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Demi was laying on her own bed after being freed from under Dexter the night before. Her and Noodles were sharing a room while Dexter, Josh, and Lindsey shared one. Dressed down to her shorts and wrapping, she was splayed out on her bed with only a sheet over her body in the warm morning. Noodles chest hitched and shuddered as he stretched and yawn, waking up to start the day.

Lindsey woke up to her own circadian rhythm as much as she didn't want to. If there was one thing about her that was constant, it was that she wasn't a morning person. Nonetheless, she had to get up and so she did. Getting up, she grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. She put her clothes and armor over a steam vent to be steam-cleaned while she showered. Stripping down, she turned on the water to a gentle warm temperature and got in.

Noodles looked over at the peaceful Al Bhed girl with a smiled before getting up. Pulling his pants on over his underwear he quickly finished dressing before going to wake the others up. Kicking Dexter awake, he shook Demi till she was sitting up. "Earth quake?" She muttered, looking around sleepy eyes before stumbling around to get dressed. Shaking his head with a chuckle, Noodles moved on to Josh.Doing the same method as he did with Demi, he gently shook the summoner. "It's morning Josh, time to get up," he said softly.

Josh cracked an eye open slowly before closing it again and sighing deeply before struggling to raise his head, heavy after a full night of sleep. He looked around when his head was up before he sat up and rubbed at his face.

Lindsey washed herself up thoroughly, careful over scratches and bruises from yesterday that Josh hadn't healed all the way. She let the water run over her head after she was clean and closed her eyes.

Dexter stretched as he sat up finally and went to go get food for their breakfast. "You gonna make it?" Noodles asked Josh as he pulled his boots and gi on, before getting a new pack to put his stuff in. Demi had been kind enough to remove his stuff before planting the paint bomb.

Josh nodded as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He was desperate for a shower. Getting up, he went to the bathroom door and...without thinking, opened it, just as Lindsey was getting out.

She squealed and jerked the curtain around to cover herself up and his eyes widened before he pushed himself back, "Ah! Sorry! Sorry!" He covered his eyes with a hand and shut the door with the other.

Demi looked at him oddly with her sleep filled mind. "Did you just see Lindsey naked?" She asked, not all there to start with.

"Is everyone alright?" Noodles rushed in hearing the cry. He looked between a shaken Josh and a confused Demi. "What happenend?"

"It's nothing, I swear," Josh said, shaking his head, hand still covering his eyes, "I walked in on her, it was an accident."

Noodles quirked an eyebrow. "You ok Josh?" He asked setting a hand on his shoulder. "You look more petrified than Lindsey probably is."

"So he did see her naked," Demi nodded pulling on her pants and armor. "Moseltov."

"I'm fine.. I'm just.. I just woke up.. It's just embarrassing," he said softly, resting his back against the wall.

Lindsey in the bathroom sighed and shivered, pulling on her clothing before slipping into her armor, not putting on her harness until she was out of the bathroom. She was nervous about coming out, Josh's walk-in having given her a fright. Opening the door, she looked around, catching Josh's eye and looking away, blushing bright red. "," she piped.

"Eh," Demi said going into the bathroom for her shower. Stripping her armor off and just letting it sit in a pile on the floor with her clothes, she quickly stepped into the steamy shower. Letting a few lyrics out as she sang softly, one of Josh's songs called 'You Are Loved' to be more specific, in her punky wraspy voice.

"I'm sorry," Josh said softly, gently grabbing Lindsey's arm. She looked back at him, blush still on her face, "'s okay..." He sighed and gently let go of her.

"Go on and pull the shades, razor blades, you're so tragic!" Demi started to belt out as she finished up washing her hair. "I hate you so, but love you more, I'm so elastic!" Turning the water off and drying off quickly, she dressed and stepped out, still singing but ignoring everyone else. "The things you say, the game you play, dirty magic."

"I hope she hurries up in there... we need to head to the docks soon. I don't want to miss the boat," Lindsey said softly as she slid on her harness and fastening it on. Josh went to the other room that Noodles and Demi slept in and used its shower, quickly washing up before getting out, drying off and putting his clothes back on.

Dexter got back with some fruit, bread, and water for breakfast just as Demi finished packing. "Ok peeps, is everyone else ready?" She asked placing her shades on her face with a smile.

"We should be good to go, does everyone have everything?" Noodles asked as he double checked his own stuff.

Lindsey stood with Josh coming into the room, "Yep. Let's go. Oh.. Don't forget the crate.. there... Where..? What's this crate here?" Lindsey looked up at Noodles.

"It was right there," Noodles scratched his head, pointing to the end of Josh's bed.

"You meant he crate of food?" Demi asked as Noodles nodded. "Broke it down and put some in everybody's packs so we don't have to lug that thing around with us."

"Oh... Where'd you get it from?" she asked quietly, almost dumbfounded.

"He got it at the expense of my innocence," Demi glared as Noodles grinned, chuckling.

"I got it from Luzzu for the trip while Gatta was escourting our dear thief back to the inn," he said as Demi made a face.

"Oh... Good work," she said, "That will last us the trip to Luca. We can restock our supplies there... or at least.. start a stock of supplies. She smiled, her excitement evident, "C'mon, let's go! We'll miss the boat unless we hurry!" She was excited to get to Luca.

Josh followed her out, running behind her over the repairs on the docks towards the ferry.

"Instigate phase one?" Demi looked over at Dexter with a devillish grin.

"Phase one is a go," he replied as he followed them out.

"What? Phase one?" Noodles scrunched up his face. "I'm worried now."

Lindsey leaped up the ramp onto the ferry, stopping short and Josh running into her, "Ack!"

"S-sorry!" Josh laughed as he wrapped his arm around her and stumbled a little.

"Hopefully we won't run into Sin this time. Eek, out of the way..." her voice quieted as she pulled Josh away from the ramp, the arrogant heads of the Luca Goers boarding the ferry. They gave them smug looks before shoving passed, the females of the team giving Josh flirty looks, looks that made Lindsey's brows quirk and furrow a bit.

Josh blinked and ducked his head, "Who're they?"

"...The Luca Goers... They're a blitzball team... why they're here I don't know. Probably to gloat and berate the Kilika Beasts... They're not a nice team," she whispered. The Kilika Beasts climbed aboard also, avoiding the Goers, their spirit for the Blitzball Tournament unshaken.

"The Blitzball Tournament starts up tomorrow at Luca. I'm excited to watch," she said.

Josh looked down at her, still holding onto her, "What's Blitzball?"

"It's like soccer or rugby, only underwater," Demi said. "It's really fun. Of course though, you have to be a good swimmer and able to take a couple of hits. I use to train with the Besaid Aurochs when we first got there."

"Figure that an Al Bhed in water," Dexter snickered, earning a hard kick in the shin. "Ow, sorry." Noodles snickered as he borded with them.

"The Al Bhed may not be looked highly upon but people won't like.. murder them. There's an Al Bhed blitzball team, you know. The Al Bhed Psyches... And they're pretty good," Lindsey said as she went to sit on the edge of the boat. "But yeah, we totally have to catch the blitzball tournament while we're in Luca. It's as much fun to watch as it is to play."

"Man, that would be the best gig ever, playing Blitz all day, for money. That would be the sweetest gig ever," Demi smiled as she watched the water lap at the boats side. For once, she was calm and content.

"Sounds like you should have been an athelete," Noodles said as he stepped up to the group.

"Eh," she shrugged. "Too much pressure for me. People yelling and screaming at you all the time. I know I'm loud, but. . ." She trailed off, walking towards the bow of the boat.

"I can't wait to see your new aeon," Lindsey said, smiling at Josh. Even though the man was annoying, she.. liked him. Sort of. "I'm really excited for you."

He smiled back, leaning against the siding of the boat upon which she sat, "Thanks. I can't wait to see it either, really."

Lindsey nodded, "Ifrit's a good ally. He's scary at first but I think you'll like him."

"You ready?" Dexter asked coming up behind Demi. She shook the sudden sour mood easily with a nod and a grin.

"Noodles out of the way for now?" She asked as she saw the older man go down below to store their things.

"Yep. I'll take Lindsey first, then you take Josh. He doesn't know you that well, so he won't be able to tell your making things up or stuff like that and that goes for me and Lindsey too," Dexter nodded. "Wish me luck," the blond grinned as he hopped off to the other girl in the group.

"Ifrit is very reliable," Lindsey said, looking down at her shoes, contemplating taking them off just to be relaxed and comfortable on this boat trip.

"That's good to hear. As good as Valefor?" Josh asked, smiling at her.

"Yeah. All your aeons are equally reliable, really..." Lindsey looked up, seeing Dexter walk up to them, "Hey, what's up?"

"Hey Lindsey, I actually have a favor to ask of you," Dexter said putting on his best sweet guy next door charm. "I was wondering since you've played the game before, if you could show me a few moves with my claws. I've got the basics down, but I've only been here for two months. Pretty much that first month was just trying to get by, so I've only got a few weeks under my belt. So you think you can show me a few moves real quick?"

"Uhh..." Lindsey blinked, "..Sure.. I guess..." Lindsey wasn't sure she knew any hand-to-hand combat moves... Nonetheless, she dropped down from the edge of the boat and followed Dexter away. Josh blinked and sighed quietly, looking down at the deck of the boat before looking up at the frontal narrow tip.

Seeing the two leave, Demi quickly came over to replace Lindsey. "Hi," she chirped, hopping up on the side of the boat. "How's the trip treating you so far?" She asked Josh with a smile of innocence on her face.

"Ok, so I can basically hit straight on, but other than that, I'm useless," Dexter said feigning stupidity.

Josh looked up at Demi, "U-uh.. Hi. Um... the trip? To Luca? I don't know, I guess... it's okay. We just set off, so..." He shugged, smiling a little.

Lindsey blinked, "Well.. uh.. I'm not really an expert in hand-to-hand combat... so.. uh..." Lindsey looked around nervously.

Demi nodded. "So, what do you think of Lindsey?" She asked looking over at her friend as she looked around nervously. "She's a cutie, ain't she?"

Looking around as well, Dexter sighed softly. "Maybe. . . You could show me how you use your swords and I can maybe pick up moves from that."

Josh looked at her, "Uh.. I don't know... She's alright." He shrugged.

"I don't know how much good that will do... These swords are two halves of the same whole... I don't know if hand-to-hand combat works that way..." she said quietly.

"Oh," Demi said her voice falling a bit, trying to peak Josh's intrest. "Ok," she sighed.

"It might, you never know," Dexter said pushing her a bit to give Demi time.

Josh's face creased a little, "Why do you ask?" It felt like everyone was trying to push him onto Lindsey lately. First Noodles, now Demi. "Why does it matter?"

Lindsey blinked, holding her two blades in her hands. She slowly moved, her swords following her motions like air, "....Just think of your ..claws, I guess, as extensions of your arms... Or in your case, hands. Like they're actual claws extended from your knuckles..."

"Cause she REALLY likes you," Demi said. "You know the whole school girl crush thing, but the thing is she doesn't want to come off as just another fan. Actually come to think of it, she doesn't even listen to you. Yeah she knows who you are, but that's it. She doesn't masturbate to your every breath like some of your crazy ass fans do." Sighing, she calmed down. "What I'm trying to say is don't lead her on unless you like her too. I know I'm not the best with words sometimes and that pisses her off, but she's one of my best friends. I'd hate to have to kill you because you were a jerk to her."

"Ah, kay," Dexter nodded imitating the movements perfectly. "So how's Josh coming as a summoner?"

"If you like her, that's fine, let her know, but if not, please don't lead her on. Oh and if you pull that 'we're just friends to keep from hurting each other' bull shit, you'll be dead too," Demi said getting down. "I mean it as best I can."

Josh just stared at her, not sure what to say, "...she likes me? She... doesn't act like it. Why.. why are you telling me this? She's fun to be with. I'm allowed to have fun, aren't I?"

"He's doing alright. As long as he summons and is willing to journey then that's all that matters," Lindsey said as she dropped her blades and went to stand behind Dexter, "Here, like this." She took hold of his arms the best she could and guided his torso through the motions, "Like that."

"Because she's a control freak and wouldn't voice it herself," Demi sighed. "You and her go together good. I mean, I saw you two when we got to the boat. I know you just stumbled and all, but it looked like two jigsaw puzzles in the 2000 piece puzzle finally finding a place. Not to get sappy or anything. I'd just hate to see her carry on all so 'too proud to be hurt' routine."

"Like this?" Dexter said mimicing it, only to stumble and grab onto Lindsey as he went down. Taking the brunt of the force on his back while he kept his arms around her, pressing her against his chest protectivly. "You ok?" He asked.

"I've only known her for four days. There's really not much we can get from each other," he said softly as he leaned up from the edge of the boat and walked towards the bow of the boat.

"Oof," Lindsey grunted softly. She looked at him and blinked, "..Yeah. I'm fine."

Demi stared after Josh disgruntled. Dexter's plan wasn't working. She looked back over at him and Lindsey, glaring at their scene. She'd just have to think of another way to get Josh's attention. . . Maybe. . . She'd do what Dexter was doing.

"Thought you were a goner for a second," Dexter joked, chuckling.

Lindsey stared at him for a second, giving him a look before getting up off of him and standing back up. She fixed up her harness and clothing, "Goner huh? You underestimate me."

"Oh do I now?" He grinned standing up and giving her a wink. Looking over at the spot where Demi and Josh were, he cursed in his head.

She squinted an eye at him, "Are you sure it's just your combat skills you need help with?"

"Ok you got me," Dexter sighed. "I'm gonna try and get Noodles and Demi together. I need help."

Lindsey stared at him, "...What? How does ..removing me from talking to Josh help? And isn't he ...old? He could be her dad. YOU could be her dad."

"Exactly why he won't make a move and why she won't. I've already tried to talk to her about it, but she says if she were 10 or 20 years older then she would. Same for him," Dexter said. "The thing is, Noodles likes her. Just because she reminds him of himself at that age and he wants to be the great friend and lover that he never had for her, well minus lover. You feeling me?"

"No," Lindsey said, turning from him, "I'm not here to play matchmaker. Sorry." She sighed and walked away, climbing the stairs to the upper deck.

Dexter sighed, but not yet admitting defeat. He still had a trump card in his sleeve.

Lindsey sat down with her legs hanging over the side of the upper deck. She stared out over and watched Josh from afar, standing alone and looking out over the waters as the boat moved over the gentle waves. She sighed softly and looked away, heart feeling the lonely ache of needing a significant other. Why should she help get people together when she couldn't get anyone of her own?

Moving over to where Lindsey was slowly, Dexter leaned beside her. "I'm sorry about asking you to help play match maker Lindsey," Dexter said following her gaze to Josh. "It wasn't fair."

"What are you talking about?" she looked at him incredulously.

"Cause I mean, I should be speaking for Josh instead of pushing you to get Demi and Noodles together. Cause well, you and him will most likely happen than those two," Dexter said. "He really likes you, you know?"

Lindsey looked back at Josh from her position, "He doesn't... know me. We've only known each other for.. not even a week.. Why would he like me?"

"Seriously, does it take you that long to like someone? I'm not talking love here, I'm just talking like," Dexter said. "You never know, you do have a certain charm to you," he smiled at her.

"We have to get to know each other first... we've barely had time for an actual conversation..." Lindsey sighed, "...He doesn't know the first thing about me."

"Well. . . Maybe you should talk to him. Now would be a good time, wouldn't it?" Dexter nudged her gently.

"...I was talking to him until you dragged me away..." she gave him a look, "Doesn't matter now... looks like Demi is taking that over now anyway.."

"Hey," Demi said coming up to Josh, smiling sheepishly. "Didn't mean to. . . You know, weird you out or anything earlier."

Josh didn't look at her, instead leaned against the harpoon gun, "It's fine. I just.. I don't know. I don't want.. to get into anything with her.. not if she's a fan... that's something I promised myself." He knew just how crazy some fans could get... and though Lindsey didn't even remotely show any interest in him like she was a fan... since Demi told him about her supposedly really liking him but not wanting to act like a fan... now he wasn't so sure.

"She's not a fan though," Demi frowned. "She likes you, the person, not your music. Besides she yelled at me once when I played you non-stop for four hours one day to get her out of a mood. It worked, granted I took a hit for the team with ice cream down my shirt, but that's beside the point." Sticking her hands in her pockets, she eyed a few of the pig headed blitzers irritably. "She doesn't want you to think that she likes you because you're famous, but because she likes YOU."

"Like I've never heard that before..." Josh sighed, pushing up from the gun, "You know how many fans actually tell me that? They know what I want and some of them try to lie through their teeth to me just to get with me. I will never know her until I get to know her and see it for myself."

"I'm not saying to marry her and have lots of babies, I'm just saying talk to her, get to know her better, sheesh," Demi smiled. "You'd think I was trying to get you two together to peeve on you." Her smile fell though when one of the large blitzers from the Luca team knocked her into the side of the boat hard.

"Oh sorry sweet heart, didn't see you there," one of the guys said. Demi grumbled under her breath, rubbing her side gingerly.

"Why don't you come hang out with some real guys huh?" Another said grabbing his groin and licking his lips.

"I'm just going to go to my cabin," she said quietly to Josh, rushing off.

"Oh please... Honey, don't mind these creeps," one of the girls of the team called to her, "The only massive thing they have on them is their ego."

Josh watched her leave, ignoring the Goers. He sighed and headed to the upper deck, sitting down against the mast and softly humming to himself.

Demi took the steps at an easy pace, embarassed that that had happened in front of Josh. Yeah he was a cutie, but he wasn't her type. Going to her cabin, she gingerly took off her armor and looked at a large reddish blotch steadily turning a dark hazy blackish blue on her ribs. "Shit," she sighed biting her lip. She wasn't going to cry, she wasn't going to cry.

Dexter frowned and tensed up when he saw the blitzers mess with Demi and Josh. "Think she's alright?" He asked turning to Lindsey as Josh made his way up to the deck they were on.

"She'll be okay..." Lindsey said softly, "...But maybe want to check on her just in case... Those guys aren't nice.. at all."

Dexter nodded, leaving Josh and Lindsey alone as he stepped down and went to check on Demi. "Hey, Demi you ok?" He asked knocking on her door and opening it.

"I'm fine," she said from the bathroom, pressing a cold cloth to her bruise.

"You sure? It looked like you took a hard hit out there," Dexter pressed stepping towards the bathroom.

"I said I'm fine!" She snapped. "I just want to be alone right now, k?"

Lindsey got up with a small sigh. This trip was supposed to be relaxing, damnit. Turning around, she started to head to her cabin to study the black magic on the sphere grid. She stopped, seeing Josh sitting there. "Oh.. hi," she said softly.

He looked up at her, "Hi."

"..I'm sorry about that.. Dexter.. He's a horrible liar. Wanted me to play matchmaker..." she sighed, not sitting down with him.

He stood up and looked at her, "What do you think of me?"

She looked at him and blinked, "What do you mean?"

"What do you think of me?" he asked again, looking at her. She didn't like his tone of voice or the looks he gave her.

"Depends, what do you want me to say?" she said, glaring at him.

"The truth," he said, staring at her.

"Well, I thought you were okay, but now you're acting all not-okay. I'm going to my cabin..." she sighed, turning from him and heading down below deck.

Dexter sighed and left. Demi tried to take deep calming breaths, but ended up not being able to breath from the pain. She had definantly either broken or fractured a rib. Biting her lip and scruntching her toes in her boots, she refused to cry. Hearing someone enter, she got silent, hoping it wasn't one of the boys.

As Lindsey headed down below deck to the main area, she was stopped by a merchant. He wasn't pudgy, but he wasn't very muscular either. He had a skeptical look on his face, which seemed to spew personality, "Ello, there miss," he said, stepping in front of her, his voice thick with an Australian accent. She blinked, "..Hello.."

"There's some fancy equipment ye be wearing," he looked her over, "But you seem fresh on the road... dirty too. And money-less."

"Excuse me...?" she stared at him, "I fashioned this armor myself, thank you!"

"Then ye did a might good job of it," he said, "Ah, I haven't introduced myself. I am O'aka the Twenty-third! Merchent Extraordinaire!"

"...Oh.." she said softly, staring at him, "..I, uh... haven't heard of you..." A lie.

"Yeah, yeah, I know... not many do, not yet," he said solemnly, "But soon, me name will be sang out all over Spira! Just like the Hymn, ye see."

"..good luck with that. Maybe we can do business," she said, walking past him and heading into her cabin and sitting down on her bed.

Peeking out, she saw Lindsey sitting on her bed. She ducked back into bathroom, not wanting to start a fight which for some reason she tought would happen.

Lindsey got out her sphere grid and sighed softly, looking it over like a bored college student. "Black and White magic work as separate energies..." She softly read from the inscriptions under the Magics section, "...negative energies and positive energies and the conduction of those energies... known as Negative Conduction and Positive Conduction..."

Noodles finally came up for air to the deck looking around for the others. All he saw was a few of the Luca Blitzers. Sighing, he went to the upper deck to sit in the shade and rest his eyes. Seeing Josh, he nodded to the younger man as he found a chair and claimed it as his own.

Josh sighed and sat back down, looking less than happy. He gave Noodles a nod in return but remained silent, staring quietly down at his moccasins.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He asked as he leaned back in the chair, propping his feet up on the railing.

"I hate being famous..." he said. He didn't, but right at this moment, he did. "Demi.. came.. and told me that Lindsey.. likes me. Like... LIKES me... But she's trying to make it look like she isn't a fan.. and.. I don't know what to believe... and I just made her mad when I said something to her about it.." he sighed.

Noodles cracked an eye lid at him. "Welcome to being a celebrity," he snorted. "Don't you think that if Lindsey had ill intent towards you, I use that term loosely, that she would have done it already, especially with the times that you two were alone?"

"I don't know," he said, "..I've just had so many girls say the things they think I want to hear. I like her, she's... she's fun to hang out with. But now I can't help but wonder... if.. I just... I don't know. I don't know what to believe," he said quietly.

"Has she told you how much she loves you? How you two were meant to be together? How she has all your cds and your such an insperation to you? Has she even said anything to make you think more than friends?" Noodles pointed out. "I've had my fair share of stalkers over the years and they're all pretty much the same, but if Lindsey hasn't done any of that, I think it's safe to tread a little closer."

"No, she hasn't... but who's to say that she isn't the type of fan to hide that stuff? I mean... my.. ..ugh, my fanbase knows that I don't want to date one of them..." He shrugged, "I just... need to get to know her, I guess... but Demi told me that she likes me like a schoolgirl crush.. or whatever... and that's just.. kinda unnerving.."

"Well from what I've seen of Demi, take what she has to say with a grain of salt. She's a pretty reliable source, but she tends to word things weird," Noodles chuckled. "For now though, don't push it with Lindsey, just get to know her and feel her out. Be a friend, then decide whether or not she's a stalker fan."

"I guess..." he sighed softly. He wished Demi hadn't stuck her foot into the situation. He was starting to like Lindsey as a good friend until the whole school-girl crush talk came.

"Don't worry about it, we've got bigger things to focus on besides your possible stalker," Noodles said, trying to detour the conversation from love and liking.

Hissing softly as she re-wet her wash cloth in ice cold water, Demi reapplied it to her side, hoping it would ease the pain.

"Negative Conduction absorbs energies into a single body, which results in white magic..." she read softly, "While Positive conduction collects energies within a single body and expels it, creating a pathway for black magic..." She blinked to the hissing and looked up from the grid. Setting it aside, she got up and went to the bathroom door, "Demi? You in there?"

Demi froze and sighed. "Yeah," she squeaked, tears in her eyes when she jerked the wrong way trying to move out of the way of the door. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to cry.

"You okay in there? Do you need a potion? You sound like you're in pain..." she said, not even trying to come in. If she needed privacy then she wasn't going to bother her.

"No," she said biting her lip. "I'm not ok."

Lindsey opened the door and stepped inside, shutting the door behind her. She looked at her friend with concern, "What's wrong?"

"My ribs, I think they're broken," she sniffled, showing the large blackish blue mark on her side. "Stupid Luca Blitzer smashed me into the railing while I was talking to Josh."

"My god... Have you taken any potions..? I can go get Josh to help... Let me go get him, okay? Hang tight," she said as she turned to leave.

"K," Demi said softly, not really in a mood to argue with her friend. Closing her eyes tightly, she tried to focuse on breathing evenly to keep from crying. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to cry.

Lindsey went up to the upper deck, "Josh! Demi's hurt. We need your healing abilities on the double."

Josh looked up and stood, "Okay," and followed her back down below deck to the bathroom. "Demi? You okay?" He went into the bathroom, "Let me see."

Carefully, Demi lifted up her shirt again to show the dark mark. She looked down at her feet, unsure what to do. "I. . . I think my ribs are broken. It hurts like hell and it's hard to breath."

"Ok, just relax... This might hurt a little," Josh rose both hands over the break and bruise while Lindsey went back to a pack and got out a few Hi-Potions. His fingertips started to glow, the glow migrating up to his wrists as he put in all of his energies into his curing spells. He kept at it until he just couldn't any longer, face pale and chest panting with beads of sweat populating his face, "...How much better is that...?"

Demi bit her lip as she felt the bone move back into place with a snap. Crying out as a few tears ran down her face at the movement and fusing in her body. Letting out a shakey breath, she swallowed hard. The bruise was mostly gone, but her body was still tender. "It's better," she sniffled, her body just as shakey as Josh's.

"There... I'll need to rest... Take some potions.. and you'll be good with some rest..." he said weakly. Lindsey came forward and uncorked a potion, giving it to Demi to drink.

Demi took the potion with an uneasy hand and sipped at it as she watched the bruise disappear. "Thanks Josh," she said going to lie down. "Hope you feel better soon."

"I'll be alright... just get some rest..." he said softly as he left for his own cabin, gently pushing past Lindsey as he left.

Lindsey sighed softly and went to grab the Sphere grid and went up to the upper deck to study.

"Everything ok?" Noodles asked, restraining himself from flying down to Demi's side.

"No," she said as she sat down looking back over the sphere grid.

"What's wrong?" The older guardian asked as he angled the umbrella to shade Lindsey as well.

"Well, I don't know what happened in the however many minute long period of time we were apart, but Josh seemed to just decide to be a douche," she said, "Asking me what I think of him and crap... Whatever."

"Ah," Noodles nodding, quickly seeing who the culprits were. "He thinks you're a stalker fan."

"Why would he think that? I haven't said shit to him. I don't care about his music. It sucks. I'd much sooner listen to fucking Marilyn Manson," she fussed, setting the sphere grid down.

"Let's just say that two little blond birds are trying to pull a fast one on you two and it didn't quite go through," Noodles said pulling his glasses off as he closed his eyes.

"The hell does that mean?" she stared at him, obviously upset.

"Dexter and Demi were trying to play match maker and it blew up in their faces," he sighed. "Don't bother going after them, I've already got plans to keep them out of both yours and Josh's hair. As for the summoner, give him some time and space. He's scared is all. Just let him warm up to you again and it'll be alright."

Lindsey sighed deeply and looked down, "..Okay..." She brought her hands up to her face and sighed again.

"I know I'm probably not the one you want this from, but do you want a hug?" He asked sliding his glasses on. "Hugs usually cheer me up. Let's me know someone is at least pretending to care."

Lindsey looked up at him, "Yeah.. that might help..." She sighed again, staring down at the floor of the deck.

Noodles smiled softly as he scooted over onto the deck and wrapped his arms around her, giving her a squeeze. "It's not the end of the world, I promise. That's if we don't beat Sin, but we're too awesome to let that happen huh?" He smiled down at her.

Lindsey looked up at him, timidly wrapping her arms as best she could around him too. She looked down, holding onto him. "I know it's not... just.. makes me mad..." She closed her eyes briefly. She'd never been hugged like this by her father.

"I know, it's ok to be mad too. You can feel how ever you want to feel at who ever you want. It's ok," he said resting his chin on her head. Shifting around a bit to where she was resting against him between his legs, he rocked her a bit, rubbing her back and humming a familier tune, doing what he could to sooth her.

Lindsey closed her eyes, gradually, lids drooping over time. Though it was hard to actually fall asleep under the Kilikan sun. It wouldn't be nightfall until they reached Luca. Even so, she relaxed against him, like a tense dog laying in the presence of a foster parent.

Noodles smiled as he did his best to hum the hymn of the Fayth that he knew would help her rest a bit. Demi got up and stretched a bit, leaving her armor off as she went up top. Glancing at Dexter as he sun bathed, she made her way to the upper deck. Though when she got far enough to see, she stopped. She saw Noodles and Lindsey napping together in the sun. It was the way that he had his arms around her tightly, his face turned down into her hair. Karma was a bitch. Turning back around, she went back to her room.

Lindsey sighed deeply, not wanting to remove herself from this. It was comforting, and made her crave more in the memory of her own father, more interested in news, slapstick and complaining about work than spending time with his daughter. "..Mm.. Thank you..." she said in a voice that barely had any effort in it.

"Your welcome," he said breaking the tune for a moment. "We can stay like this for as long as you'd like."

Lindsey softly sighed a small breath, not moving from her position. She would move when she was ready to continue studying black magics. Until then, hello Noodles cradle.

The only thing that Noodles hoped didn't happen was Demi or Josh walk up on this. He'd have some explaining to do about the nature of his actions and his intentions. 'No I'm not trying to seduce Lindsey.' 'I am not trying to get my hunky on with my fellow guardian.' 'Put that memory sphere away, this is not a peep show.'

Lindsey had her eyes shut, not giving a rat's ass on who saw. She was comfortable and that's all she cared about at this moment. Memories of her sister and brother hogging daddy's attention caused her brows to furrow, resentment rising within her. He always cared more about his firstborns than she, his youngest. Gently, she pushed away from Noodles, going back to the sphere grid and standing, looking down at it quietly.

"...I hope this works," she said softly. She closed her eyes in concentration, spine curving in motion and arms retracting back behind her, as she gathered up the positive energies in relation to heat. She thrust her right arm forward, a small sparking flame exerting from her open palm but quickly dissipating into a puff of smoke.

"Knew you could do it," Noodles grinned up at her from the floor. "Keep at it, I know you can do it."

She looked down at him and blinked before shutting her eyes again, tighter this time, face creasing with effort as she went through the same motion again, but thrusting harder and faster, and this time, a much bigger flame forming in midair before her palm with a louder fwooshing sound.

She dropped her arm in exhaustion, "Geez laweez..." She sat down, sweat on her face.

"Here," Noodles said standing up and handing her a potion. "Maybe you could try meditating. Like clearing the air of all the stuff you don't want to get the stuff you do."

"Magic takes a lot out of you... You should have seen Josh when Belgamine was teaching him how to work white magic... I thought he was going to die," she said, taking the potion and taking a little sip of it. Though obviously it didn't help but perhaps a little bit. She needed an Ether rather than a Potion. She sat there and meditated quietly, resting, regenerating her magical energy until she was strong enough and confident. She stood, and tried again, this time, producing a hot flame, lasting several seconds before whiffing away without its direction towards a fiend.

"Better, you'll be the star of the luaos that's for sure," Noodles chuckled. "Fiends beware, Lindsey's a scare. A good one of course," he smiled at her.

"God this is tiring," she said, plopping back down, "..I think that's enough training for one day..." she breathed.

Digging in his mysticaly deep pockets, Noodles brought forth an ether. "Care for a cold one?" He smiled with a chuckle. "On the house too."

"Nah... save it for emergency..." she breathed, closing her eyes, "Josh might need it."

"K," he nodded, watching her breathing slow to an even pace as the sun start to dip into the west. "Come on, lets get you some rest before we hit Luca," Noodles grunted as he picked her up bridal style and headed towards the stairs.

Lindsey let out a sound as Noodles picked her up. She grabbed into him, fearful of falling even from this short distance. "..Thanks.." she said meekly.

"No problem," he said easily carrying Lindsey down the stairs to her room. Demi was gone to the engine room hanging out with the chocobos leaving the room empty. Gently setting her down, he helped get her armor and extra clothing off. "Need anything else?" He asked.

Lindsey blinked as Noodles effectively undressed her. Her knees buckled and she blushed a little, "..Some water would be nice."

"Ok," he smiled as he went and got her a glass of water, sitting down on the bed next to her and held out the beverage. "Ice cold straight off the tap."

Lindsey took it gently and sipped from it, "..Thanks." She looked up at him.

"Anything else?" Noodles asked. "Need your pillows fluffed? Blankets warmed? Feet massaged?" He chuckled.

"..A foot massage sounds nice, actually..." she said thoughtfully, looking up at him.

Noodles blinked for a moment before smiling again with a chuckle. "As you wish," he said scooting down to her feet. Taking up one of her feet he started to slowly and gently rub it, working all around the pad before going to her ankle and calf then switched feet.

Lindsey closed her eyes, relaxing and letting out a soft moan to the older man's touch on her feet, "That's really nice..." She purred, her legs almost going limp in his lap.

"You good now? I should go check on the others, make sure they're tucked in for the next few hours," Noodles said absent mindedly stroking her legs.

Lindsey purred softly, "Are you sure? Can always just stay here... I'm sure they're.. fine..."

"I guess I could stay. . . A bit longer," Noodles said, his conscience picking at his brain as he waved it off staying put.

"Can you.. do my back.. too..?" she asked softly, almost hypnotized from the soothing sensations on her skin.

"Uh. . . Sure," he said shrugging as he moved to rub her back. Not really finding a good spot he sighed. "I'm going to have to sit on your butt, ok?" Noodles said as he waited for her ok.

"Okay," she said softly, rolling onto her stomach and resting her head onto her pillow, folding her arms underneath the soft cushion.

Straddling her hips, Noodles got situated and started to slowly work on the girl's tense muscles in her lower back.

Lindsey's muscles rippled under her light skin, her taking the liberty of raising up the back of her undershirt up over her head before resting her head back down and closing her eyes, "Mmm..."

Noodles bit his lips, ignoring the little voice in his head that was telling him that he was going a little too far in helping Lindsey relax, but how could he stop now? God help him if one of the others walked in. "Pace good or harder?"

"..harder please..." she piped, close to falling asleep. She breathed deeply letting out a quiet moan.

Noodles nodded, pressing his fingers harder into her skin to relieve the muscle ache. He was so into what he was doing, he didn't even register that the door to the room had been opened.

Lindsey squirmed a little underneath the older man, pressing her spine lightly up against Noodles' massaging fingers. She tensed up a little before relaxing and letting out a soft sound.

Demi stood there for a moment staring at the two as Noodles moved his hips and Lindsey moaned. Swallowing the lump in her throat she quickly turned around and went to the boys room, wanting to yell at Dexter, but found only Josh.

"Huh?" Noodles stopped when he heard a rush of footsteps and turned around seeing the back of Demi's heels. "Shit," he grunted, getting off of Lindsey hurridely.

"Ow..!" Lindsey cried out as Noodles got off of her, "Geez laweez if you didn't want to then all you had to do was say so.." She winced and pulled her shirt back over her, rubbing at her side.

"No-just-nevermind," he huffed taking off after Demi. "Demi!" He called.

"You had to be a douche didn't you," she glared at the curly haired man sitting confused in his bed, tears pricking her eyes. "You had to step back and analyze those whole situation with you and Lindsey."

Lindsey sighed and curled up in her bed, pulling her blanket up over her for some sleep.

Josh was, of course, about to doze off to sleep when Demi stormed in, "What? What happened?"

"I just caught her and Sir Oldy locks doing it in our room. Good job slugger, real way to take one for the team," she said as Noodles barged in.

"Demi, look what you saw in yours and Lindsey's room," he huffed. "I can explain."

"What are you talking about? How is that my fault? How do you know if she's really 'doing it' or not?" he blinked, narrowing his eyes.

"Because of that!" She pointed to Noodles's gi, sticking out of his zipper.

"Shit," Noodles growled, turning around and fixing himself.

"Whatever, this place is full of backstabbers," Demi said going back to her spot in the engine room with the chocobos.

Josh squinted his eyes and looked up at Noodles, "..What is going on here? You're not really having sex with her are you?"

"No, we weren't having sex," Noodles said blushing. "Though it would come off as that." He said guilt filled his voice.

"What were you doing then?" Josh asked, sort of relieved.

"I was giving her a massage," the older man ducked his head blushing. "She happened to take most of her shirt off while I was doing her back and I was sitting on her rear so it looked like we were having sex." 'Especially with her moaning like that.'

"Oh..." Josh gave a soft sigh, "Well I guess you have some damage control to do then..." he said, laying back down.

"You're not pissed then?" Noodles blinked.

"No.." he said quietly, "Kinda silly to be mad over something like that.."

Noodles sighed nodding as he left to go find Demi.
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