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Part Of My Past

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This isn't a story, but a poem I wrote about... well, to (without mensioning names) the person who bullied me in the first year of high-school. Every word is true and every event is true. Enjoy!(:

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Okay so, perhaps this isn't a story, but a poem.
Still, I hope you like it. (:

Title: Part Of My Past

You made my life a misery,
Made me want to run and hide,
Slit my wrists or hang from a rope,
Jump in on a high-tide.

The crap you used to say to me,
The things you used to do,
You where such a nasty bitch,
How could you be so cruel?

You made my life seem worthless,
Like I didn't need to be,
Hit me hard and spat on me,
Made my head split and bleed.

The things that stand out bold in my mind,
Are the ones that where the worst:
Throwing me against the changing-room wall,
Making my heart want to burst.

And of course there's the moments,
When you where blocking off the stairs,
I panicked more, and ran and ran,
But following still, where the nightmares.

Still you remained there, constantly,
Never leaving me alone,
It got to the point, the obvious point,
When I was scared to leave my home.

Do you know how much you hurt me?
Do you really, actually care?
Do you get a kick from it?
Do you like to see me scared?

If I could turn back all the clocks,
And make you seriously pay,
I'd turn them back really far,
To that very first day:

Where I was sat down in maths,
I didn't even know your name,
You saw me as a target, shy,
So you started your sick games.

It started off as paranoia,
Nothing much, I guess.
But then it got a lot more stronger,
And you made my life a mess.

You sick, evil monster,
I hope you are quite proud,
Of all the things I want you to know,
This, I'll say out loud:

Now I have moved on,
And I have learnt from my mistakes,
I know the things to look out for now,
What I took, I will not take.

You thought that you would deeply scar me,
Scar me for my life,
You hoped I'd never get over you,
Like a stab wound from a knife.

You have scarred me a little bit,
Flash-backs, I still get,
But I grew stronger and stronger still,
And the strength made me forget.

You were just an obstacle,
And an obstacle I have passed,
You my friend, I bid farewell,
'Cause you're now part of my past.
- By Zoe Simpson, 03/04/09
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