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I'm in need of some characterzzzz

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Sooooo I'm in need of some characters. I'm not going to tell you anything about what it's for, but give you a survey. The roles as of right now are minor, but that could change.

Name (F&L please):

Age (16+ please):

Appearance (I swear to god Harper if you copy and paste your same description, I will kill you off in "Fate"!!!):

Personality (I'm never sure what to say here. :

Favorite color:

Quirks (anything that makes you you):

Hidden talent:

If you could be in/associated with a band, what would your roll be? (Tambourine? Singer? Manager? Official cook? Security?):

Favorite place to be:

Song that wakes you up in the morning:

Describe your favorite picture of yourself:

What's the last thing you said that you wish you didn't say?

You're stuck in a cage with a lion, do you pet it?

Describe your favorite item of clothing (for me it's a teeshirt from 2002 that I got when I showed dogs. It's the kind of soft that you get when it's been washed a bunch of times):

Okay. Basically none of those questions have to do with the story, but merely for my amusement. Be creative; it will help me decide who's in.

*Please leave space between each item so it's easier for me to read!*

Oh. And read my story "Fate" featuring Harper. Ohkay. Shameless plug done. GET WRITING!!!


ps. Watch this

and after that

It cracks me up EVERY TIME.
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