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Chapter 3: Unintentional Behavior

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Joseph starts to get more interested in the strange innocent girl he met, but he wonders what secrets she hides.

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Chapter 3:
Krystal's POV.

When we left i was so reliefed, we got in the car and we headed to my house, Brittany smiled at me. "They were so cute!" Brittany giggled and i smiled at her, i looked out the car window as she drove. "Yea, they were...something." I said and Brittany sighed and she looked at me. "Nice save, i can't believe that Joseph saw your bruises, and he asked about it too." Brittany thought aloud and i felt my arms were it was sore. As we drove down the road we passed Dereks house and he wasn't home, his car was gone. "Wonder were he went this late." Brittany said and i sighed as we passed his house. We got to my house and, i realized that it was quite foggy out once i got out of the car. "Hey were are your parents?" Brittany asked me and i walked in the house, it was dark in the house. The kitchen light was still on, there was a note on the counter. "I wont be back till morning, go held up at the hospital, your mother is out of town visiting your aunt, she got sick and she has to take car of her for a day or so, dinner is in the oven, hope you had a great time at the concert Love dad." I read the note aloud and Brittany opened the oven and smiled. "Its meatloaf suprise." Brittany said setting it on the counter. "Nice, great i guess im the garbage girl tonight." I said looking at the garbage can that was so full it was almost overflowing. I tied to up and took the garbage out, i walked down to the garbage can of the side of my house. I lived in the wonderful city lights of Boston. Well not really since we lived in the not so nice part of Boston, we had a small house that looked like a huge monster squished a house together and it was very tiny looking from the outside. The whole block was the same style houses. I walked down the steps and on the side of the house, i didn't like taking out the trash at night, mostly because the sides of my house was dark allyways. The dampness of the cold concert seemed to go through my shoes as i walked back to the house. Before i got out of the ally i saw a familar car parked across the street. "Derek." I whispered his name and i felt light rain that felt like mist coming from the moonless sky. "Hey babe, were have you been, i been waiting here for you." He said and i turned around and he was standing behind me. "Derek go home." I told him and he stepped closer to me, i backed up, the smell of smoke was all over him. "So did you enjoy your night out." He asked comeing closer to me, i backed into the side of my house and he pinned me there. "Derek let me go." I said and he laughed and he gripped my shoulders and kissed my cheek, his breath was sickning from the booze. "Your drunk!" I shouted at him and he gripped me tighter I heard Brittany scream as i seen her come down the steps. "Shutup...dont tell me to..." Before he finished i turned my head and then i saw two figure's standing in the dark allyway.

Kevin's POV.
After the meet and greet was over Joseph begged me for her thoughts, i fetl dirty as i told him what they were thinking. I was so confused why Joseph was so intrested in the girl. Even his thoughts were unsure about her. Joseph walked out of the building and he scaled the building stairs to the roofs. I followed right behind him. "Be quiet, you will wake people up." I said and he looked around. "Whatever." He said and he jumped from building to building, i followed right behind him. After a minute he froze in place. "What?" I asked and he didn't look at me, he just was dazed. "That smell." He said and he ran across the rooftops without making a sound. I chased after him and he stopped and he just stood still. "It's getting stronger." He said and i stared at him. "We should go back." I said and then i heard a scream.

Joseph's POV.
When i smelled her i ran towards the smell, i couldn't think of anything else. Kevin stopped me and the smell got stronger. "We should go back." Kevin said, then i heard a scream. I ran towards the scream and Kevin stopped next to me. I looked down the side of the building, i saw a guy that was yelling at her. He had his hands around her throat, i automatically realized that this was the guy that hurt her before. "Krystal." I said and i jumped from the building into the allyway, i ran towards them and i took her in my arms and away from him. She held onto me when i set her down. She coughed and she stuggled the breath. "Hey get away from her!" The guy shouted and i picked him up by his throat and smashed him against the wall above me. "Leave her alone." I warned and he stuggled against the wall. "Go to hell." He said and i tightened my grip on his throat. "Been there, done that." I said, i wanted so bad to kill him right then and there. "Joseph dont hurt him!" Kevin yelled and i frowned at the guy, i let him loose and he fell to the ground. "Get lost." I snarled and i kicked him and he slid ten feet down the cold allyway. He stuggled to get up and he limped to his car and he sped away. "Krystal are you okay!?" Brittany said rushing to her side, i walked over to her, i bent down next to her, the bruises on her throat looked worse. She looked like she was going to pass out, her wet hair was all over her face. She didn't answer her, i picked her up in my arms. "Were do you live?" I asked Brittany and she looked at me through the misty rain. "Um right here." She said and i followed her as she walked out of the allyway into the house. I held Krystal close in my arms as i walked in. "You can set her on the couch." Brittany said and i slowly set her down. I carfully pushed her hair out of her face. She slowly opened her eye's, she jerked and she made me jump. "Joseph?" She whispered my name and i felt a smile spread on my face. She said my name so perfectly, i never thought my name could be so satisfying. "God, are you okay." Brittany asked Krystal as she brung her ice pack. "Uh, not really...thats too cold." She said shivering as she gave Brittany back the ice and i looked at her. "Maybe i can help." I said and i gently held her arms were the bruises were bad. I felt Kevin's staring at me, he was going to kill me for this. "Your hands are cold." Krystal whispered and i smiled. "That's what im told. " I said and i watched her smile. I took both her arms in one hand, and i very slowly placed my hand around her neck. She closed her eye's for a second and i stared at her. "So who was that guy?" Kevin asked them and Brittany sighed and she stood next to Kevin. "Oh, that was her...boyfriend." She said and my eye's froze and my smile was gone. "You..your boyfriend?" I asked and i took my hand of her throat.

Brittany's POV.
When she went outside i started to heat up our dinner, then she still didn't come back, i went out looking for her. I went on the side of the house and i screamed so loud i was suprised the neighboors didn't call the cops. Before i could move i saw someone come from the ally and go in between Derek and Krystal and then she was away from Derek and she was in the arms of Joseph. I couldn't move as i saw Derek go after him. I watched them fight and when Derek was gone i rushed over to Krystal who was laying on the wet cement. When she didn't answer me Joseph picked her up and followed me into the house. He set her down on the couch and he kneeled beside her. When Kevin asked who the guy was i was in no position to lie so i told them he was Krystal's boyfriend. When i said that they guys seemed to be frozen in place.

Krystal's POV.
I felt someone pick me up from the ground, but i didn't know who it was, i could tell it was a guy. He set me down on the couch, when i finally looked at him it scared me. He was so close, his eye's were so amazing. Water was dripping from his hair and down on his perfect face. "Joseph?" I didn't believe that it was him, he smiled at me and when he put his hands around my arms i got shivers. When his hand touched my neck i shivered even more. I felt so good against my bruises, when Kevin asked about Derek and Brittany told them, Joseph's eye's seem to freeze. "You..your boyfriend?" He asked and i hated to say it was true, he took his hand off my neck. "Yea." I whispered and he stared at me in shock. "Well Joseph and i should be going." Kevin said and Joseph stood up and i sat up and i slowly stood up next to Joseph. I looked at Kevin who was heading out the door Joseph was right behind him. "Um, Joseph." I called him and he stopped in the doorway. He walked back over to me and he stared at me i saw Brittany walk out of the room. "Thanks for coming when you did." I said and his eye's just seemed dazed. "Why are you with him?" He asked and i was shocked at his question. "Why do you care?" I asked and he didn't look like he was going to answer. "Why are you with someone who hurts you?" He asked again ingnoring my question. "Again, why do you care?" I asked and he sighed and he looked quickly around then back at me. "I dont know, again why are you with him?" He asked me and i coudln't understand why he would even care. "It's complicated." I told him and he looked at me confused. " complicated could it be to want to be with him." He asked and i couldn't believe that he was aking me these personal questions. "Very complicated." I said and he sighed again. "Really, that just confuses me why some girl like you would be with a guy like that." He said and i bit my lip as he stared at me. "Derek isn't the best, but nobody is and..." He stopped me and his eye's burned as he stared at me. "There are better guys out there for you then Derek, if you just looked right in front of you." He said and he started to back away towards the door. "How do you know?" I asked and he had his hand on the door. He glided back to me in a second and he was so close to me. I felt like i couldn't keep my own thoughts, all these new one's came in. "Trust me.." He whispered and i felt his cold breath running down my neck and then he was instanly gone, and i felt like i was just staring at the sun too long and i felt dizzy. Brittany walked back in the living room. "They are already gone." Brittany said looking out the window, i sat back down on the couch and just tried to straighen my thoughts.
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