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V - All Night, Sugar Rush.

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I groaned in my sleep, and woke myself up… only to realize that I was in a bed, and my head hurt incredibly bad. Opening my eyes, I looked at the naked chest in front of me, and the tattoo of a crown in black ink. Raising an eyebrow, I remembered last night, sort of. We kissed… and although it was nice, and something I enjoyed, partially because I was intoxicated, it was a nice gesture, and I had no idea where we stood… but I’ll get to that later. As I tried to roll over, and see if I could maneuver myself off the bed, I realized I had an arm around my waist, with another arm around my shoulders, legs tangled in with mine, and someone at my back.

Looking down, I sighed in relief to note that I was still completely clothed, and not in some weird orgy as I had thought. Why it came to mind… I have no idea. As I finally sat up, I looked over around me. Raising an eyebrow, I felt so incredibly … whoretastic, and yet, special all at once. I had Travis next to me, who was snuggling into my pillow, since I sat up, his arm in my lap now… Jack was on the other side, his mouth open, and drooling… Caleb was next to him, making the term butt buddies seem incredibly hilarious, because their butts were touching and the two of them just looked, exactly the same, meaning, Caleb was also drooling. On the other side of Travis, Alex was there, spooking slightly into Travis, his arm over Travis’ waist. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh, because it was incredibly hilarious, and made my morning seem better, if I wasn’t so hungover. Ugh, thinking that made the headache come back. Plopping my head back down on the pillow, Travis’ nose made it’s way towards my ear, and I laughed a bit again, and turned my face. He had his eyes open, and a smile on his face, the lip ring shining on his lip. “Morning” he said, snuggling his face into my neck.

“Morning starshine.” I said, laughter evident in my voice. “So, last night…” I started, only to have him look up at me, and smile.

“You were fine. You seriously were about ready to drop kick some whore into the Pacific… which is like, other side of the country. And so, I was a distraction, and we just… well… I enjoyed myself. And it might not have been the best kiss ever, but… I liked it.” He said, the truth obviously showing, because his smile showed, and the blush rose on his cheeks. The moment I was going to say something though, the door on the room we were in was busted open, and Caleb jumped so high, and fell off the bed, shouting profanities.

“HARPER YOUR DAD’S ON THE PHONE…. AND HE’S PIIIIIIIISSSSEDDDDDD.” Caro shouted, her voice killing my head, and Caleb still glared at her. Travis sighed, and plopped his head back on the pillow, and realized Alex was behind him.

It was too late though, because Caro had already gotten a picture of the two spooning. “FUCK TRAVIS! I THOUGHT YOU WERE HARPER OR SOMETHING! WHAT THE HELL!?” he screamed, jumping off the bed, and freaking out, his face absolutely disgusted, and freaking out… Jack on the other hand… kept sleeping… his mouth breathing freaking me out now.

As Caro handed me the phone, I tried to sound innocent, and lovable… which would be seen right through.

“Hi Daddy.” I said, a smile trying to show itself through my words.

“Don’t you ‘Hi Daddy’ me Harper. What the hell is this crap on you on the internet? Little Red Riding Hood costumes, and fighting at a club? Come on. What happened? I need to know because this is going to get seriously out of hand.” He said through the phone. He was usually pretty lenient on a lot of things, but right now, he seemed well, concerned, and like a typical parent would be in some cases. “And since when are you a groupie?! Please tell me you aren’t doing drugs. Harper don’t take this the wrong way, but your not following in someone’s footsteps are you? I mean… I don’t—“ I cut him off, I was pissed now.

“I’m NOT a groupie. What the hell are you on?! AND WHO gave you fucking rights to ask me if I’m turning into my mother. Are you fucking insane? Did one too many bright lights fry up your fucking brain cells? Are you kidding me? Fuck off. I’ll talk to you later. Cause right now, I’m not in the mood to be called a fucking whore.” I screamed at him. And hung up, throwing the phone against the wall.

Crossing my arms across my chest, I looked at the people in the room. Alex looked incredibly shocked, Travis was just staring at me, jaw open. Jack looked confused, and awake… and Caleb, he looked worried. Caro was watching me with serious intent of figuring something out, and knowing that this was one of the first times I’ve ever gotten into a fight with him. Letting out a sigh, I watched as people left the room, and Caro came and sat down on the bed with me. Travis sat up, placed a kiss on my cheek, and left the room, shutting the door behind him, only to have it open again, with a flow of females coming in.

“What happened?” Natalie asked, her hair up in a knot at the back of her head, wearing a purple hoodie from Gabe’s suitcase, obviously. Paige was in the room, and plopped on the bed, yawning, because I had obviously woken everyone up with my comments shouted on the phone. Mo had sat down where Travis previously was, grabbing the pillow behind her, and handing it to me.

“I apparently have something on me on the internet about something last night that happened.” I said, only to get a grin from Paige.

“Yeah, the way you and Travis connected was adorable, and sickening at the same time. Kyle and I aren’t like that at all.” She said, knowing the joke in her comment would make me smile, but it didn’t.

“You screamed at him for a reason Harper. Not everyone just gets into fights with their parents about being called a whore.” Caro said, opening her mouth to continue, but being interrupted by a knock on the door. “Yeah?” she said, watching the doorknob turn, and have my current… Fling? Open the door.

He held a laptop in his hands, and a concerned look on his face, “I found out what he was talking about, I think, anyway… but it’s the only current blog post about you, and … me, I suppose from last night.” He said, a soft blush rising to his cheeks as he placed the computer down in front of me, and scooted in next to Caro, to place his arm around my shoulder as I read it out loud.

“Fueled By Scandal

If you've been living under a rock you probably aren't too aware that all of our favorite bands (and boys) have gone on a nationwide tour, but if you are aware then you also know they're with one of our favorite buzznet models/groupies out there, the very legitimate Harper Hoppus. The pretty Harper with the help of daddy's status in the music business got herself one of the most wanted roles of any fangirl out there. She follows bands across the country, with alleged arch enemy Tiffany Hewett, also known as Tiffy Trouble. We all know how band whore Tiffy went on Harper's blog to shit talk, because that's exactly what got the scene queen publicity, but im not sure who was more shocked to see Tiffany with Harper's delicious ex, front man of Panic at the Disco, and completely gorgeous Brendon Urie, us or Harper herself. If threes a crowd, then I don't know what you would call the mob of men going into a rather infamous night club in NYC with none other than groupies, girlfriends, and a little red riding hood. No, you didn't read wrong, while in a crowd with faces like Alex Gaskarth, Travis Clark, and the always cute ginger Caleb Turman, Harper was in a rather revealing, skimpy little Red Riding Hood outfit. I highly doubt Blink 182 music god Daddy Hoppus would be too pleased to hear what his daughter spends the nights in. She spent most of the night in the VIP box, letting things get catty with ex boyfriend's current girlfriend Tiffany. We watched tensions rise between the two, and im almost fearful for Tiffy's life because we have known how Harper can resort to rather violent measures. Luckily, before much more could happen we caught another of our favorite gingers sweeping in for a rescue, the one and only Travis Clark. A couple of words were interchanged between the two, and the highlight of all our lives (or not, if you're the creeper obsessive we the kings fangirl) was probably when he swept in for a kiss. If looks could kill at that moment, well, someone should probably begin on the makings of a coffin for the plus six feet tall cutie. Maybe it was just my insider source, but several glares were exchanged, specifically from another fabulous redhead, named Caleb. I think a duke out between redheads over the blond Hoppus child would be one of the funniest things, but im putting my money on Travis, because in all honest, Caleb is too damn cute to be able to fight for shit. Maybe though, the greatest surprise all night was possibly catching The Academy Is...'s frontman William Beckett looking pretty fucking pissed, even though he was there with long time roadie-turned-girlfriend Caro. If I hadn't known better I would've said that the gorgeous singer was a bit jealous of the flirty Clark. I would say a couple of things, if I were Travis, id be watching my back, and my girl, because things are bound to get interesting. I honestly don't believe the band whore is ready to set her shit straight, but if its bound to happen with any of the gorgeous humans on this tour, it should just be Clark. We may just have to stick around for this one, because I love myself a good heartbreak and with Brendon and his band whore, Travis, the buzznet model gone groupie, and a swarm of hormonal boys in bands, that's guaranteed. Now, if you want the edge on every new little piece of gossip, everything that happens behind closed doors, you know where to find it lovelies, until next times,
-FBS.” I said, wincing as the mention of William came up. “So… whoever posts this blog apparently keeps tabs on me? Weird. And the guys too? Woah. Someone needs a life.” I said, trying to make light of the situation. Least there was no mention of underage drinking. Because that would have been incredibly illegal and bad for me, but the other thing that caught my eye, was the comment about Caleb, and a glare given to Travis… really? So I did see it right? I wasn’t going nuts?

“Well, I think Caleb could actually kick my ass. I mean, he’s from Dallas… I’m just from a small town in Florida. Lets be real here…” Travis said, from behind me, watching as the girls left with the computer, to go show the other guys… yes, leaving Travis and I alone. Obviously someone figured we needed to chat about something. “So, the whole Red Riding Hood thing was Jack and Alex’s idea. I swear.” He said, a smile on his lips, as he placed his chin on my shoulder.

I sighed, and he obviously knew what I was thinking. “Call him back Harper. Just apologize, and forgive and forget.” He told me, only in response, getting a head leaning on his chest.

“I can’t just be like ‘Oh, sorry for freaking out on you dad, you know, because you asked if I was turning into my mother who dropped me on your door step when I was three. Because she was too obsessed with living in a world of Cocaine and Heroin. Sorry I flipped out, and oh, no I’m not a whore, but people like to think I am, because I’m currently being seen with a person in a band… and I’ve dated guys in bands. Yeah, but I’m not trying to follow in my mother’s footsteps’. That would go over well.” I sighed again, and got up off the bed, spotting my phone on the floor. “I just need to cool down for a bit. I mean, I seriously have so much to think about, between Tiffany being here, and claiming she’s working with me, and Brendon being all up on her like a fucking rabbit… and then you coming into the picture, which, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind, it’s just… a lot to take in right now.” Picking up my phone, and spotting my turquoise suitcase across the room, I headed towards that. “I just, half the time I think I come on these tours to just be around something that people don’t think is real. That some people would die to do. That some people just don’t understand. And I make these awesome friends, and have them just… go off and date a whore using my name to get her famous. And then to think that what if people think I’m just using my last name to get famous? I’ve never cared about what people thought of me, but right now, there’s the line that’s telling me I’m going to go nuts one day because I don’t. And it’s human instinct to care.” I told him, as I dug out a pair of skinny jeans, a tank top, and a hoodie.

Travis had managed to stand up, and come and wrap me in a hug as I stood back up from my suitcase. I didn’t even know I was crying till he stepped back to look at me. “You’ll be fine. And honestly, I think the only people who think you’re a groupie, are the people who don’t know you. I’ve been on three tours with you, and so have some of the other guys here. And the only one’s you’ve dated… that we know of, are the ones that were on the tour too. So quit your crying, and relax. Your not a groupie. Trust me. Your not. And how I know that, because the last girl I thought I was dating was actually screwing with the other bands on the tour… remember? Kelsey? Yeah. Her. So, You are so far from groupie it’s not even funny. Your just the girl who’s doing something good for people, and is on tour to hang out with friends, and do something fun, and stand in incase someone hurts themselves by lighting bottle rockets out of their ass or something.” He said, a smile on his face as he moved his thumb across my cheek.

“I hate crying in front of people so you know.” I told him, grinning, holding my clothes in my hand. “And I’m going to go shower, because this thing is freaking me out, and I feel like I have Jack drool on my shoulder or something.” I told him, standing on tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek before walking from him, to the bathroom, and locking the door.

Again, no fun authors note, except for CARO IS AWESOME because she’s the one that did the FBS post. Yes, she’s that awesome. Anyway, maybe I’ll do some fun authors note another time… xD

I groaned in my sleep, and woke myself up
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