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i don't care what you think

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The boys in panic! take in an fall out boy friend. What happens when there is an unspoken competition between a few band members while she is oblivious to the situation in front of her.

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(2006, feb )

(12:30) "Come on brent, Sorry it's kinda late. It's just a present!" ryan pleaded.
"But it's late, you know what thats not the point. I know I joke around about going to a brothel, but i wouldn't go on my free time." brent argued back.
"It's your 19th birthday. Why not have a good time?"
"Ryan you know why… unlike you i've decided to wait."
"Oh yeah pauses for a moment Hey!!!! Don't make me out to seem like a whore brent. We just chose different choices. "And spencer still doesn't get any and not by choice." Brendon yelled from the back of there apartment. "I can say the same for you Bren. Vegas girls kinda rough on you?" spencer joked back.
"Ok guys so not helping right now! Do ether of you guys want to go for me?" brent said pointing at the two.
"Yeah thats fine by me brent. Don't ask the guy who got you the hook up and told them before hand that you were going. But i just wanted you to go so you can say you've had the experience."
"You what Ryan?" brent said while lunging at Ryan. "I got a 50 on brent." "Brendon, you don't have that kind of money." Spencer spat back. "Wanna put a bet on that one Spence?
[While the boys were rough housing their room mate walked in from work.]
(Jenna P.O.V.)
"Hey hey hey knock it off you guys!!!!" Jenna had to yell so the boys would hear her.
"Yeah guys knock it off. Listen to Jenna." Spencer said while standing behind her. "You are so getting it once you are out of Jenna's sight Spencer." Ryan threatened.
"OK. Wow. Hi. What happened? " Jenna said while raising a hand, "You guys are loud as hell!"
"Brent got pissed off is all. Just because of my birthday gift to him."
"Which was?"
"A trip to a brothel."
"And thats a problem why?"
"Because that is not something i would want to do. you guys know that." Brent argued. "He has a point there." Bren said nudging Ryan with his elbow. "Oh fine. If you are all going to make a big deal about it.... Why don't one of you losers go." Ryan asked with an eyebrow raised. "I so would but I have a girlfriend, remember." "Well spencer is out so that leaves you Brendon. You in?" Jenna asked. "Thats cool with me. Is it the same one ryan? The Bunny Ranch?" Once he said the name i cringed. Out of all of the ones in Vegas, they had to choose the one that i work at. "Yeah thats the one. Let me know when you go. I'll have a visit to. I'll let you choose first though" Ryan said winking at Brendon. "Well this is when i officially know too much about you guys. I'm going to bed. Good night guys."

(Jenna P.O.V.)
"Those boys are idiots" I said to my self. ugh I'm so tired. I was hoping to come home to a quiet house but the boys are already awake. Let me check my e-mail before I take a nap.
"Hey Jenna!!!" I heard Ryan yell. "What Ryan?!" "Get your ass over here." "oh em gee" I said going in to his room. "What the hell do you want I was about to check my shit then go to bed." "Well Pete wants to take you out for dinner and then drop you of at work tonight." "And what did you tell him?" "I said that you were going to i.m. him on messenger when you got home." "Great something else for me to do before i go to sleep." "Well sorry. I wasn't going to answer for you." "Yeah i know. Sorry. I have had a rough day is all." "I know all about rough days" "This one you have no idea about George." "Come hither child. Tell PaPa Ross all about it." ryan said chuckling while patting the bed beside him. I walked over and laid down next to him. He put his arm around me and hugged me. "Why do you have to go to the bunny ranch? Can't you go some where else?" "Why? Do you have a problem with it or something?" "It's just… you have to keep a secret ross. do you understand?" "Cross my heart." ryan said while crossing his heart. "You know how no one knows where i work right?" "Go on" "Well… I work at the bunny ranch" I said wincing. "No you don't. I was there a little while ago. I didn't see you there." "I just started there like two weeks ago." But… you're too good for that." "George just let it be until i find a good job Ok? Don't tell the boys this. I'm not even going to tell pete. I'm going to have him drop me off a couple of blocks from the ranch. Ok?" "Oh fine. Answer me one question." "What is it?" I said while looking up at him. "Does it pay good, because if this whole music thing doesn't work out i know i have a back-up plan." ryan said laughing. "Yeah pretty good. How i ended up there is still a mystery." I said while putting my hands up pretending to be confused. He gave me a stern look. I put my hand on his chest and said, "Please don't worry about me ross. I'll be fine. I kinda know what I'm doing. Ok?" I said lifting his face to mine and kissed his cheek. "Fine. Just as long as i get to choose you when bden and I go." He said with a smirk on his face. "Didn't you tell bden that he got first dibs. And if he doesn't pick me you still have to try to recognize me." I said while getting up to leave. " Oh you think you're something else now don't you" ryan yelled as he threw a pillow at me. I got out just in time for the pillow to hit the door. "And stay out!" I heard him yell. I just giggled as i walked in to my room.
I turned my computer on while i was getting changed. As i looked through my clothes, i realized that most of it was clandestine industries clothing. That got me thinking. Fucking pete I said with a sigh. I had gone on tour with them last summer and i didn't really have clothes. So pete let me raid his closet. I had a ball going through his stuff. (he he he) The teenies were pist at me once they found out i was wearing the one and only pete wentz's clothes. The tour was fun. They really have a following of loyal fans. I met people who were fans sense 2001. I became the best of friends with Fall Out Boy but i eventually felt like i was trespassing on their fame, So i left. The bad thing was i had no job and no where to stay. I was homeless for a good couple of months. They did put out a search warrant for me but i ran when people recognized me. Then when i was wandering around during the winter in '05 and the Panic! guys had found me. Stupid me forgot that they were on Pete's label and he found me. The fob guys had asked me what happened and i had to explain to them. I felt kinda silly about the whole thing. They had said i should have just told them and that we can for get the whole thing. The boys gave me the option of moving in with Panic! or Fall Out Boy. Sense I'm from chicago i decided to take a vacation in vegas with Panic!. I've been with them ever sense. They treat me like family.

Just then i heard the ding of the computer, which took me out of my daze. I had two messages. One from a friend from the ranch and one from pete.

pete_wntz_sucks1: hey wats up jenna???=)
i_heart_peeps: nothing much. just broke up a fight between ryan and brent.
how are things with you?
pete_wntz_sucks1: really? i don't think brent gets along with the boys anymore. they were talking about kicking him out of that band.He doesn't do anything.
pete_wntz_sucks1: everything is cool here. just hanging with patrick and andy.
i_heart_peeps: wow thats gonna suck for him. but i guess he has it coming then.
i_heart_peeps: tell the boys i say hi waves
pete_wntz_sucks1: yeah it'll suck for him. but the boys say he's being a douche so it's cool than. lol. the boys say hi!
pete_wntz_sucks1: they want to know when the next time we're hanging out again?
i_heart_peeps: well when is your next tour?
pete_wntz_sucks1: very soon. like march 15 soon.
pete_wntz_sucks1: when are you going to work for my label?
Thats when i stopped to think. He had remembered that I wanted to work for his label. What to do, what to do...
i_heart_peeps: when are you and patrick going to admit that you like each other?
pete_wntz_sucks1: touché 0.o
pete_wntz_sucks1: so?
i_heart_peeps: well i don't really know. what positions do you have open?
pete_wntz_sucks1: i could have you follow fob around for this tour and get the feel of how a band is managed
i_heart_peeps: go on...
pete_wntz_sucks1: and i could have you managing a band by next summer.
I_heart_peeps: really? which band? (not that I'm being picky)
pete_wntz_sucks1: cobra starship
i_heart_peeps: i can handle that. They have gabe from midtown in it right?
pete_wntz_sucks1: yeah they do, cool you remember him.
i_heart_peeps: just let me discuss it with my boss. he wont be happy but thats ok
pete_wntz_sucks1:why would your boss get angry?
i_heart_peeps: because i am awesome at my job
pete_wntz_sucks1: and that would be?
i_heart_peeps: for me to know and for you to never find out
pete_wntz_sucks1: why do you gotta tease me?
i_heart_peeps: I'm not that much of a tease. anyway you write up the contract and i will eventually sign it before the tour starts.
pete_wntz_sucks1: oh fine. lame... i will let you know when every thing is done. i have to talk to my higher up about the plan. i think they have some one but I'm sure you will be in. talk it over with the guys… maybe not brent cause he wont care.
i_heart_peeps: yeah tell me about it. well gtg talk to you later pete. love me!
pete_wntz_sucks1: love me too. laters

and with that i signed off. i would message my friend when i wake up.

(Brendon P.O.V.)
"I'm board. I'm gonna go take a shower then lay down with jenna. let me know if you guys go and do something ok?"
"Ok bren. Will do" Spencer said looking back to the t.v.
I went in to a closet to get some clothes so i can take a shower before i go lay with jenna.
one of these days I'm gonna have to tell her. Well not that I'm gonna have to, i guess i want to tell her. To see if there is a chance with us both. man she is beautiful… the way she looks at me with those light brown eyes… her creamy skin… they way her bottom lip is fuller than her top lip… man i could just imagine kissing her…
(no P.O.V.)
"Oh shit" bren said while looking down. "Ugh i fucking hate when i do that!" bren yelled. "Do what?" Spencer pushed the door all the way open. "Don't worry about it! Get the fuck out!" Brendon yelled while covering below the waist. "Sorry..." spencer pointed at brendons' parts "That will teach you to stop fantasizing about Audrey." spencer then turned and walked in to the kitchen. "Oh what ever spence! Mind your own business next time" he yelled as he slammed the bathroom door. "I gotta close that shit all the way next time." brendon said to himself while turning the cold water on in the shower and dropping the towel.

( Nobody P.O.V.) "What happened over there?" Brent asked curiously. "Oh i went to go to the bath room and caught brendon messing with him self again" spencer said raising his eyebrows then realizing that what he say was kinda gross. "Well what can you do. The boy is lonely with out his girlfriend." Brent replied chuckling point at the bathroom. "I just wish he would brake up with her already. She is the biggest slut ever." "We just have to wait is all spence." ryan said coming out of his room. "Be a little more quiet because jenna is sleeping. Turn the volume low."

"Sense when do you care about how loud the t.v is because of jenna?" Brent spat back. "Don't fucking worry about it dill hole. Just know that if the t.v isn't lowered there will be problems." Ryan threatened Brent. Brent just stood up and looked at Ryan. He was about to say something but decided against it. Brent just lowered the volume and sat back down. Ryan sat down on a chair in the corner and asked with a big smile on his face turning to spencer "So you caught brendon playing with him self again huh?" "Pretty much. when he comes out tell him to do that shit in his own room please. He'll listen to you." Spencer asked.

(a few moments later) "There he is. The pleasure devil him self" Ryan said as brendon appeared from the bathroom. "Ha ha very funny. You guys do it too. So why bull shit me?" "Because you get caught. Next time do it in the privacy of a room bden." "What ever. i just have to lock the door next time, thats all." "I so didn't need to know that bren." Brent said
"Brent you don't even live here. You can't put your input in to this conversation." Brendon snapped.

"Oh whatever bren, you don't either, ya' know what this is, you think you're hot shit because you have a hot girl friend and you think you can fucking do what ever you please because now you're some hot shot rock star right. Well you're not brendon boyd urie. Soon you will be some gay virgin singer who only wants to sing musical songs for a living because no one will accept you in their band, not even your best friends here." Brent paused for a moment. "Oh what happened urie? Did i hit a nerve or something?"

"Im gonna hit multiple nerves on you if you don't get the hell out of here and let me get some fucking sleep. This may not be my house but i pay a good amount of the rent to kick your ass out of here for as long as i live here brent." jenna said pointing a finger in his face from her doorway. "Now I'm going to count to ten. Get your shit and get out. If not i am coming at you with a knife. One... Two... Three.... Four..." By the time she reached four brent was already half way out the door.

"Ether calm him down or find a new band mate." Jenna said as she went walking back in to her room. "So who wants to find a new band member? Any one?" Brendon said cheerfully. "I think i do." Spencer said looking down. "I second that motion" Ryan said looking up from his book. "Then it's settled. We'll tell Pete in the morning that we want him out of the band… but who to replace him is the question?" "Pete will probably know somebody. For now just relax and know that we will not have to put up with covering up for Brents' lack of work for any longer. Ok guys" Brendon laughs "Whats so funny bren?" "You said 'i second that motion'. "Brendon go lay down and stop being annoying before i have jenna kick you out too." Brendon stopped laughing and put on a serious face. "jenna would never leave me out in the hall way… would she? JENNA!!" brendon yelled as he walked to her room.

(jenna pov)
"What is it bren?" "Ryan said that if i keep being annoying that you would kick me out in the hall way and make me live out there… would you?" "My cute little breny bear i would never kick you out of any place i am living in. You under stand me." I told him as i grabbed his face and planted a kiss on his forehead. "Yay!!" brendon yelled as he ran out and then back in my room. "Well on a more serious note, can i lay down with you? It's the only quiet place in this apartment right now." "I love when you are all childish and then split back in to an adult. It's so funny." I said giggling as i was waving for bren to come lay down next to me. "Sweet." he stated while getting comfortable next to me.

"Bren?" i asked. "Wah?" I heard from behind me with his face buried in to the pillow. "Can you be my cuddle bear right now?" I asked half asleep. "Huh?" he asked a little more alert now turning over. "It's starting to rain and i left me body pillow at a friends house… i need some thing to cuddle with. Please?" "uh…sure. Come here." Brendon pulled me in to his arms as the rain started to pour even more out side. "Thank you" I said kissing his cheek. "Your welcome" he returned kissing my forehead.

(4:46) "Don't you just love the rain. It's so soothing on a day like this." jenna said as she got up out of his arms and headed towards her window. "What are you doing jenna?" Brendon asked with sleep in his voice. "I'm going out side in the rain. Want to join me?" I asked taking my oversized t-shirt off revealing a tank top and short shorts. "Well i would but you don't have a balcony." Brendon looked at me confused. "Duh. I'm going to go sit above the stairs. There is like a little platform there. You coming or not?" "Fine. But if we get sick it's going to be your fault." "Oh what ever bren. If you get sick it's because your immune system sucks thats all." "Ha ha jenna" Brendon said as he climbed out of the window.

"Wow it is nice out here. Ima take my shirt off hold on." Bren said
peeling off his shirt. I had to look away cause if I didn't I would be gawking. I mean brendon was scrawny but lately he has kinda been working out so he was starting to gain muscle. I couldn't help but look, and he caught me.

"So what you looking at Jenna" Brendon said Laughing as I blushed and looked away to the ground below us. "Nothing much... just some stuff" "What do you mean? I'm nothing much and just some stuff" "Heck yeah!" I said flipping my hair back while looking at him chuckling. It got awkward for a moment and then it happened.

He Kissed Me. He just went in for it, and i was VERY suprised. It was the weirdest thing because I liked it. I didn't push away or start yelling at him. He deepened it, and so did I. The kiss was so soft and kind. I never expected i would feel this way because of a kiss from brendon, of all people.

We both pulled away at the same time. He had a smile on his face. Happy at his accomplishments. I on the other hand was suddenly confused. Did i enjoy the kiss because it was from brendon or because it was a kiss?

"Wow i have to get ready for work" I said getting up. His smile suddenly faded. "I shouldn't have done that, huh?" Bren said disappointed while climbing back through the window. "Yeah I don't think that was such a good idea ether..." I said gathering my clothes and going to take a shower. Leaving bren to think of what he had just done.

Why did I just freak out like that. Now he's gonna think that I didn't like it or that he was bad or something… UGH why must I do this to my self. I have to talk to him when I get back from work tonight. I must tend to Sir Peter in like ten minutes.

(Ryan P.O.V.)
Watching t.v. with these boys ultimately sucked. they could never pick a channel. I heard a door open and brendon came out looking flustered. "Hey bren where you in a hurry to?" He was rushing to get out side of the house. "Talk to you about it later. have to go to the practice space, forgot some thing" He said as he ran out the door. Moments later i smelled the sweet fragrance of sweet pea in the air. Jenna had stepped out of her room and in to the living room.
Dressed in a lacy tank top and shorts with chucks. Her hair was long to about mid-back and as bright a wine red color as ever but it suit her. She changed her glasses from the squared off ones she wore around the house to her pretty rounded off ones that were brown and blue. She always has that homemade charm necklace that she made. Pete helped her start it off by stealing one of those key chains that have peoples names on them. They in ohio and he thought it was a good idea. Now fall out boy is banned from an oasis off the highway in ohio thanks to his good idea.
Come to think of it why is she dressing like that for pete. She never even thinks twice when she dresses for him. She could care less about that. "Where are you going looking all cute?" I asked her. "I am going out to eat with pete. We need to talk business." she said giving me a smile. "What kind of business? The kind that he conducts from an office or the kind that he conducts from a hotel room?" Spencer butted in to our conversation. I just squinted my eyes at him then looked to Jenna for an answer. It was a stupid question but there was a point to it.
"This kind of business will be conducted over coffee and will hopefully end with me going on tour with fall out boy with in the next couple of weeks, and Managing cobra starship by next summer. I want to see if i could start sooner and manage you guys on your next tour if thats cool with you?" Man she was hot when she was talking work. "Wow that sounds awesome" Spence said getting up from his bean bag and hugging her.
"How did all of this come about? I haven't heard you talk about managing bands before." I was officially confused. She had never mentioned it to me before. Or the guys. They would have told me about it. Unless she told bren and thats why he went running to his house. He doesn't take news he doesn't like very well. Dam! "Well, I was talking about it with pete a long time ago and he brought it up again today. He is giving me these opportunities and i need to do something better with my life as ryan knows." She said pointing at me.
"Oh yeah, what you are doing now is like...i can't see you doing it to be honest with you" I said rubbing the back of my neck. "Well, what is it that she does with her time Ryan?" Brent asked "For me to know and for any off you guys to never, ever find out" Jenna said looking at her phone. "Thats pete you guys, i've got to run, i'll see you all tomorrow, peace, love and chicken grease ya'll!" she said as she walked out the door. All i could think of is wow that girl is amazing.
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