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Chapter 12

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Demi didn't know what the hell had just happened, but for once she wasn't the one pissing everyone off. Sighing, she sat down in the water before pushing herself completely under and snorkling only without the snorkle. "Kevin. . ." Dexter said softly. "Where the hell did that come from?"

"Someone I should have started to listen to before this got out of hand," Noodles sighed closing his eyes, willing the throbbing in his head to go away.

"Guys!!" Josh ran up to them, frantic and eyes red from previously weeping in his frustration. "The singing stopped! I think something's here!"

"Lindsey!" Noodles cried. "Demi! Over here!"

"What?" Demi said sploshing towards them. "What is it?"

"I think we're about to take a trip," Noodles said looking for the brunette.

Sin, docile and calm underneath, soothed by the Hymn took a deep breath, letting out its all too familiar sounds of thousands of souls singing out wordless songs. "Sin!?" Josh's breath hitched as the massive body underneath started to growl and vibrate. As it started to intensify, everything went white.

It was hot rays of light that brought Demi to. Groaning she sat up, feeling the ground under her give a little. "Huh?" She pulled her shades down and looked around. Desert. "Noodles! Dexter! Josh! Lindsey!" She called out, walking around before tripping over a dune. "Ah!"

Dexter looked around his surroundings, completely lost. "Well shit." Calmy walking along, going in the direction his gut was telling him, Noodles treked across the sand.

Josh rose up from the hot sand and looked around in a daze. There was nothing but sand dunes and sun. Standing up, he wandered around, shouting out his guardians' names before finding a tent created out of machina ruins. He took shelter under it and waited, hoping maybe others would stumble across him.

Everything was familier to Demi, in a strange way because she'd never been to the desert. So why was she suddenly walking with confidence if she'd never been here?

Dexter stood at the top of a high dune, spying something down the ways. Taking his time so he wouldn't fall, he amde his way over to what turned out to be a tent. "Hello?" He called as he approached it. "Anyone home?"

Noodles raisied his hand and looked around spying a figure moving some sort of structure. His gut leading him like a dog on a leash, he started towards it.

"I'm home!" Josh replied, crawling out from under the tent. He got up, using his staff as support, before running up to Dexter, "You seen Lindsey anywhere?"

"Love the little Home and Garden theme you going," Dexter chuckled before shaking his head. "I havent's seen anyone, you're the first."

"Tent!" Demi cried racing towards it. "I SEE YOU TENT PEOPLE!" Demi cried laughing as she tackled Dexter to the ground when she got there. "Oh my God! I thought I was gonna roast out here! Or at least by myself," she cackled helping the older man up. "Looks like we're still down two people," she sighed noting Noodles and Lindsey's abcense. "Hopefully they haven't killed each other."

Noodles slowly made his way over a dune, pausing though as a figure appeared in the sands whipping around in the wind. He stood there, staring it down. Same red coat, steady stare behind glasses. They nodded to each other as Noodles walked through him, the figure dissapearing in the sand.

"We have to find them... Do either of you know where we are? You guys are more familiar with this world than I am..." Josh said, looking up at them.

"Bikanel Island," Demi chirped. "Home to most Al Bhed, or where we hail from anyways. Though, if anyone asked how to get here, don't say anything. Last thing we need are icky Yevonites coming in to "convert" us."

"I'll remember that," Dexter rolled his eyes. Noodles kept on his slow steady walk coming across two blades stuck in the sand, blood running down them. Instead of running up into a tip like the rest of the sand, this part was spread out, blood spattered and signs of a long struggle evident at the amount of sand out of place compared to where he had just treked. Drawing them out, he wiped them off with his brown cloth belt and stuck them under it as he carried on, slowly coming over the rising dune to see the tent.

Josh looked up to see Noodles' tall figure on the dune. He smiled and waved his arms to him, "Heeeey!"

Noodles continued his slow decline to the tent, keeping his fellow guardian's swords close. Demi cocked her head at an angle, seeing them. "Lindsey's not here," she said softly.

"She's not?" Dexter blinked. "Then were could she be?"

"No, no, she has to be here. We have to look for her!" Josh said frantically, staring at the brunette's blades under Noodles' belt.

"The only thing we can do now, is go to Home," Demi sighed, pissed at her friend and scared for what she knew was going to happen.

"But we can't without Lindsey, we haven't even saved Spira yet," Dexter said.

"No not our home, but Home. The Al Bhed Home that Demi's father built," Noodles said. "Lead the way little one," he nodded to Demi.

"So you're just going to give up on her!? I can't believe you guys! She did what she thought was best! What if she's hurt!? She could be getting mauled right now and need our help and all you guys care about is going to this Al Bhed city!" Josh cried.

"She's not here," Noodles said calmly looking at Josh. "She's not on this island. All we can do right now is get to Home and go from there. Sin sent us all here, but my guess would be the Guado Guardians found her first. There was a struggle and she took a beating before they took off with her. Us arguing isn't going to get her back any quicker." Demi and Dexter stood back, not caring to challenge Noodles at the moment, or even ever.

Josh bit down hard on his lower lip, lowering his head and eyes squinting hard, watering up as he stared down at the sands. "I want to hold her swords," he said in a cracked voice.

Noodles stopped for a moment staring at Josh before nodding. "Here," he said taking the swords out from his belt and handed them to Josh before taking his belt off as well. "They'll be too much to carry along with your staff," he said helping Josh put it on to hold the swords. His gi flapping open showing off his tan skin taught over his pectorals and abs, Noodles let Demi lead the way.

Josh nodded silently, holding the swords tight on the belt now around his waist. He followed behind the others silent as death, eyes on the sand beneath his feet.

Demi smiled as she saw the large buildings that showed her Home. "We're almost there guys!" She said as they picked up the pace a bit before they came over a sand dune revealing black smoke and flames. "No!" She cried forgetting the others and sprinting off towards it.

"Demi!" Dexter grunted chasing after her.

"Dra Guado yna yddylgehk Home!" She called back, not realizing that they couldn't understand her. "E kuddy veht Cid!"

"Stay with us Demi!" Noodles yelled as he easily caught up with her, holding her back. "You'll get your ass killed if you don't."

"I gotta find Cid!" She cried struggling with him as they went into the city.

Josh gasped seeing the carnage down below at the massive machina homestead. "Oh my god!" He ran down after Demi, stumbling a little on the sand as he did.

Getting through to the rubble, Demi skiddered through with the guardians and Josh barely keeping up. "Cid!" She screamed, calling the Al Bhed leader through the chaos. "CID!"

"Demi! Where are we going!?" Dexter called as he fell back to help Josh keept up through the narrow, winding, debris filled route that the Al Bhed girl was taking.

"Cid! He's the Al Bhed leader!" Noodles said as he cleared the way a bit.

As a defending Al Bhed was felled, an elderly-looking man rushed to him, sporting an all-yellow jumpsuit and a rather bald head. He knelt down next to the younger blond and cleared his throat. The young man was dead. He stood up and looked at Demi and the others, "You Demi's friends? Well just don't stand there. Come on!" He bolted off into the nearest entrance to Home.

Demi quickly followed as they made their way through more debris. Blocking a falling pole from abliterating Josh, Noodles easily kept the group going. "Keep following Demi!" He yelled. "Don't loose sight of her!"

Cid was way ahead of them, in a communication tower with an intercom that was linked to the entire Home, "Demi, oui rayn sa?"

There was a pause before Cid spoke up again, "Oui ku ihtan duu! E ys majamehk Home! Yht dra fiend fedr ed!"

"What'd he say!?" Josh asked frantically.

"We gotta get underground!" Demi cried as they hit the stairs. "Cid! Fa'na ihtanknuiht!" Taking the stairs as fast as they could, they hit the underground floor hard as she led them towards the sanctum where the other summoners were being held.

"What's happening now!?" Josh cried before being jumped by two Guado, grabbing ahold of him tightly and wrestling him down, their long nails digging hard into his flesh, "Ahh!!"

"Get Josh!" Noodles cried, turning on the Guado, easily taking them out with two swipes of his sword. "Keep moving! We have to get to the sanctum," he grunted as Demi lead the way while he helped Josh keep up.

Upon reaching the sanctum, the door opened up automatically. When they were all inside, it shut and locked with a loud click. Moving down more stairs and cutting through more fiends and Guado, they reached the Sanctum, the door behind them again locking and shutting.

"I don't understand... Why do the Al Bhed have a sanctum for Summoners...? Aren't guardians enough...?" Josh asked, looking up at Noodles.

"Lindsey," he sighed closing his eyes. Of course she hadn't told him, why should she? It's not like he needs to know anything or about what everyone believe here. "Al Bhed's don't agree with the teaches of Yevon. No one has defeated Sin before, there's always a calm after it has been. . . How you woudl say, satisfied?" Noodles tried to think of a way to put it for him so he wouldn't panic. Gritting her teeth in frustration, Demi kicked into 'Bitch Mode.'

"Would you stop babying him!? God it's bad enough with Lindsey, but no you too! He's a grown man for Christ's sake! Al Bhed stop summoners from the pilgramige because they die at the end when they take on Sin. A guardian volunteers to be the final aeon and the aeon kills Sin, but turns around and kills the summoner too. All summoners know this coming into the gig, but Ms. 'I know what's best for everyone' thought you shouldn't know."

Josh couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lindsey wouldn't really let him go into this knowing he would die and just leave it at that, right...?

"And yet you all knew too? Was I the only one? The summoner of this party? Was I the only one who didn't know?!" he shouted frantically, face white and stricken with horror. "You all knew and it had to get to this point? I had to ask at a horribly critical time to be told!?"

"Chill out you pussy," Demi groaned banging her head against the wall. "You're not gonna die. We have a plan that apparently Lindsey can do all on her own. She forgets these small details like team work at times. Just stop freaking out. I mean your fans have probably infultrated your home without you knowing and you choose to panic now? God you're lamer than I thought."

"Demi," Noodles gave her a look, telling her politely 'to shut the hell up.'

"SHUT UP!" Josh exploded, "You know NOTHING ABOUT ME!" Josh bolted through the sanctum and went through a door at the end of the room. There were bright glowing lights among darkness. He ran down the railed stepway and turned, climbing steps into a huge machina. He hurried through automatic doors before he could go no further, sitting down amongst a small crowd of huddling Al Bhed and holding Lindsey's swords close, eyes wet and furiously narrowed. "Ed ec Munt Summoner..." one whispered quietly.

They left him alone. He was with them. He was safe.

Demi rolled her eyes as she followed him, thinking he was over reacting. Dexter sighed, not knowing whether he should step in or not. Demi was getting out of line more and more with Josh, it was starting to unnerve him a bit as well. "Demi we need to talk," he sighed as he finally decided to confront the girl.

Noodles let the blonds walk off as he knelt next to Josh not really caring if the boy, compared to him he was a boy, wanted him there or not.

Josh ignored Noodles' presence as he buried his face into his arm wrapped around the hilts of Lindsey's dual swords.

On the Bridge, Cid and two other Al Bhed frantically scurried around as they readied the airship.

"Hu desa! Ku, ku, ku!" Cid said frantically.

"Three minute mavd!" said one of the others

"Rinno, rinno! Oui ryja one minute!" Cid said over the speakers, "Ajanouha uh puynt? Ajanouha ymeja!"

"We need to sit," Demi said as her and Dexter took a seat before the airship started to take off.

"Demi," Dexter grunted as he held on to a side. "About the way you're acting, can you just chill out? You know lay off everyone?"

"What?" Demi gave him a look. "What do you mean 'lay off everyone?' Is this because Josh started crying?"

"He didn't start crying and yes it has to do with that. I know we're all stressed being here, but going off on us because you think that we're being 'pussys' or shit like that isn't helping," he said.

"Sorry, but I don't deal well with grown men being babies," she grunted.

"It's not about you Demi, it's about all of us," Dexter sighed.

"You think I don't know that? Josh and Lindsey apparently don't cause nothing can be done unless it's their way," Demi said frowning. "I should have just stuck to my plan of doing nothing and just going home. I mean cause everything I do is wrong so why bother? I'm just a screw up that doesn't know when to quit. Guess my parents were right."

"Vydran! Nayto du ku!" the Al Bhed at the navigator's seat said--the same Al Bhed that sent the mana cannon at the summoner party in Macalania.

"Oaaryy! Y vmekrd 1000 years ujantia!" Cid cackled as the airship started up with a loud rumble and shake.

Josh looked up frantically as the room he was in trembled and rocked, looking up at Noodles worriedly. The Al Bhed were looking around as well, letting out quiet, astonished and relieved sounds.

The airship rose from its dock, massive doors opening above it as it levitated up into the air. "Fruy! Ed sujac!" the navigator said, looking around at the emerging desert.

"Necg pek, feh pek!" Cid laughed again. The airship then turned and started to fly away from Home.

"Fruy! Ed vmeac!" came from the front again.

"Haqd, fa ica dryd!" Cid said. The Al Bhed at the front lowered his head and sighed softly, "Frydajan oui cyo..."

Slots on the side of the airship opened up, loaded with missles that shot out from the moving machina, flying in direction of Home. The airship sped up with a jolt as Home erupted in massive yellow-red explosions, the shockwave nearly catching the flying machina in its flying flames. The airship made it out just in time, sailing over the sands of Bikanel.

Demi held onto Dexter as they shot forward. "These guys are lolo," Dexter snorted as the people felt the flying machina sailed through the air.

"It's what they do," Demi said smiling softly as she patted the ship.

"You're not a screw up," Dexter piped in as they started to level off a bit after the sonic boom. "You're . . . just too close. You need to step back is all."

"What did you say?" She blinked looking as him, gripping her pack close.

"I said chill out," Dexter blinked.

"Oh ok," she nodded. She was glad Dexter was there, otherwise she'd be alone and probably stuck here. Though she was appriciant of it, the one she really wanted comforting her was else where, doing his duty like she should be.

"We should be fine now," Noodles said softly to Josh. "We'll wait and rest a moment before going to talk to Cid."

Josh looked up at Noodles silently before looking back down. He sat there for a moment until the airship was stable before he stood up and slowly walking up the ramp to the main level. He entered the bridge, ignoring Demi and Dexter as he walked slowly.

Cid looked up at Josh, "Munt Summoner."

"My name is Josh," he said as he bowed to Cid, "Thank you for letting us come onto your ..aircraft... I have a request..."

Cid turned further toward the summoner to listen.

"..I want you to find my guardian... She went missing at Bikanel... We believe that some of the Guado attacking your Home picked her up an took her somewhere... If you find her... then... I'll..." He looked down for a moment before looking back up at the bald man, "..Then I'll quit my pilgrimage."

Cid paused before walking towards Josh, staring at him hard in the eyes, "Boy... Look me square in the eyes... and say that again..."

Josh looked up into Cid's eyes, dark brown eyes staring into emerald green, "If you find my guardian... Then I'll quit my pilgrimage."

Cid stared at him for a moment longer before pulling away, "Alright... we'll find her."

The three guardians's heads shot up at this. Demi gapped as Dexter's eyes bugged out. Noodles fixed Josh with a gaze, one that he wasn't about to break until the summoner looked him in the eyes and told him he was giving up.

Josh ignored everyone on board, including the Al Bhed who also looked at him in shock. Mission accomplished for them. Josh slowly walked towards Cid as he stood around the massive Sphere in the middle of the Bridge.

"All right kid, what's this girl look like?" Cid asked as he stared at the Sphere. "Average height... Brown hair... brown eyes... Average build... Um... I have her swords if that will help. All I know is that the Guado took her... if that's any kind of clue..."

"Guado ku vun dra summoner," Cid said, "She was probably taken to Bevelle. That's the only place I can think of that they would take her to. Especially for that damn wedding."

Josh blinked and tensed at the mention of the wedding, "...They're going through with it?"

Cid shook his head a little, "Everyone's talking about it..." he turned to the navigator, "Rao! Oui caynlr vun guardian yd Bevelle!"

The Al Bhed at the front nodded, "Nukan!"

Demi got up and walked towards Cid, something wanting her go to him. "Cid, Ayo'hi ryd hiecca kyurk dy legi Josh cdub rec bemknyseka du cyja Lindsey. . . Yna oui?" She bit her lip nervously staring up at the older man. "Fa ryja y bmyh yht ajanodrehk, E'ja zicd paah paehk sa fedr so pek suidr. Bmayca tuh'd cdub ic, E ghuf fa lyh tu ed Tyt."

Cid looked to the smaller girl, "Ev ra ec kuehk du xied rec bemknesyka vun dra cyga uv y kenm drah dryd'c veha fedr sa. Ed ec rec taleceuh. Ev ra sygac ed femmehkmo drah dryd ec veha fedr sa." Josh ignored Demi, staring at the Sphere.

"Vydran! Vydran! E vuiht ran!" the Al Bhed at the front cried.

Cid turned towards the front, "Frana!?"

"E femm cruf oui!"

Demi felt like she'd been punched in the gut. "Demi. . ." Noodles trailed off, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You tried, he's going to do what he wants to do whether it gets him killed and is selfish or not."

"It's his story to write," she sighed, trying to let it go. "You've got balls Josh," she said loud enough for everyone to hear. "It's not everyday a summoner goes against Yevon for love."

"Not exactly what I had in mind, but that works," Noodles chuckled kissing her head. "You may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but your heart's in the right place. Now let's go save Lindsey from having bad haired babies." Nodding, Demi turned to follow him.

"Do not speak," Josh growled in an angry hiss. He wasn't going to be hearing that kind of talk, not about Lindsey, and sure as hell not from Demi.

"Bring it up! Bring it up!" Cid shouted, waving his arms, "Oui caa Bevelle!"

Josh ran forward, looking out at the monitor.

The heart of Bevelle was decorated with white and cluttered with both Yevon priests and Temple monks, armed with guns and surrounded by self-sufficient machina weapons. A line of Priests lead both Seymour and Lindsey, clad in wedding garb; Seymour's a dark blue robe, Lindsey's a fitted white dress with a veil over her face. Lindsey's face was blank and soul-less, bruises and cuts on her face disguised with make-up. She was guided by the arms, her step slightly off. From two forks, they were joined together, though a priest stayed by Lindseys side, guiding her by the arm as the two lead up the path to Maester Mika and Maester Kinoc.

When Josh saw the image, he couldn't hold in his outcry, "Lindsey!!"

"Bring the ship around and launch the anchors!" Noodles cried. "I've got an idea."

"Does it involved chain surfing?" Dexter asked, remembering this part just for the fact of chain surfing.

"Why yes it does," Noodles smiled. Demi stayed quiet per Josh's demand, wanting more than anything to get her friend to safty, nodding. "Josh how well can you balance?" He turned to the curly haired man.

"Not yet, I'm afraid..." Cid grumbled, "Take a look!"

Out from the skies of Bevelle flew a massive wyrm, with huge spikes on its head, long wings and a long body with massive talons from fore long extending appendages.

"Evrae, the Sacred Wyrm of Bevelle," he said.

"Demi, you have arrows yes?" Noodles looked to her.

"Yeah," she said softly.

"Good, you'll be the one doing most work here," the oldest guardian said. "Dexter and I can't get to it from here. You up for it?"

"Yep," she said keeping her eye on the wyrm.

"Kya-hahahaha! Of course you can! I can pull this old rig up next to the beast and you can cut its damn head off!" Cid hollared, "Let me know when you need to pull away! But let me know quick! This rig ain't so nimble you hear?"

"Right. Let's go!" Josh said as he turned and ran out the bridge, headed for the upper deck through continuous hallway segments.

"We'll be seeing you," Dexter waved as he followed Noodles right behind him. Demi bit her lip for a moment running over and hugging Cid for a moment.

"Poa vydran," she said before sprinting off to catch up with the other guardians.

Josh was first on deck, holding Lindsey's swords in tightly gripping hands, his knuckles turning white. He shouted at the massive beast, "Come on!" Evrae growled and turned its massive head in Josh's direction, "I'll take you on you disgusting eel! Come show me what you got!"

It growled and roared in response, swooping down and emerging its head and claws up to the side of the airship's deck.

"Josh! Don't be stupid," Noodles said. "We all want Lindsey safe, but getting yourself killed isn't the way." He quickly drew his sword and sliced a claw. "So the red carpet has teeth."

Dexter rushed forward going after the other claw. Noodles taking the far left and Dexter the far right, Demi took her place next to Josh as she fired of several ice arrows.

Evrae roared and counterattacked with strikes from its claws.

Josh jumped forward, stabbing Lindsey's blades into the deck of the airship on either side of him. He closed his eyes tightly for a second before opening them again, eyes glowing white as he rose his hands up over his head. He swung his arms down in an x-shape, a ring of white orbs surrounding Evrae's head as light shined brightly over it, the orbs shooting up into the sky before forming spiking rays and shooting downward, stabbing Evrae through the head. It roared and shook its head, growling and grunting as it started to weaken.

"Fruy! Dryd ec Holy!" Cid shouted as he watched from the bridge.

"Josh! How're you holding up!?" Noodles called frome the side as he dealt a hard blow followed by Dexter and Demi. "Don't wear yourself out! You'll need to summon when we get to Lindsey!" He yelled over the roar of the winds.

Upon being dealt the killing blow, Evrae roared loudly and plummeted from the sky, exploding in a clowd of pyreflies before it hit the ground.

"Cruud! Fa yna mucehk bufan!" said the pilot.

"Rao! Fa yna yd Bevelle!" Cid shouted, "Get ready everyone! Hang on! We'll disperse the anchors mighty quick!"

As the airship neared Bevelle, it started to sink from the sky towards the heart of the city.

Lindsey and Seymour were up at the alter, just before Maester Kinoc, who looked up at the sky, eyes narrowing as he spotted the airship flying towards them at full speed. He waved his arms towards it and warrior monks got into position, "Fire!"

The monks fired their little guns at them, even as anchors on thick wires shout out and planted themselves on the beginning bridgepoint.

"Rinno! Ku, ku, ku!" Cid shouted, "GO!"

"Surf's up! Dexter help Josh!" Noodles yelled grabbing Demi as they jumped onto the cables, sliding at a fast pace. Their boots sparking as they made the fast decent.

"Hurry!" Dexter said taking a few second to glance at Josh as he prayed before quickly following the two other guardians.

When the airship stabilized, Josh quickly summoned Valefor, who swooped down as he jumped off the deck of the airship. She swooped underneath him, catching him on her back. She flew down evading flying bullets and cannon shells. When she reached the bridge, she roared and thrust her wings forward, sonic waves sending warrior monks flying back into others before letting Josh climb down and land on the floor. She growled as she stared at the warrior monks.

Noodles, Dexter, and Demi jumped off as the cables were cut loose, landing with grunts as they joined Josh easily getting through the defences. They made it to the court yard where Noodles saw Lindsey first. Gritting his teeth as he easily saw through the make-up, he did not hold back his attackes and neither did Demi or Dexter. Josh was about to go up against Kinoc when the man pulled a gun on him and held it in his face. Instincts guiding him, Noodles quickly thrusted himself between the gun and the younger man.

"This has gone far enough," he declared.

Despite Noodles being between them, the group still had guns at their faces. Josh sent Valefor a mental note to leave. She gave a reluctant growl, not wanting to leave her summoner in danger. She did however leave in his wishes.

Lindsey was held against Seymour, eyes in a dazed stupor as she gazed over her summoner and fellow guardians. She was limp against the Maester, lifeless and out of it.

"Lindsey..." Josh whispered as he stared up at her. Something was wrong...

"So, you decided to attend," Seymour said, staring down at them with a smirk on his face, his hand over Lindsey's exposed back, "How lovely... I'm sure if she were all the way conscious right now, she would be thrilled..."

Josh grit his teeth angrilly, getting out his staff and raising it to send the unsent Guado Maester. Seymour smirked at the summoner, "Is that why you're here? To send me?"

"Stop!" Maester Mika shouted above, "Do you not value your friends' lives? Your own life...? Protect them... or throw them away! ..The choice.. is yours..."

Josh blinked, staring up at Mika. Defeated, Josh lowered his staff, biting down on the side of his tongue as he dropped it to the floor.

"You are wise..." Seymour cooed. Turning his attention away from the summoner and guardians, Seymour held Lindsey more upright in front of him, her head tilted up slightly with lips agape. Mika uttered quietly a few soft words before giving a slight nod. On cue, Seymour leaned in and pressed his lips against Lindsey, the younger brunette not putting up any sort of fight. Her arms hung there limply. There was no resistence. No twitch. No jerk. Nothing.

“Aren’t those weapons forbidden by Yevon?” Noodles snapped, getting Kinoc's attention. His eyes grew dark, black almost with streaks of gray. A familier sight to Kinoc who blinked surprised, scared for a moment at his eyes. They weren't Noodles's, but HIS.

“There are exceptions,” he said. He leveled his weapon at Noodles's forehead, hands shaking. Noodles stood there still as stone as Dexter and Demi shifted uncertain of what the man would do.

"Demi! Tu oui ryja vmycr puspc?" He grunted.

"Y-yeah," she nodded slightly.

"Good," he smiled slightly, distrubing the man with the gun at his head further.

Seymour held Lindsey against him. He smiled down at her before looking over her fellow guardians and precious summoner... "Kill them."

"Demi! Now!" Noodles barked as Demi dug the flash bombs from her pack and launched them.

"Close your eyes!" Demi cried. The bombs went off blinding everyone except the three guardians and summoner. Noodles grabbed Josh and dragged him as they sprinted across the bridge.

"Dexter take out the front! Demi, throw a grenade behind us!" Noodles ordered as he held fast to Josh, scared that he'd turn and demand they go back. A few click and a small rock shaped device sailed over their heads before taking out the monks closing in on the from behind.

"Ah!" Josh covered his eyes as the flashbomb went off. When they were to safety at the entrance to the temple of Bevelle, Josh pushed himself off of Noodles and growled, "I'm going to see the Fayth here... And with the new Aeon, I'll take Seymour out once and for all."

"Concentrate on getting the aeon," Noodles said. "There's no telling when they'll catch up to us. We'll need you at full strength."

"Whatever. Let's just go!" Josh said.

The Cloister of Bevelle was certainly difficult, and Josh was irritated, though he knew he had to calm himself once they reached the door to the chamber of the Fayth. He went inside, looking back at the others with determined eyes before he went to pray to the Fayth.

"We'll defeat him," Demi said softly, speaking for the first time without being prompted. "I dreamt it." Dexter looked at her curiously. "It's how I found you two," she looked up at Dexter for a moment before meeting Noodles's eyes.

When the Fayth accepted him, Josh was out of breath. He gasped and choked before he fell back, chest tightening. Relax... said the Fayth's voice in his head. Josh breathed deeply as the power filled his veins. He struggled to get up, "Oh.. lord Jesus help me... Ah..." He stood up carefully and wobbled out of the Chamber.

Outside waiting for him were Maester Kinoc and a horde of Temple Monks with loaded and cocked guns.

Noodles was already at his side, an arm around his waist and arm, helping to hold him up. "There’s the last of them," he said. He drew himself up to his full height, such as it was, and looked us over. "You are to stand trial."

Noodles resisted and eye roll. "I trust it will be a fair trial."

He snort. "Of course it will." Though none of the guardians knew it wouldn't be.

The courtroom was dark and cold. Lindsey was nowhere to be found, but Josh was set up on the main alter, being the summoner of the group. He was put on the spot, and felt sick to his stomach. Above and before him stood Maester Kelk Ronso, standing there in his short, aged stature, horn long and proud and sharp. Behind him stood Maester Mika and on two other ledges stood Maester Seymour and Maester Kinoc.

Maester Kelk spoke with a voice that rang through the courtroom as if he were speaking to the towering peaks of Gagazet itself, "The High Court of Yevon is now in session. Summoner Joshua: You have sworn to protect the people of Yevon, true?"

Josh didn't want to answer yet. He didn't swear anything. He was thrust into it without any choice. "Yes."

"Then consider... You have inflicted dire injury on Maester Seymour Guado, conspired with the Al Bhed and joined in their insurrection... These are traitorous and unforgiveable crimes that disturb the order of Yevon. Tell the court what possessed you to participate in such violence..." Maester Kelk said evenly.

"Maester..." Josh started quietly, "If I may... I think that... the real traitor here.. is Maester Seymour. He killed his father Jyscal with his own hands!" Lindsey had talked to him about it when Tromell left them to address the guado Maester in Macalania.

"What is this!?" Kelk was taken aback.

Seymour held an amused look on his face. He turned to Kelk as the Ronso did him, "Hm? Haven't you heard?"

"Not only that," Josh continued, grabbing onto the railing of his small stage, "Maester Seymour is already dead. It's my job to send the souls of the dead to the Farplane... It's my job as a summoner! Maester Mika... Please! Send Seymour now!"

Maester Mika didn't move, but only rose an old hand up to touch his chin in bemused thought. "Send the unsent... to where they belong...?"


"Send the dead? Hm...?"

"...Maester...?" Josh stared up at him.

Mika lowered his arm and chuckled down at Josh as pyreflies slowly floated out of him, "You would have to send me too..."


"We're doomed," Demi sighed softly. Noodles placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly as they waited, seperated from their summoner.

"We'll make it through this," he said just as softly.

"Grand Maester Mika is a wise leader. Even in death he is invaluable to Spira," Kelk explained.

Kinoc snorted, "Enlightened rule of the dead is preferable to the misguided failures of the living.

Seymour stared down at Josh, eyes half-lidded as his voice came out smooth, "Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal."

"Men die. Beasts die. Trees die... Even continents perish. Only the power of death truly commands in Spira. Resisting its power... is futile..." Mika said.

"But.. but what of Sin? I am a summoner my lord... Like many more before me! I..." he shook his head, "I am on a pilgrimage to stop the death that Sin brings! Are you telling me that too is futile? Grand Maester Mika.. I'm not alone! All the people who have opposed Sin... Their battles... their sacrifices... Were they all in vain!?"

Mika softened his gaze, if only a little, "Not in vain... No matter how many summoners sacrifice themselves, Sin cannot be truly defeated... The rebirth cannot be stopped. Yet the courage of those who fight give the people hope. There is nothing futile in the life and death of a summoner."

"Never futile... but never ending," Noodles intergected, making himself heard. Demii's and Dexter's eyebrows shot up. What is going on with him? He's never acted this way? Since when did he get to be all 'silent, warrior, knowledgable' type?

Mika nodded, "Indeed that is the essence of Yevon..."

"Lord Mika..." Josh gasped.

"Yevon is embodied by eternal, unchanging continuity, summoner."

"No..! That... that can't be right...!" Josh shook his head.

"Those who question these truths... They are traitors!" Mika rose his arms up to the dim lights above.

"Lord Mika!"
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