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The Zoo

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In a world were supernatural beings are placed in zoos, Godiva thought her life was pretty simple...until she starts meeting a old vampire from one of the exhibits.

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Since the beginning of time, the thought of supernatural beings walking among the public was unheard of before. Instead they were part of their fantasies with T.V shows, movies, and stories. It wasn’t until the year 2016 when a local hiker in Ontario, Canada found the first real-life werewolf. Several interviews and articles later more supernatural spottings were discovered throughout the world, causing uproar of worry and questions. Why now? Are they a threat? Soon there were killings on these creatures, almost causing them all to be extinct. Finally the United Nations declared for supernatural beings to be kept in a preserved area where they would be safe from others as well as the public to not be frightened of them. In other words, they put every single supernatural being into a zoo.
Not just any zoo where animals were kept, instead they were just for supers where people can go and learn about them. The plan was to keep them there until people were much more comfortable with the fact that they do exist, eventually allowing them back into society. However, the chance of that to ever happen was a slow process. Some people were still afraid based on what they saw or read all those years ago, even refused to think they should even be let loose. The captures of the supers was not an easy task, many were killed on both sides by this project. Today there are several supernatural zoos in each state and country around the world. So far after the captures there has been no trouble, no one was killed or any supers escaping. The zoos were even rumored to replace animal zoos out of the fear of every animal in the world to become extent. It seemed everything seemed to be back to normal…or so they thought.
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