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Fries With That?

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When the Golden Trio take Auror Training, they don't realise that it will involve a six month stay with the muggles. Minor HG/RW.

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Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, was in a small room. This small room had mats all over the floor and Harry was on the right-hand side. A very scary looking man dominated the other. The man's name was Practise Dummy. The room was in fact a Auror Training Capsule and the man was Level 6 in Harry's Physical Tests. Harry jumped across the room and landed a kick on the back of his knees. The man stumbled. Harry jumped on his back and placed his fingers on the pressure points of his neck and kicked in the same spot. The result was a weird flip by the man and then...he was down. Harry knew he would be up in seconds. He jumped on the man's stomach and knocked the wind out of him. Harry counted to five. The door to the side of the capsule opened and Tonks stepped out.
“Well done Harry!” She congratulated him. He stepped out of the capsule. Behind him the floor fell away from the capsule and the Practise Dummy disappeared into nothingness.

Harry and Tonks walked quickly along the corridor.
“That was your final exam in Physical,” She informed him, “You have your Final Potions Exam now.”
Harry groaned but kept walking. Tonks slowed down, “567, 568, 569..Here! 570!”
She made sure he went into the capsule before continuing along the corridor.
Harry entered the dark capsule and took his place behind his cauldron. When his eyes adjusted, he could make out Hermione to his right and Ron to his left. Somebody flicked the lights on. Now he could see. There were cupboards and cupboards, labelled with ingredients such as 'Eggs' or 'Scales'. Writing began writing itself across the board.

'Welcome to your Final Potions Exam! Today you will be changing yourselves into tall, blonde, females, with blue eyes. You will have 2 hours. If we see so much of a hint of your true selves in your disguise, you will fail. Ingredients are in the cupboards. Casual talking or even complaining is allowed, but no help should be given. Good Luck!'

Harry, Ron and Hermione rose from their chairs and began rooting through the cupboards. When they began making the potion, Ron with a HELP-I-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-I'M-DOING face, Harry with a CALM-DOWN-HARRY face and Hermione with a HAHA-I-KNOW-WHAT-I'M-DOING face.
They all knew that they were going to have to compose a potion from scratch, there was simply not any potion that made you into a tall blonde blue-eyed female. To his left, Ron was shredding Mandrake Roots, to his right, Hermione was using lacewing flies. Harry didn't think much about the Mandrake Roots (Aren't they suppose to heal?) but approved of the flies (If they were used in Polyjuice potion, they could be useful in appearance changing.) Harry lit a fire and set about trying to make a Potion. He pounded Ashwinder Eggs, scattered spiders legs and stewed crocodile fillets. Then, something totally brilliant occurred to him. He returned to the cupboard and rooted around until he found: A Veela Hair. He grabbed a bunch and dropped them in one by one. He kept stirring, sometimes changing direction. He had hit it, he was sure. As if it was proof, his potion had turned silver. He was staring into it when it reminded him of something. A pensieve. He thought of Fleur and Gabrielle and brought the memory out of his head slowly. And then he dropped it. Into his cauldron. He kept stirring for the remainder of the time and when Jungth, Potions Expert in the Aurors, entered, he was confident he had achieved his task. Jungth waved his wand and a beaker appeared in their hands. Hermione's potion was pure gold, Ron's yellow and his silver. He scooped it up into his beaker.
“3, 2, 1, drink!” Jungth yelled. Harry drank, he emptied the beaker. The potion tasted quite delicious, but peppery, very peppery. He shut his eyes for a few seconds and began to wreathe as his body changed. There was a loud popping noise from him as his body completed the transition. There was panting from Hermione, high-pitched squealing from Ron and gasping from him. Gradually, the sensation of having run a marathon went and Harry felt completely normal. He glanced at Hermione, only she wasn't Hermione, not any more. She had short blonde hair, round blue eyes, was very tall and had a pale oval face. If Harry had bumped into her walking along the street he would've had no idea who it was. He turned to Ron. Ron had dirty blonde hair and bluish eyes. He was quite tallish. Somehow she reminded him inexplicably of Ron and he couldn't explain why. She didn't share any features with him. Then he conjured a mirror and looked at himself. He looked a lot like Fleur, except his hair was definitely more blonde than silver. His eyes were blue as well and he towered over Ron. He grinned at Jungth.
“Not finished yet,” Said Jungth grinning madly. And from his coat pocket he took out a picture of Mad-Eye Moody.
“Have they changed completely on Mad-Eye?”
Ma-Eye's bright blue eye focused on Hermione first who squawked.
“She has.”
He turned to Harry who found himself blushing as red as a tomato.
“He has.”
His eye stared at Ron's chest.
“Smallest ones I ever saw, but there. Little stubble in some places but its all right.”
Jungth put Mad-Eye away.
“You all passed!” He proclaimed, “Tonks should be here any second. Because you have six months more training yet.”
“Eh, can you change us back?” Asked Harry who's voice came out out higher than usual.
“Oh, yes.”
Jungth tossed them a vial of clear potion which they drank. They returned to their normal selves, but for some inexplicable reason, they were dripping wet.
Jungth dried them off.
Tonks peeped in.
“Oh,” She said disappointed. “I missed the fun!”
Harry, Ron and Hermione were taken to Bill, who strangely, had become Head Auror.
“For the final part of your training,” He said in a friendly tone, “You will be sent to live in the muggle world. We have secured jobs for you, in a company called McDonald's. You will be living in a rented flat together for six months. No contact will be available with other wizards and no magic is to be used outside your flat.”
“What!” Said Harry, Ron and Hermione simultaneously.
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