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wierd news

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when steven isnt acting normal, Izzy wants to find out why. also, GNR visits a place you never thought they would go.

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Weird news

Steven had been oddly quiet for the past few days and no one understood why. They would ask him whats up but all he would do is shrug his shoulders. When he was playing the drums they could tell his mind was else-were. Slash even took him out to the cinema to try to cheer him up but all he did was stare into space. Today was one of those really slow days where nothing much happened and everyone was just sitting about watching TV and Steven was just staring out the window.
Izzy: Steven, if I put Simpsons on will you watch TV?
Steven just shook his head and carried on staring out the window
Duff: listen, there’s just no point talking to him. He’s just being stuck up like Axl.
That was the last thing said for the rest of the afternoon and soon it was bedtime. Because Steven and Izzy shared a room, Izzy thought now was the best time to ask him what was really up.
Izzy: Steven, tell me. What wrong? You’re really not yourself lately.
Steven: I don’t want to tell anyone.
Izzy: you don’t have to tell them, just tell me. You know I’m the most, well, normal one out of all of us.
Steven: don’t laugh.
Izzy: I wont.
Steven: I’m pregnant.
As soon as Izzy heard that he wanted to burst out laughing but then saw the look on Steven’s face. Izzy really tried to keep a straight face but found it almost impossible.
Steven: you said you wouldn’t laugh! Also, I’m gonna change my name to Stephanie.
Izzy: what makes you think your…(burst out laughing) PREGANAT?!
Steven: my stomach’s got bigger.
Izzy: maybe it has something to do with you eating that giant cake in the fridge!
Steven: YEAH! Your right! I’m a man again!
Izzy: I can believe you thought you where pregnant!
Steven got on Izzy’s bed and jumped around.

Slash: hear that?
Duff: yeah. Steven’s a man again.
Slash: what did Izzy do to make Steven his usual self again?
Duff: I don’t know, but I don’t really want to think.
Slash: I’m gonna go ask him.

Slash knocked at the door and a VERY happy Steven answered.
Steven: welcome to the men’s room!
Slash: um, that room is down the hall. This is a bedroom.
Steven: what do you want?
Izzy: just let him in.
Slash: Izzy, Duff wants to know, what did you to Steven to make him so happy?
Izzy: he thought he was pregnant and I said that it was just the giant cake he ate in the fridge.
Slash: (laughing) he thought he was pregnant!


Duff: find out what happened?
Slash: yeah. Steven thought he was pregnant and Izzy said that it was just fat.
Slash: yeah!

Steven: (singing) Man! I feel like a MAN!
Izzy: (head buried in the pillow) it’s man I feel like a WOMEN.
Steven: you’re a woman? Wow. I would have never guessed.
Izzy: if you don’t shut up I’m leaving the band! I’ve already picked out the perfect name.
Steven: (eyes filling up) Izzy…DON’T LEAVE!
Izzy: fine. JUST SHUT UP!
Izzy turned out the light and shut his eyes. About 10 minuets later…
Steven: (singing) don’t stop thinking about tomorrow! Don’t stop it’ll soon be here! It’ll be here, better than before! Yesterdays gone! Yesterdays gone!
Izzy: I told you to shut up! What are you singing about anyway?
Steven: I just remembered it’s my birthday tomorrow! We can do what ever I want!
Izzy: please don’t make it Disney land like it was last time!

The next day

Steven: take my picture with Donald Duck!
Slash: since when do rock stars go to Disney land?
Duff: why does that Mini Mouse keep on waving at me?
Izzy: hey, where’s Axl?

Guard: tell us! Why did you do it?
Axl: I hate Winnie The Pooh! He used to scare my when I was little!
Guard: but why did you do it? If you don’t answer you’ll be kicked out.
Axl: fine. Kick me out. But I’ll be happy knowing I beat up Winnie The Pooh!
DR. sorry. He’s gone.
Axl: there was a guy in there? I thought it was the real bear!
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