and found no sign of Jon. I sighed and decided to search the rooms and began at the end of the hallway. First I found the bathroom, and two people (one of whom I recognized as Tracy from my calculus class) intertwined on the sink. Next I found what I assumed to be Ryan’s parents’ room which was too occupied, and not by Jon. I found a linen closet, another bathroom (both of which were occupied as well) and finally came across an empty room – Ryan’s room. Slightly curious I let myself in and saw he had a massive book collection.

I ran my fingers along his books and found he had most of my favorite classics – Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Les Miserables, and even Grimms Fairy Tales. “Enjoying yourself?” I heard a voice say and close the door. Turning I stammered a bit but responded with a shrug. “I like to read,” Ryan said with a nonchalance in his voice that made me envy how smooth he was.

“Me too,” I said with a grin, pulling my hand back from the bookcase and shoving it into my pocket. Ryan said nothing but just stared at me as if I had stolen something of his and was pretending I didn’t have it. “I’m j-j-just,” I stuttered out, “looking for Jon. Have you seen him?”

Ryan hunch over a little as if disappointed, “He left with some girl,” he said.

I made a mental note to bitch at Jon later for being such a douche and leaving me behind and made my way to the door. “I’ll jut be heading home then,” I said quickly, embarrassed for having searched his house for someone who wasn’t even there. As I reached for the doorknob Ryan’s arm came across the door, blocking me from exiting. Confused by not picking up on any hints or queues earlier that night I took my hand back and cocked my head to the side, “Or not?” I asked slyly.

Ryan said nothing but gave me a wicked grin that answered my question. I guess he felt the chemistry between us too. Though I was still angry at Jon I figured I could put off yelling at him for a bit to play with Ryan. I don’t know why, but I didn’t have Ryan pegged as the ‘assertive’ or ‘aggressive’ type. He seemed quiet but boy, was I wrong. I would learn not to judge a person until –after- the first twenty four hours ever again.

Ryan had backed me up onto the bed and climbed on top of me. There was no care or romance in the situation. It was pure and unadulterated from my heart. Purely physical. As he kissed me I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rise and the electricity growing between us. I enjoyed how perfectly our bodies fit together, like puzzle pieces from the same box. I noticed how his hair smelled a bit like vanilla and how his kisses left me with a taste of peppermint. Our lips parted only for seconds as we shed our clothes and tossed them onto the floor. There was no talking, no ‘are you sure?’’s or ‘you’re beautiful’’s or anything like that. We spent the next hour entangled in the sheets.

I was gasping for breath as I clung the sheet to my chest. I looked over, expecting to see Ryan lying down with some smart ass grin on his face but when I looked back I saw the bed empty. I turned to find Ryan already putting his pants back on. With a quick grin he picked all of my clothes from the floor and walked over to me, laying them all in my lap. “Here,” Ryan said and kissed me hard on the mouth, “Get dressed. There still is a party going on,” and he left. I found myself slightly pissed. I was always the one to leave first, I was the one to say get out – this was definitely new to me. I dressed slowly and fixed my hair so it looked like nothing had happened. I waited a good twenty minutes to leave the room after Ryan to knock away all suspicions when I found Brendon at the door.

“Yes?” I asked Brendon who looked confused.

“Hey Regan,” he said with a wide grin, “I was looking for you! Why were you in Ryan’s room?”

“Uhm,” I stuttered, “I was looking for Jon.”

“Oh,” Brendon said buying my story, “Well he just called me, he asked me to take you home. He got…..busy..”

“Yeah,” I said laughing, “I’m sure he ‘got busy’…” Brendon said nothing more and escorted me out to his car and drove me home.

When we arrived at my house Brendon stopped me before I opened the car door, “Regan,” he said slowly, “I was wondering if maybe…. You wanna go out sometime… like a date?”

He was nervous. I could tell and it was…adorable. My mind drifted back to the hour I had spent with Ryan and as much fun as that was I doubted Ryan wanted anything more. “Sure,” I said with a smile, “just let me know when.” I gave Brendon a kiss on the cheek and waved by tossing in a ‘see you tomorrow’ grin. “Fuck. My. Life,” I muttered as I entered the house. After changing and showering I fell into bed and dreamt of all the drama that could –and probably would - happen.
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