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Kissing in the Rain

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Hey... I'm kinda in a depressed mood and thought I'd write something and this came out...
No actual names in it but it reminds me of Frerard so... idk
R&R and tell me what you think

I danced in the rain,
I let my soul take over my body,
I felt each cool droplet cascade onto my skin,
I felt the smile that was plastered onto my face as I continued to spin around,
Not caring if anyone was watching,
Not caring if YOU were watching,
Coz you cant see me crying in the rain,
I carried on dancing,
Jumping into the puddles and spinning round the lamp-post,
It makes no difference whether I was alone or not,
All my focus is on the rain,
The way it calms me,
Let’s me not think,
I skip through the streets, grinning as car zoom past me, staring as I continue to laugh and smile as I get soaked,
I finally reach my destination,
Your home,
Dare I go in?
I’m just passing by,
Just wanted to say hello,
I blew it a kiss before I carried on skipping through the rain,
I knew you saw me,
I saw your pale, delicate face in the window,
A confused look on your face as I walked the opposite direction to my house,
Don’t worry for me,
I’m just enjoying the rain,
The sound of it softly hitting the pavement below my feet,
I spot a field,
And decide why not?
I jump over the fence, before running through it,
My jeans getting covered in splats of mud and water, I hear footsteps behind me,
I turn to see you running after me, calling my name,
I call back,
Telling you to catch up,
As I keep on running, the rain hitting my face,
I run into the woods, thinking this is some sort of game,
I spot you running after me, before you tackle me to the ground,
Kissing me hard,
I smile,
Knowing I won the game,
I won your heart,
The prize I wanted all along,
You whisper my name as you look at me, your dazzling green eyes staring into mine,
I don’t say a word,
I just smile at you,
Before I kiss you again,
Savouring you unique taste,
You look down at my clothes,
A t-shirt and some jeans,
You chuckle and stand up,
Helping me up,
We walk back,
Hand in hand,
Sure I said I didn’t care if you were watching me or not,
But I did care if you were with me or not,
The rain cascaded down on us as I turned to you, before I kissed your lips lightly,
Just like they say in the movies,
Kisses are better in the rain…

Tell me what you think =)
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